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This is a list of important publications in philosophy, organized by field.

Some reasons why a particular publication might be regarded as important:

  • Topic creator – A publication that created a new topic
  • Breakthrough – A publication that changed scientific knowledge significantly
  • Influence – A publication which has significantly influenced the world or has had a massive impact on the teaching of philosophy.

Historical texts[edit]

Western philosophy[edit]

Ancient philosophy[edit]

Medieval philosophy[edit]

Other medieval philosophers who wrote important works include Avicenna, Peter Abelard, Albert the Great, Pseudo-Dionysius, Johannes Scotus Eriugena, Duns Scotus, William of Ockham.

Modern philosophy[edit]

Title page of Advancement of Learning by Francis Bacon

Other modern authors who wrote significant philosophical works include Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, Henri Bergson, Nicolas Malebranche, Thomas Reid, Marsilio Ficino, Ludwig Feuerbach, Auguste Comte, Charles Sanders Peirce.

Eastern philosophy[edit]

Buddhist philosophy[edit]


Hindu philosophy[edit]

Chinese Legalism[edit]



Contemporary philosophy[edit]



Philosophy of biology[edit]

Philosophy of chemistry[edit]

Philosophy of mind[edit]

Philosophy of physics[edit]

Philosophy of psychology[edit]

Philosophy of religion[edit]

Philosophy of science[edit]

Ethics, value, and social philosophy[edit]



Freedom and responsibility[edit]
Business ethics[edit]
  • Tibor R. Machan, The Morality of Business: A Profession for Human Wealthcare (2007)


Philosophy of economics[edit]

Philosophy of education[edit]

Philosophy of history[edit]

Philosophy of law[edit]

Political philosophy[edit]


Logic, language, and mathematics[edit]

Logic and philosophy of logic[edit]

Philosophy of language[edit]

Philosophy of mathematics[edit]

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