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This is a list of hotels in North Korea.

Hotels in Pyongyang[edit]

Name Image Information
Chongnyon Hotel (aka Youth Hotel)[1] Located in Mangyongdae District on Kwangbok Street,[1] Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea. It has 30 floors,[2] and opened in 1989. [1]
Haebangsan Hotel Opened in 1962, this is the only second-class hotel open to tourists in Pyongyang. This hotel is located in Pyongyang Central District near the Taedong Bridge and Grand People's Study House. The hotel has 5 floors, 113 rooms, one restaurant, three bars, a hairdresser's, a bar, a spa, a souvenir shop and a karaoke area. However, the rooms here are not considered as comfortable as in the Koryo or Yanggakdo Hotels.[3]
Janamsan Hotel Kaesong Janamsan Hotel Staff waving.jpg The Janamsan Hotel is a second class hotel open to foreign guests in Kaesong. It has 43 rooms, a book shop, billiards, a barber's, cinema, a banquet hall and a total of 4 restaurants.
Koryo Hotel Dprk-hotel-koryo.jpg The second largest operating hotel in North Korea.[4] The twin-towered building is 143 metres (469 ft) tall and contains 43 stories.[5][6][7] It was erected in 1985[7][8]
Pothonggang Hotel (alternatively spelled Potonggang Hotel; official hotel signs in North Korea transliterate it as this)[9] Pothonggang Hotel.JPG This hotel has 160 rooms.
Ryanggang Hotel Ryanggang Hotel.jpg Located in the Mangyongdae District of North Korea,[10] it has 330 rooms.
Ryugyong Hotel Ryugyong Hotel - August 27, 2011 (Cropped).jpg A 105-storey pyramid-shaped skyscraper under construction in Pyongyang, North Korea. Its name ("capital of willows") is also one of the historical names for Pyongyang.[11] The building is also known as the "105 Building", a reference to its number of floors.[12] Construction began in 1987 but was halted in 1992 as North Korea entered a period of economic crisis after the fall of the Soviet Union. In April 2008, work on the building was restarted by the Orascom Group.[13][14] In July 2011, the exterior work was complete.[15] Features that Orascom has installed include exterior glass panels and telecommunications antennas.[16] In September 2012 photographs taken by Koryo Tours were released, showing the interior for the very first time.[17][18]
Sosan Hotel This hotel is has 510 rooms and 30 floors.[19]
Yanggakdo International Hotel Dprk-hotel-yanggakdo.jpg The largest working hotel and the second tallest building in North Korea, after the Ryugyong Hotel. The hotel is located on Yanggakdo (Yanggak Island), two kilometers to the south-east of the center of Pyongyang, the nation's capital. It rises to an overall height of 170 metres (560 ft) and has a slowly revolving restaurant on the 47th floor. The hotel is said to contain 1,000 rooms and a total floor space of 87,870 square metres (945,800 sq ft).

Hotels in provincial cities[edit]

Name Image Information
Majon Beach Guesthouse – also known as Majon Bathing Resort,[20] Majon Hotel,[21] or Majon Beach Resort.[22] Majon Beach Guest House, DPRK.jpg Described as "North Korea's Answer to Club Med",[22] the hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the country. It consists of a village of cottages located at majon beach, Hamhung. Each cottage has several rooms and limited hot water supply.[21] Travel to this resort is conducted by the Korean International Travel Company (KITC).[23]
Hyangsang Shangrila Hotel Located near the International Friendship Exhibition in Myohyangsan and contains a swimming pool, sauna and spa.[21]
Haeju Hotel Haeju Hotel (5063726586).jpg 1980s Soviet-influenced hotel in the city of Haeju (rarely open to foreign tourists).[24]
Kaesong Folk Hotel

(aka Minsok Folk Custom Hotel)[21]

North Korea-Kaesong Folk Hotel-Inside-01.jpg Opened in 1989 and is housed in 19 traditional hanok style courtyard houses, many of which date to the Joseon Dynasty and retain their original furnishings.[25] The complex has one hundred rooms.
Oekumgang Hotel South Korean built hotel, up until 2008 was used to cater for South Korean tourists to the DPRK.[21]
Kumgangsan Hotel North Korean hotel rejuvenated by South Korean workers, located near Kumgansan resort.[21]
Nampo Hot Spa Resort 20 km northwest from Nampo, consisting of seven villas with four apartments in each.[21]
8 March Hotel[21]
Tongmyong Hotel[21]
Songdowon Hotel Located in Wonsan.[21][26]
Masikryong Hotel[21]
Begaebong Hotel[21]
Homestay Private village constructed in a traditionally Korean style, containing approximately 20 two-storey cottages.[21]
Chongjin Hotel[21]

Hotels in Rason Free Economic Zone[edit]

Name Image Information
Emperor Hotel and Casino Owned by Hong Kong's Emperor Group, first opened in 2000.[21]
Piphagak Hotel[21]

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