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This is a list of hospitals in Zambia. The list is not exhaustive. You can expand the list by adding referenced content as appropriate.


Hospitals in Zambia are divided into three main categories: (1) Specialist Hospitals (Tertiary Referral Hospitals or Third Level Hospitals) (2) General Hospitals (Provincial Hospitals or Second Level Hospitals) and (3) District Hospitals (First Level Hospitals).[1]

Third Level Hospitals[edit]

As of December 2012, there were six Level 3 hospitals in Zambia.[1]

Second Level hospitals[edit]

As of December 2012, there were 19 Level 2 hospitals in the country.[1]

  • Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital, Lusaka[6]
  • Chipata General Hospital, Chipata
  • Choma General Hospital, Choma
  • Mukinge Mission Hospital, Kasempa
  • Mwandi Mission Hospital, Mwandi
  • Nchanga North Hospital, Chingola
  • Nchanga South Hospital, Chingola
  • Chikankata Mission Hospital, Mazabuka
  • Kalene Mission Hospital, Kalene Hill
  • St. Francis Hospital, Katete
  • Lewanika General Hospital, Mongu
  • Kabwe General Hospital, Kabwe
  • Kabwe Mine Hospital, Kabwe
  • Kalulushi Mine Hospital, Kalulushi
  • Wusakile Mine Hospital, Kitwe
  • Roan Antelope Hospital, Luanshya
  • Malcom Watson Hospital, Mufulira
  • Ronald Ross General Hospital, Mufulira
  • Mansa General Hospital, Mansa
  • Chilonga Mission Hospital, Chilonga, Mpika District
  • Kasama General Hospital, Kasama
  • Mbala General Hospital, Mbala
  • Chavuma Mission Hospital, Chavuma
  • Solwezi General Hospital, Solwezi
  • Livingstone General Hospital, Livingstone, Zambia
  • Monze Mission Hospital, Monze

First Level hospitals[edit]

As of December 2012, there were 84 Level 1 hospitals in the country, including the following:[1]

Security forces hospitals[edit]

  • Mt. Eugenia Level 1 Hospital: (Zambia Air Force), Chilanga District[1]
  • Arakan Camp Military Hospital: (Zambia Armed Forces), Lusaka District[1]
  • Maina Soko Level 1 Hospital: (Zambia Armed Forces), Lusaka District[1]


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