List of images in Gray's Anatomy: VII. The Veins

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The images shown below appear in the 7th chapter on the veins, of the 1918 version of the anatomy textbook, Gray's Anatomy.

Introduction (Gray's s164)[edit]

The Pulmonary Veins (Gray's s165)[edit]

The Systemic Veins[edit]

The veins of the heart (Gray's s166)[edit]

The veins of the head and neck[edit]

The veins of the exterior of the head and face (Gray's s167)[edit]

The veins of the neck (Gray's s168)[edit]

The diploic veins (Gray's s169)[edit]

The veins of the brain (Gray's s170)[edit]

The sinuses of the dura mater, ophthalmic veins and emissary veins (Gray's s171)[edit]

The veins of the upper extremity and thorax (Gray's s172)[edit]

Upper extremity[edit]



Vertebral Column[edit]

The veins of the lower extremity, abdomen, and pelvis (Gray's s173)[edit]

Lower Extremity[edit]

The Superficial Veins of the Lower Extremity[edit]
The Deep Veins of the Lower Extremity[edit]

Abdomen and pelvis[edit]

Inferior vena cava[edit]

The portal system of veins (Gray's s174)[edit]

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