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This article is about independent professional wrestling promotions in Canada. For international listing, see List of professional wrestling promotions. For a list of National Wrestling Alliance-affiiated promotions, see List of NWA territories.

This is a list of independent wrestling promotions in Canada, sorted by regional area, and lists both active and defunct "indy promotions."

West Coast[edit]

British Columbia[edit]

K.C. Andrews with the Big West Wrestling Television championship belt
Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
All-Star Wrestling Vancouver Mark Vellios 2007– Yes Continuation of NWA: All-Star Wrestling.[1]
Big West Wrestling Kelowna Marty Sugar 2011– Yes
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Vancouver Dave Republic (1996–2010)
Michael Sweetser (2010–2012)
ECCW Entertainment, LTD (2010–)
1996– Yes Formerly Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.
Thrash Wrestling Okanagan Nick Szalanski 2004– Yes [2]
Pure Wrestling Association Campbell River Mike Becherer 2013– Yes
Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling Nanaimo Brent LaPlante, Cody Washington and Raeannon Allemeersch 2013– Yes
All-Star Wrestling Vancouver Cliff Parker (1949–1968)
Rod Fenton (1950–1968)
Sandor Kovac (1968–1977)
Gene Kiniski (1968–1983)
Al Tomko (1977–1989)
1962–1989 No
Canadian Wrestling Alliance Chilliwack Dave Bruce
Judy Bruce
Dillon Powers
1993–1994 No
International Championship Wrestling Vancouver Tim Flowers 1996–2010 No
Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling Vancouver Rocky Dellaserra
Fred Roselli
1989–1994 No
Pro Wrestling Canada Vancouver Cobra
Moondog Manson
2004–2005 Yes
Top Ranked Wrestling Abbotsford Grunt
Layne Fontaine
2004–2005 No
Universal Wrestling Alliance Vancouver Al Tomko 1985–1989 No
Victoria City Wrestling Victoria Vid Vain 2005 No
West Coast Championship Wrestling Vancouver Mark Vellios 1991–1996 No

Canadian Prairies[edit]


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Monster Pro Wrestling Edmonton Sean Dunster
Jeff Thomas
2002– Yes
Prairie Wrestling Alliance Edmonton Don Ferguson (2001–2011)
Kurt Sorochan
2001– Yes
Pure Power Wrestling Lethbridge Kevin Farrell
Ed Gatzky
Richard Rainey
2010– Yes
Real Canadian Wrestling Edmonton Steven Ewaschuk 2003– Yes
Revolution Pro Edmonton Justin Sczembora 2013–2014
Canadian Wrestling Connection Calgary Bob Pupetz 1989–1992 No
Canadian All-Pro Wrestling Calgary Tim Stein 2011–2012 No
Can-Am Wrestling Grand Prairie Martin Boroditsky 1989 No
Can-Am Wrestling Federation Calgary Steve Gillespie
Otto Gentile
Steve Wilde
1997–2003 No
Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling Calgary Darryl Harty
Ed Langley
1992–1995 No
Hart Legacy Wrestling Calgary John Oniston 2013 Yes
Power Zone Wrestling Lethbridge Tim Storm 2005–2009 Yes
Stampede Wrestling Calgary Stu Hart (1948–1984)
Vince McMahon (1984–1985)
Bruce Hart (1985–1989, 1999–2005)
Ross Hart (1999–2005)
Bill Bell (2005–2008)


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
High Impact Wrestling Canada Regina Charles Pichette (1996–2012)
Mike Roberts (2012–)
1998– Yes
Ringside Wrestling Moose Jaw Joe Neustaeter 2014– Yes
Professional Outlaw Wrestling Saskatoon Crash Crimson 2001–2005 Yes
Gold Dragon Wrestling Moose Jaw Jan and Michelle Armstrong 2008–2014 Yes
High Impact Wrestling Wildside Regina Mike Roberts 2012–2015 Yes
Hardcore Wrestling/Wild West Wrestling Regina Scott Wheatley 1996–1998 Yes


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Canadian Wrestling Elite Winnipeg Danny Warren 2009– Yes
Premiere Championship Wrestling Winnipeg Andrew Shallcross 2002–
Primos Wrestling Canada Winnipeg Graeme Keam 2010– No
WFX Wrestling Winnipeg Jeff Dyck 2007– Yes
Steeltown Pro Wrestling Selkirk Rob Stardom
TJ Bratt
2007–2013 Yes
New Wrestling Nation Île-des-Chênes Dan King 2006–2011
Action Wrestling Entertainment Winnipeg Jeff Dyck 2005–2006 No
Canadian Wrestling Federation Winnipeg Ernie Todd 1979–1984 No
International Wrestling Alliance Winnipeg Joan McGuire
Tony Condello
1974–2000 No Originally known as the West Four Wrestling Alliance from 1974 to 1994.
Supercard Wrestling Winnipeg Walter Shechyk 1979–1984 No Formerly known as New Brand Wrestling.

Central Canada[edit]


Cody Deaner posing with the Classic Championship Wrestling Heavyweight belt
Josh Alexander with Zero Gravity belt and the Alpha-1 Alpha Male championship belt
Cherry Bomb holding up the Tri-City Wrestling's Women's title
Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Alpha-1 Hamilton Julian Micevski[3] 2010– Yes This company was on an indefinite hiatus as of their show on October 21, 2012, due to financial issues that are related to thefts totaling at least $1,350. It resumed in 2013 with REHAB.
Barrie Wrestling Barrie Shawn Gibson
Neal Reed
2015– Yes
Big Time Pro Wrestling Ottawa 2004– Yes Associated with Bodyslammers Gym.
Border City Wrestling Windsor Scott D'Amore 1993– Yes
Canadian Wrestling Action Cornwall Greg Ezard 2007– Yes
Capital City Championship Wrestling Ottawa Mark P. Adam B. S. Gibson 2007– Yes
Canadian Pro Wrestling Woodstock Robbie McAllister 2011– Yes
Canadian Wrestling Federation St. Catharines Frank Ryckman 2014– Yes
Championship Wrestling International Brantford Nick "Nitro" Wyman 1998– Yes
Classic Championship Wrestling Southern Ontario Jay McDonald 2009– Yes
Conflict Wrestling Kitchener Jeffery Marsh 2011–2014, 2016 Yes Formerly known as Tri-City Wrestling
Crossfire Wrestling St. Catharines Chris LaPlante 2012– Yes
Deathproof Fight Club South-Western Ontario Chad Gowing 2009– Yes
Destiny Wrestling Mississauga 2014- Yes
Fight! Brand Toronto Ashley Sixx 2011– Yes
Great Canadian Wrestling Oshawa David Lorne 2005– Yes
Great White North Wrestling Hamilton Jack Kinsella 2007– Yes
Hogtown Wrestling [Hogtown Pro] Toronto Jay Nadler 2016– Yes
Magnificent Championship Wrestling Brantford Nick Mercante 2010– Yes
Maximum Pro Wrestling Toronto
Scott D'Amore
Arda Ocal
Jason Brown
Jeffrey Scott
James Trepanier
Dave Blezard
2010– Yes
Mecca Pro Wrestling Cornwall 2010– Yes
Moonshine Branded Wrestling Welland Matthew Terry 2011–2014, 2016 Yes
Ontario Championship Wrestling Kingston Roy Demerchant 2009– Yes
Pro Wrestling Eclipse Oshawa Sean Murley 2010– Yes
Pure Wrestling Association Kitchener
Mike Becherer 2005– Yes
PWA Niagara Niagara Region Pete Stalmach 2006– Yes
Smash Wrestling Toronto 2011– Yes
Squared Circle Wrestling Toronto Rob Fuego 2010– Yes
Steel City Pro Wrestling Hamilton 2014– Yes
Superkick'D Live Toronto Ashley Sixx, Kris Chambers[4] 2015– Yes
Twin Wrestling Entertainment Toronto Jian Magen
Page Magen
1999– Yes
Wrestling Abaddon Toronto Osiris 2015– Yes
WrestleCrisis Toronto Ross Aitken[5] 2011- Yes
Apocalypse Wrestling Federation Toronto Ron Hutchison 1998–2004;
BSE Pro Toronto Dave Blezzard 2005–2010 No Merged with Border City Wrestling to form Maximum Pro Wrestling in 2010.
Canadian Grand Prix Wrestling Joe Dunlap 2003–2007 Yes [6]
Canadian Wrestling Revolution Toronto Frank Greco 2007-2010 Yes
Extreme Wrestling League Show Brooklin Darryl Swoffer 2007–2014 Yes
Fringe Pro Wrestling Hamilton Cameron Banks 2013–2016 No
Maple Leaf Wrestling Toronto Jack Corcoran (1930–1939)
John Tunney (1939)
Frank Tunney (1939–1983)
Jack Tunney (1983–1986)
Eddie Tunney (1983–1986)
1930–1986 No
Neo Wrestling Niagara Falls Jesse Friskey (2002-2006)[7]

Jesse Scott (2002-2006, 2011-)[8]

Yes Formerly known as Neo Spirit Pro Wrestling
Niagara Pro Wrestling Fort Erie Aaron Thompson 2010–2013 Yes
Pro Wrestling Xtreme Tillsonburg Jay McDonald/Dan Vandekerckhove 2004–2009 Yes
Rage Wrestling Entertainment Ottawa Damian Styles 2005–2012 Yes Merged with Big Time Pro Wrestling in 2012.
Sault Area Wrestling Sault Ste. Marie Rob Zagorc 2007–2014 Yes
TWA Powerhouse St. Catharines Frank Ryckman 2008–2013 Yes
Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers Toronto Anthony Kingdom James 2007; 2012–2014 Yes
UWA Hardcore Wrestling Toronto Joe E. Slick
2003–2008 No
Victory Commonwealth Wrestling Toronto Jay Nadler [Ross Aitken, Chris Doyle] 2012–2016 Yes Renamed Hogtown Pro Wrestling in September 2016


Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Inter Species Wrestling Montreal Mike Rotch 2005– Yes
International Wrestling Syndicate Montreal Manny Eleftheriou 1998–2010;
Federation de Lutte Québécoise / Théâtre Extrême Montréal Carl Leduc 2001– Yes
Northern Championship Wrestling Montreal François Poirier
Phil Bélanger
1986– Yes
nCw Femmes Fatales Montreal François Poirier
Phil Bélanger
2009– Yes
International Wrestling Association Montreal Eddie Quinn (1935–1964)
Bob Langevin (1965–1975)
Johnny Rougeau (1965–1975)
1935–1975 No Originally known as the American Wrestling Association from 1935 to 1965.
Canadian International Wrestling Mike Vachon
Paul Vachon
1994 No
Elite Wrestling Revolution Quebec City Eric Picard
Patrick La Rue
Claude Provost
2004–2005 No
Grand Prix Wrestling Montreal Lucien Gregoire
Gary Legault
Paul Vachon
1971–1974 No
Lutte Internationale Montreal Andre the Giant (1980–1984)
Gino Brito (1980–1987)
Frank Valois (1980–1987)
1980–1987 No
Royal Wrestling Ring Verdun Alain Field 1994–1997 No
World All-Star Wrestling Montreal 1994–1995 No


New Brunswick[edit]

  • Name
Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Innovative Hybrid Wrestling Greater Moncton Hub City Productions 2005– Yes
NWE Pro Wrestling Miramichi Sean Nelson, Isaac Malley 2013– Yes
Grand Prix Wrestling Moncton Emile Duprée (1977–1986, 2001–2008)
Paul Peller (1986–1992)
Mike Zinck (2001)
XWA Pro Wrestling Fredericton and Saint John Ryan Heath 2007–2014 No

Nova Scotia[edit]

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Twin City Wrestling Dartmouth Cyril Richards 2012– Yes
Ultimate Championship Wrestling Spryfield Chuck "Coalminer Chuck" Martin 2007– Yes
WrestleCentre Halifax Jason Mosher 2014– Yes
Canadian Championship Wrestling Berwick, Nova Scotia Paul Peller
Stephen Petitpas
1990–1992 No
Eastern Sports Association Halifax Al Zink (1969–1975)
Rudy Kay (1969–1975)
Bobby Kay (1975–1976)
1969–1976 No
New Breed Wrestling Truro 2008–2012 Yes
East Coast Pro Wrestling Kingston Sheldon MacLean 2005–2010 Yes
MainStream Wrestling Entertainment Sheet Harbour Devin Chittick 2000–2013 No

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Legend City Wrestling St. John's UpTown Theatre 2009– Yes
Cutting Edge Wrestling St. John's Ryan Williams, Don Martin 1998–2007
New Evolution Wrestling St. John's Travis Canning, Sheldon Bishop 2015- Yes
Newfoundland Pro Wrestling St. John's Steve Clarke 2013–2015 No

Prince Edward Island[edit]

Name Location Owner(s) Years active Website Notes
Red Rock Wrestling Stratford Mike Hughes 2009– Yes

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