List of impossible puzzles

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This is a list of puzzles that cannot be solved.

  • 15 puzzle – Slide fifteen numbered tiles into numerical order. Impossible for half of the starting positions.
  • Five room puzzle – Cross each wall of a diagram exactly once with a continuous line.
  • MU puzzle – Transform the string MI to MU according to a set of rules.
  • Mutilated chessboard problem – Place 31 dominoes of size 2×1 on a chessboard with two opposite corners removed.
  • Coloring the edges of the Petersen graph with three colors
  • Seven Bridges of Königsberg – Walk through a city while crossing seven bridges exactly once.
  • Three cups problem – Turn three cups right-side up after starting with one wrong and turning two at a time.
  • Three utilities problem – Connect three cottages to gas, water, and electricity without crossing lines.
  • The carousel problem – Create a carousel that is capable of 11/11 key features. Currently only 9/11 is believed to be possible

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