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Apollo 7 heads into orbit with its crew of three, 1968

These chronological lists include all crewed spaceflights that reached an altitude of at least 100 km (the FAI definition of spaceflight, see Kármán line), or were launched with that intention but failed. The USA has adopted a slightly different definition of spaceflight, requiring an altitude of only 50 miles (80 km). During the 1960s, 13 flights of the US X-15 rocket plane met the US criteria, but only two met the FAI's. These lists include only the latter two flights; see the list of highest X-15 flights for all 13. As of 5 May 2017, there have been 315 manned spaceflights that reached 100 km or more in altitude (317 including two failed attempts), 8 of which were sub-orbital spaceflights.

To date, there have been four fatal missions in which 18 astronauts died.


Chart of all humans launched into space as of December the 31st, 2016, Including unsuccessful launches (STS-51-L and Soyuz T-10-1).
 United States  China Total
1961–1970 16 25 41
1971–1980 30 8 38
1981–1990 *25 *38 *63
1991–2000 20 63 83
2001–2010 24 34 3 61
2011–2020 25 3 3 30
Total *140 *171 6 *317

*Includes the two failed launches of STS-51-L and Soyuz T-10-1.

Detailed lists[edit]

The Salyut series, Skylab, Mir, ISS, and Tiangong series space stations, with which various of these flights docked in orbit, are not listed separately here. See the detailed lists (links above) for information.

Missions which were intended to reach space but which failed to do are listed in italics, and fatal missions are marked with asterisk.

1961 Vostok 1Mercury-Redstone 3Mercury-Redstone 4Vostok 2
1962 Mercury-Atlas 6Mercury-Atlas 7Vostok 3Vostok 4Mercury-Atlas 8
1963 Mercury-Atlas 9Vostok 5Vostok 6X-15 Flight 90X-15 Flight 91
1964 Voskhod 1
1965 Voskhod 2Gemini 3Gemini 4Gemini 5Gemini 7Gemini 6A
1966 Gemini 8Gemini 9AGemini 10Gemini 11Gemini 12
1967 Soyuz 1*
1968 Apollo 7Soyuz 3Apollo 8
1969 Soyuz 4Soyuz 5Apollo 9Apollo 10Apollo 11Soyuz 6Soyuz 7Soyuz 8Apollo 12
1970 Apollo 13Soyuz 9
1971 Apollo 14Soyuz 10Soyuz 11* — Apollo 15
1972 Apollo 16Apollo 17
1973 Skylab 2Skylab 3Soyuz 12Skylab 4Soyuz 13
1974 Soyuz 14Soyuz 15Soyuz 16
1975 Soyuz 17Soyuz 18-1Soyuz 18Apollo-SoyuzSoyuz 19
1976 Soyuz 21Soyuz 22Soyuz 23
1977 Soyuz 24Soyuz 25Soyuz 26
1978 Soyuz 27Soyuz 28Soyuz 29Soyuz 30Soyuz 31
1979 Soyuz 32Soyuz 33
1980 Soyuz 35Soyuz 36Soyuz T-2Soyuz 37Soyuz 38Soyuz T-3
1981 Soyuz T-4Soyuz 39STS-1Soyuz 40STS-2
1982 STS-3Soyuz T-5Soyuz T-6STS-4Soyuz T-7STS-5
1983 STS-6Soyuz T-8STS-7Soyuz T-9STS-8Soyuz T-10-1STS-9
1984 STS-41-BSoyuz T-10Soyuz T-11STS-41-CSoyuz T-12STS-41-DSTS-41-GSTS-51-A
1985 STS-51-CSTS-51-DSTS-51-BSoyuz T-13STS-51-GSTS-51-FSTS-51-ISoyuz T-14STS-51-JSTS-61-ASTS-61-B
1986 STS-61-CSTS-51-L* — Soyuz T-15
1987 Soyuz TM-2Soyuz TM-3Soyuz TM-4
1988 Soyuz TM-5Soyuz TM-6STS-26Soyuz TM-7STS-27
1989 STS-29STS-30STS-28Soyuz TM-8STS-34STS-33
1990 STS-32Soyuz TM-9STS-36STS-31Soyuz TM-10STS-41STS-38STS-35Soyuz TM-11
1991 STS-37STS-39Soyuz TM-12STS-40STS-43STS-48Soyuz TM-13STS-44
1992 STS-42Soyuz TM-14STS-45STS-49STS-50Soyuz TM-15STS-46STS-47STS-52STS-53
1993 STS-54Soyuz TM-16STS-56STS-55STS-57Soyuz TM-17STS-51STS-58STS-61
1994 Soyuz TM-18STS-60STS-62STS-59Soyuz TM-19STS-65STS-64STS-68Soyuz TM-20STS-66
1995 STS-63STS-67Soyuz TM-21STS-71STS-70Soyuz TM-22STS-69STS-73STS-74
1996 STS-72Soyuz TM-23STS-75STS-76STS-77STS-78Soyuz TM-24STS-79STS-80
1997 STS-81Soyuz TM-25STS-82STS-83STS-84STS-94Soyuz TM-26STS-85STS-86STS-87
1998 STS-89Soyuz TM-27STS-90STS-91Soyuz TM-28STS-95STS-88
1999 Soyuz TM-29STS-96STS-93STS-103
2000 STS-99Soyuz TM-30STS-101STS-106STS-92Soyuz TM-31STS-97
2001 STS-98STS-102STS-100Soyuz TM-32STS-104STS-105Soyuz TM-33STS-108
2002 STS-109STS-110Soyuz TM-34STS-111STS-112Soyuz TMA-1STS-113
2003 STS-107* — Soyuz TMA-2Shenzhou 5Soyuz TMA-3
2004 Soyuz TMA-4SpaceShipOne flight 15PSpaceShipOne flight 16PSpaceShipOne flight 17PSoyuz TMA-5
2005 Soyuz TMA-6STS-114Soyuz TMA-7Shenzhou 6
2006 Soyuz TMA-8STS-121STS-115Soyuz TMA-9STS-116
2007 Soyuz TMA-10STS-117STS-118Soyuz TMA-11STS-120
2008 STS-122STS-123Soyuz TMA-12STS-124Shenzhou 7Soyuz TMA-13STS-126
2009 STS-119Soyuz TMA-14STS-125Soyuz TMA-15STS-127STS-128Soyuz TMA-16STS-129Soyuz TMA-17
2010 STS-130Soyuz TMA-18STS-131STS-132Soyuz TMA-19Soyuz TMA-01MSoyuz TMA-20
2011 STS-133Soyuz TMA-21STS-134Soyuz TMA-02MSTS-135Soyuz TMA-22Soyuz TMA-03M
2012 Soyuz TMA-04MShenzhou 9Soyuz TMA-05MSoyuz TMA-06MSoyuz TMA-07M
2013 Soyuz TMA-08MSoyuz TMA-09MShenzhou 10Soyuz TMA-10MSoyuz TMA-11M
2014 Soyuz TMA-12MSoyuz TMA-13MSoyuz TMA-14MSoyuz TMA-15M
2015 Soyuz TMA-16MSoyuz TMA-17MSoyuz TMA-18MSoyuz TMA-19M
2016 Soyuz TMA-20MSoyuz MS-01Shenzhou 11Soyuz MS-02Soyuz MS-03
2017 Soyuz MS-04


Roman Romanenko Frank De Winne Timothy Kopra Michael R. Barratt Gennady Padalka Koichi Wakata Sandra Magnus Yuri Lonchakov Michael Fincke Gregory Chamitoff Oleg Kononenko Sergey Volkov Garrett Reisman Léopold Eyharts Daniel Tani Yuri Malenchenko Peggy Whitson Clayton Anderson Oleg Kotov Fyodor Yurchikhin Sunita Williams Mikhail Tyurin Michael Lopez-Alegria Thomas Reiter Jeffrey Williams Pavel Vinogradov Valery Tokarev William McArthur John Philips Sergei Krikalev Salizhan Sharipov Leroy Chiao Michael Fincke Gennady Padalka Alexander Kaleri Michael Foale Edward Lu Yuri Malenchenko Donald Pettit Nikolai Budarin Kenneth Bowersox Sergei Treshchev Peggy Whitson Valery Korzun Carl Walz Daniel Bursch Yury Onufrienko Vladimir Dezhurov Mikhail Tyurin Frank Culbertson James Voss Susan Helms Yuri Usachev Yuri Gidzenko Sergei Krikalev William Shepherd Aleksandr Kaleri Sergei Zalyotin Jean-Pierre Haigneré Viktor Afanasyev Sergei Avdeyev Gennady Padalka Nikolai Budarin Talgat Musabayev Andrew Thomas David Wolf Pavel Vinogradov Anatoly Solovyev Michael Foale Aleksandr Lazutkin Vasili Tsibliyev Jerry Linenger John Blaha Aleksandr Kaleri Valery Korzun Shannon Lucid Yury Usachev Yuri Onufrienko Thomas Reiter Sergei Avdeyev Yuri Gidzenko Nikolai Budarin Anatoly Solovyev Norman Thagard Gennady Strekalov Vladimir Dezhurov Yelena Kondakova Aleksandr Viktorenko Talgat Musabayev Yuri Malenchenko Valeri Polyakov Yury Usachev Viktor Afanasyev Aleksandr Serebrov Vasili Tsibliyev Aleksandr Poleshchuk Gennadi Manakov Sergei Avdeyev Anatoly Solovyev Aleksandr Kaleri Aleksandr Viktorenko Aleksandr Volkov Sergei Krikalev Anatoly Artsebarsky Musa Manarov Viktor Afanasyev Gennady Strekalov Gennadi Manakov Aleksandr Balandin Anatoly Solovyev Aleksandr Serebrov Aleksandr Viktorenko Sergei Krikalev Aleksandr Volkov Valeri Polyakov Musa Manarov Vladimir Titov Aleksandr Aleksandrov Yuri Romanenko Aleksandr Laveykin Vladimir Solovyov Leonid Kizim Vladimir Solovyov Leonid Kizim Alexander Volkov Vladimir Vasyutin Vladimir Dzhanibekov Viktor Savinykh Oleg Atkov Vladimir Solovyov Leonid Kizim Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov Vladimir Lyakhov Valentin Lebedev Anatoli Berezovoy Viktor Savinykh Vladimir Kovalyonok Valery Ryumin Leonid Popov Valery Ryumin Vladimir Lyankhov Aleksandr Ivanchenkov Vladimir Kovalyonok Gerogi Grencho Yuri Romanenko Yuri Glazkov Viktor Gorbatko Vitali Zholobov Boris Volynov Vitali Sevastyanov Pyotr Klimuk Aleksei Gubarev Georgi Grechko Pavel Popovich Yuri Artyukhin Edward Gibson William Pogue Gerald Carr Owen Garriot Jack Lousma Alan Bean Joeseph Kerwin Paul Weitz Pete Conrad Vladislav Volkov Viktor Patsayev Georgi Dobrovolski Tiangong-1 ISS Skylab Mir Salyut 7 Salyut 6 Salyut 5 Salyut 4 Salyut 3 Salyut 1 SpaceShipOne SpaceShipOne flight 17P SpaceShipOne flight 16P SpaceShipOne flight 15P Shenzhou program Shenzhou 10 Shenzhou 9 Shenzhou 7 Shenzhou 6 Shenzhou 5 Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-135 STS-132 STS-129 STS-125 STS-122 STS-117 STS-115 STS-112 STS-110 STS-104 STS-98 STS-106 STS-101 STS-86 STS-84 STS-81 STS-79 STS-76 STS-74 STS-71 STS-66 STS-46 STS-45 STS-44 STS-43 STS-37 STS-38 STS-36 STS-34 STS-30 STS-27 STS-61-B STS-51-J X-15 X-15 Flight 91 X-15 Flight 90 Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133 STS-131 STS-128 STS-119 STS-124 STS-120 STS-116 STS-121 STS-114 STS-105 STS-102 STS-92 STS-103 STS-96 STS-95 STS-91 STS-85 STS-82 STS-70 STS-63 STS-64 STS-60 STS-51 STS-56 STS-53 STS-42 STS-48 STS-39 STS-41 STS-31 STS-33 STS-29 STS-26 STS-51-I STS-51-G STS-51-D STS-51-C STS-51-A STS-41-D Apollo Program Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Apollo 17 Apollo 16 Apollo 15 Apollo 14 Apollo 13 Apollo 12 Apollo 11 Apollo 10 Apollo 9 Apollo 8 Apollo 7 Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-134 STS-130 STS-127 STS-126 STS-123 STS-118 STS-113 STS-111 STS-108 STS-100 STS-97 STS-99 STS-88 STS-89 STS-77 STS-72 STS-69 STS-67 STS-68 STS-59 STS-61 STS-57 STS-54 STS-47 STS-49 Space Shuttle Challenger STS-51-L STS-61-A STS-51-F STS-51-B STS-41-G STS-41-C STS-41-B STS-8 STS-7 STS-6 Project Gemini Gemini XII Gemini XI Gemini X Gemini IX-A Gemini VIII Gemini VI-A Gemini VII Gemini V Gemini IV Gemini III Gemini 2 Gemini 1 Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 STS-109 STS-93 STS-90 STS-87 STS-94 STS-83 STS-80 STS-78 STS-75 STS-73 STS-65 STS-62 STS-58 STS-55 STS-52 STS-50 STS-40 STS-35 STS-32 STS-28 STS-61-C STS-9 STS-5 STS-4 STS-3 STS-2 STS-1 Skylab Skylab 4 Skylab 3 Skylab 2 Project Mercury Mercury-Atlas 9 Mercury-Atlas 8 Mercury-Atlas 7 Mercury-Atlas 6 Mercury-Redstone 4 Mercury-Redstone 3 Soyuz programme Soyuz TMA-20M Soyuz TMA-19M Soyuz TMA-18M Soyuz TMA-17M Soyuz TMA-16M Soyuz TMA-15M Soyuz TMA-14M Soyuz TMA-13M Soyuz TMA-12M Soyuz TMA-11M Soyuz TMA-10M Soyuz TMA-09M Soyuz TMA-08M Soyuz TMA-07M Soyuz TMA-06M Soyuz TMA-05M Soyuz TMA-04M Soyuz TMA-03M Soyuz TMA-22 Soyuz TMA-02M Soyuz TMA-21 Soyuz TMA-20 Soyuz TMA-01M Soyuz TMA-19 Soyuz TMA-18 Soyuz TMA-17 Soyuz TMA-16 Soyuz TMA-15 Soyuz TMA-14 Soyuz TMA-13 Soyuz TMA-12 Soyuz TMA-11 Soyuz TMA-10 Soyuz TMA-9 Soyuz TMA-8 Soyuz TMA-7 Soyuz TMA-6 Soyuz TMA-5 Soyuz TMA-4 Soyuz TMA-3 Soyuz TMA-2 Soyuz TMA-1 Soyuz TM-34 Soyuz TM-33 Soyuz TM-32 Soyuz TM-31 Soyuz TM-30 Soyuz TM-29 Soyuz TM-28 Soyuz TM-27 Soyuz TM-26 Soyuz TM-25 Soyuz TM-24 Soyuz TM-23 Soyuz TM-22 Soyuz TM-21 Soyuz TM-20 Soyuz TM-19 Soyuz TM-18 Soyuz TM-17 Soyuz TM-16 Soyuz TM-15 Soyuz TM-14 Soyuz TM-13 Soyuz TM-12 Soyuz TM-11 Soyuz TM-10 Soyuz TM-9 Soyuz TM-8 Soyuz TM-7 Soyuz TM-6 Soyuz TM-5 Soyuz TM-4 Soyuz TM-3 Soyuz TM-2 Soyuz T-15 Soyuz T-14 Soyuz T-13 Soyuz T-12 Soyuz T-11 Soyuz T-10 Soyuz T-10-1 Soyuz T-9 Soyuz T-8 Soyuz T-7 Soyuz T-6 Soyuz T-5 Soyuz 40 Soyuz 39 Soyuz T-4 Soyuz T-3 Soyuz 38 Soyuz 37 Soyuz T-2 Soyuz 36 Soyuz 35 Soyuz 34 Soyuz 33 Soyuz 32 Soyuz 31 Soyuz 30 Soyuz 29 Soyuz 28 Soyuz 27 Soyuz 26 Soyuz 25 Soyuz 24 Soyuz 23 Soyuz 22 Soyuz 21 Soyuz 19 Soyuz 18 Soyuz 18a Soyuz 17 Soyuz 16 Soyuz 15 Soyuz 14 Soyuz 13 Soyuz 12 Soyuz 11 Soyuz 10 Soyuz 9 Soyuz 8 Soyuz 7 Soyuz 6 Soyuz 5 Soyuz 4 Soyuz 3 Soyuz 1 Voskhod programme Vostok programme
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