List of individual cetaceans

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Name Species From
52-hertz whale Blue Whale or Fin Whale or hybrid (debatable) Real life
Benny Beluga Real life
Dawn Humpback Real life
Delta Humpback Real life
Whale from the tale of Jonah Debatable, the Hebrew text just says "big fish" Abrahamic mythology
Humphrey the Whale Humpback Real life
Keiko Orca Real life
Luna Orca Real life
Migaloo Humpback Real life
Mister Splashy Pants Humpback Whale Real life
Moby Dick Sperm Whale Literature
Mocha Dick Sperm Whale Real life
Monstro Sperm Whale Literature
Namu Orca Real life
Old Tom Orca Real life
Pearl Krabs Sperm Whale Television/Film
River Thames whale Northern Bottlenose Whale Real life
Shamu Orca Real life
Springer Orca Real life
Tay Whale Humpback Real life
Tico Orca Television
Tilikum Orca Real life
Timor Tom Sperm Whale Literature
Willy Orca Film