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No one has been executed by the state of Kansas since 1965, although capital punishment is legal there. Historically, 58 people have been executed in the area now occupied by the state. Many of these were federal executions of soldiers and POWs, often at the United States Disciplinary Barracks in Leavenworth. The last executions in Kansas were at the Kansas State Penitentiary when the serial killers George York and James Latham, were executed for murder in 1965. Except for John Coon executed in 1853 by firing squad, all federal and state executions in Kansas have been by hanging. Fourteen German POWs were executed at Leavenworth in 1945. The current method is lethal injection.

List of non-military executions in Kansas since 1950[edit]

  • George Miller, May 6, 1950
  • Preston McBride, April 6, 1951
  • James Lammers, January 5, 1952
  • Nathaniel Germany, May 21, 1954
  • Merle Martin, Jr., July 16, 1954
  • Lowell Lee Andrews, November 30, 1962
  • Perry Smith, April 14, 1965 (murderer of Clutter family, November 15, 1959, along with Richard Hickock - see In Cold Blood)
  • Richard Hickock, April 14, 1965
  • George York, June 22, 1965
  • James Latham, June 22, 1965

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