List of hospitals in Sudan

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The following is a list of currently operating hospitals in Sudan.

Name Locale Opened Closed
Ad-Damazin Hospital Ad-Damazin
Al Baraha Hospital Khartoum 2002[1]
Al Jawda Hospital Khartoum
Al Shaab Hospital Khartoum
Al-Amal Hospital Khartoum
Al-Faisal (aka Elfaisal) Specialised Hospital Khartoum
Bahry Hospital Khartoum
El-Ban Jadeed Hospital Khartoum
Fedail Hospital Khartoum 1992[2]
Ibn Khaldoun Hospital Khartoum
Jafar Ibn Auf Pediatric Hospital Khartoum
Khartoum Hospital Khartoum
International Hospital Khartoum 1993
Sahiroon Specialised Hospital Khartoum
Soba University Hospital Khartoum 1975[3]
Yastabshiron Medical Center Khartoum
Mother of Mercy Hospital Nuba Mountains 2008[4]
Altigany Almahy Hospital Omdurman 1950
Omdurman Maternity Hospital Omdurman 1957[5]
Al Tuga Specialized Hospital Omdurman
Wad Medani Teaching Hospital Wad Medani


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