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This is a list of individuals executed in Ohio since 1999.[1]

All of the following individuals have been executed for murder since the Furman decision. All 53 were executed by lethal injection. Notable persons executed in Ohio before the Furman decision include Anna Marie Hahn. Currently, 23 inmates are scheduled for execution; the first four are: pedophile murderer Ronald Phillips; double murderer Raymond Tibbet; robber/ double murderer Gary Otte; and a man who murdered a teenager during a courtroom escape, Alva Campbell.

Name Date of Execution Victim Governor Crime
1 Wilford Berry, Jr. February 19, 1999 Charles Mitroff Bob Taft Berry murdered his new boss Mitroff when he returned from his delivery run in his bakery. He was shot three times and dumped in a shallow grave.
2 Jay D. Scott June 14, 2001 Vinnie M. Price Scott shot Price to death while she was serving him in the delicatessen she owned. Scott intended to rob the shop and did not want any witnesses to identify him. He also murdered a security guard but was only sentenced to death for Price's murder.
3 John William Byrd, Jr. February 19, 2002 Monte Tewksbury Byrd murdered Tewksbury while robbing his shop. Byrd stabbed Tewksbury to death while he was working alone and stole $133 from the shop.
4 Alton Coleman April 26, 2002 Tonnie Storey
Marlene Walters (sentenced to death in Indiana and Illinois)
Coleman strangled Storey to death while he was raping her. She was on her route to computer class when she was murdered. This murder sparked a killing spree that resulted in the loss of 8 lives and three death sentences
5 Robert Anthony Buell September 24, 2002 Krista Harrison Buell abducted Harrison while she was collecting cans with a boy. He then took her back to his home where he raped her and strangled her to death.
6 Richard Edwin Fox February 12, 2003 Leslie Renae Keckler Fox lured Keckler into his car under the pretext that he was showing her his sales. After she rejected his sexual advances he stabbed her six times and then drove to a secluded areas and strangled her.
7 David M. Brewer April 29, 2003 Sherry Byrne Brewer lured Bryne the wife of his fraternity brother into a motel under the pretense of selling radio parts. He then raped her and dragged her to the trunk of his car where he stabbed Byrne 15 times.
8 Ernest Martin June 18, 2003 Robert Robinson Martin was planning to rob Robinson. The plan was that his girlfriend would ask for medicine and he would let her in. The plan backfired and Robinson closed the door before Martin could gain entry. Angered by this he fired two shots into the door and one of them killed Robinson.
9 Lewis Williams, Jr. January 14, 2004 Leoma Chmielewski Williams broke into the home of Chmielewski and ransacked it. He beat her and stomped on her chest during the robbery and then killed her by shooting her close range.
10 John Glenn Roe February 3, 2004 Donette Crawford Roe kidnapped Crawford at gunpoint and instructed her to give him her money and her car. Nervous that she might testify he shot her to death.
11 William Dean Wickline March 30, 2004 Peggy Lerch
Christopher Lerch
Wickline was drinking when he got into an argument with Christopher Lerch over $6000 owed to Wickline. Wickline strangled Chris and his wife Peggy and cut up their bodies. The couples' bodies were never found.
12 William G. Zuern, Jr. June 8, 2004 Hamilton County Deputy Sheriff Phillip Pence Zuern was awaiting trial for another murder when he got mad about how restrictive his prison was. He carved a knife out of a piece of metal and he stabbed officer Pence with it.
13 Stephen Allan Vrabel July 14, 2004 Susan Clemente
Lisa Clemente
Vrabel brought a new gun and murdered his live in girlfriend and then because he thought she was better off dead than with a dead mom and a dad in prison he shot Clemente his 3-year-old daughter.
14 Scott Andrew Mink July 20, 2004 William Mink
Sheila Mink
Mink intended to buy drugs but his parents hid his car keys. Angered he went into their bedroom and beat them with a hammer until it broke then stabbed them with a knife eight times each.
15 Adremy Dennis October 13, 2004 Kurt Kyle Dennis was intending to rob Kyle. He pointed his gun at Kyle and ordered him to give him his money. Kyle searched his pockets but found he had no money on him Dennis responded by shooting him at point blank range in the head.
16 William Smith March 8, 2005 Mary Bradford Smith was taking cocaine and having a one-night stand with Bradford. When he noticed cocaine missing he thought Bradford took it. She denied this but Smith stabbed her eight times and had sex with her dead body.
17 Herman Dale Ashworth September 27, 2005 Daniel L. Baker Ashworth was having a drink with Baker outside of a bar. Ashworth intended to rob Baker and kill him to avoid witnesses. He robbed $40 off of him and then beat him with a board so badly that his injuries were consistent with a high speed traffic accident.
18 William James "Flip" Williams, Jr. October 25, 2005 William Dent
Alfonda R. Madison, Sr.
Eric Howard and Theodore Wynn, Jr.
Williams returned after a jail sentence to his home town only to discover that the victims control the drug market he once owned. He decided to recruit child soldiers to help kill the victims. He lured the victims to Madison's house and shot them once in the head.
19 John R. Hicks November 29, 2005 Brandy Green & Maxine Armstrong Hicks was on a cocaine binge when he decided to rob his mother in law Maxine Armstrong for cocaine money. He decided to strangle her so he would not be caught. While fleeing he knew her daughter Brandy would be a witness so he returned to Armstrong's and smothered her with a pillow.
20 Glenn Lee Benner II February 7, 2006 Trina Bowser
Cynthia Sedgwick
Benner abducted Bowser and raped her. He then strangled her to death to avoid her testifying against him. Six months earlier he abducted Cynthia Sedgwick from a concert and strangled her to death in the same manner as Bowser.
21 Joseph Lewis Clark May 2, 2006 David A. Manning
Donald B. Harris
Clark was addicted to drugs and in order to pay for his habit he would rob stores. One day Clark robbed the store where Harris worked and during the robbery shot him. Unfazed by his actions the next day he robbed again. Manning worked at a service station as a clerk. Joseph barged in and demanded $60. Manning did what Clark said but was shot in the chest. Clark fled with the money.
22 Rocky Barton July 12, 2006 Kimbirli Jo Barton
23 Darrell Wayne Ferguson August 8, 2006 Thomas King
Arlie Fugate
Mae Fugate
24 Jeffrey Lundgren October 24, 2006 Dennis Avery
Cheryl Avery
Trina Avery
Rebecca Avery
Karen Avery
25 James J. Filiaggi April 24, 2007 Lisa Huff Filiaggi Ted Strickland
26 Christopher Newton May 24, 2007 Jason Brewer
27 Richard Cooey October 14, 2008 Wendy Offredo
Dawn McCreery
28 Gregory Bryant-Bey November 19, 2008 Dale Pinkelman
Pete Mihas
29 Daniel E. Wilson June 3, 2009 Carol Lutz
30 John Joseph Fautenberry July 14, 2009 Joseph Daron Jr.
Jefferson Difee
Gary Farmer
Christine Guthrie
Donald Nutley
31 Marvallous Keene July 21, 2009 Sarah Abraham
Wendy Cottrill
Danita Gullette
Marvin Washington
Joseph Wilkerson
32 Jason Getsy August 18, 2009 Ann Serafino
33 Kenneth Biros December 8, 2009 Tami Engstrom
34 Vernon Lamont Smith January 7, 2010 Sohail Darwish
35 Mark Aaron Brown February 4, 2010 Hayder Al-Turk
Isam Salman
36 Lawrence Raymond Reynolds March 16, 2010 Loretta Foster
37 Darryl M. Durr April 20, 2010 Angel Vincent
38 Michael Francis Beuke May 13, 2010 Robert Craig
39 William Garner July 13, 2010 Deondra Freeman
Richard Gaines
Markeca Mason
Mykkila Mason
Denitra Satterwhite
40 Roderick Davie August 10, 2010 John Ira Coleman
Tracey Jeffreys
41 Michael W. Benge October 6, 2010 Judith Gabbard
42 Frank G. Spisak, Jr. February 17, 2011 Rev. Horace Rickerson
Brian Warford
Timothy Sheehan
John Kasich
43 Johnnie Ray Baston March 10, 2011 Chong-Hoon Mah
44 Clarence Carter April 12, 2011 Johnny Allen
45 Daniel Lee Bedford May 17, 2011 Gwen Toepfert
John Smith
46 Reginald Brooks, Sr. November 15, 2011 Reginald Brooks, Jr.
Vaughn Brooks
Niarchos Brooks
47 Mark Wayne Wiles April 18, 2012 Mark Klima
48 Donald Palmer September 20, 2012 Charles Sponhaltz
Steven Vargo
49 Brett Xavier Hartman November 13, 2012 Winda Snipes
50 Frederick Treesh March 6, 2013 Henry Dupree
51 Steven T. Smith May 1, 2013 Autumn Carter
52 Harry D. Mitts, Jr. September 25, 2013 John Bryant
Sgt. Dennis Glivar Garfield Heights, Ohio police
53 Dennis B. McGuire January 16, 2014 Joy Stewart


The demographic information on the 34 inmates executed in Ohio between February 19, 1999, and January 7, 2010, is as follows:[citation needed]

  • Mean Age at Time of Execution: 44 years, 2 months
  • Mean Time from Death Sentence to Execution: 14 years, 6 months
  • Median Time from Death Sentence to Execution: 15 years, 11 months

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