List of people executed in Texas, 1900–09

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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. state of Texas between 1900 and 1909. During this period 71 individuals were executed by hanging.[1]

Executions 1900–09[edit]

1900 – 11 executions
# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
263 Antonio Flores Hispanic M 06-Jan-1900 Murder
264 Geronimo Para Hispanic M 06-Jan-1900 Murder
265 Ellis Misebel Black M 12-Jan-1900 Rape
266 Willie Jones Black 28 M 09-Mar-1900 Murder
267 King Martin Black M 16-Mar-1900 Rape
268 Nevison Morris Black 30 M 23-Mar-1900 Murder
269 Frank White Black M 23-Mar-1900 Robbery and Murder
270 Bob McKinney Black M 16-Apr-1900 Murder
271 Henry Brown Black 18 M 07-May-1900 Murder
272 Sid Spears Black M 18-Jun-1900 Murder
273 John Renfro White M 27-Jul-1900 Murder
1901 – 4 executions
274 Augustus Davis Black M 14-Mar-1901 Murder
275 Juan Rocha Hispanic 60 M 02-Aug-1901 Murder
276 John Pearl White M 22-Oct-1901 Robbery and Murder
277 Will King Black M 25-Oct-1901 Murder
1902 – 8 executions
278 Anderson Norris Black M 10-Jan-1902 Murder
279 Thomas Morris White M 31-Jan-1902 Robbery and Murder
280 John Roan Black 28 M 19-Apr-1902 Rape
281 Andres Olivarez Hispanic M 02-Jun-1902 Murder
282 John Warren Black M 15-Aug-1902 Robbery and Murder
283 Vincent Sancedo Hispanic 27 M 19-Sep-1902 Rape
284 Jim Buchanan Black M 16-Oct-1902 Rape and Murder
285 Jeff Mikel Black M 13-Dec-1902 Murder
1903 – 7 executions
286 John Ransom Black M 03-Apr-1903 Robbery and Murder
287 Rip Johnson Black M 14-May-1903 Murder
288 Charley Jones Black M 23-May-1903 Rape
289 J. E. (Ed) Shutt [2][3] White M 29-May-1903 Murder of B. C. Whittier
290 Henry Johnson Black M 30-May-1903 Rape
291 George Harkey Black M 30-Jun-1903 Murder
292 Marguerito Reyna Hispanic M 04-Dec-1903 Rape
1904 – 6 executions
293 Henry Fugett Black M 12-Feb-1904 Murder
294 Brozier Smith Black 21 M 25-Mar-1904 Murder
295 Will Murray Black M 25-Apr-1904 Murder
296 Henry Williams Black 30 M 02-May-1904 Rape and Murder
297 Bacente Losarno Hispanic 19 M 16-Jun-1904 Murder
298 Appolonario Hernandez Hispanic M 23-Dec-1904 Murder
1905 – 7 executions
299 John Reeves unknown M 17-Feb-1905 Murder
300 Conrad Schwartz White 20 M 22-Mar-1905 Robbery and Murder
301 John Henry Young Black 20 M 31-Mar-1905 Murder
302 Holly Vann White 30 M 12-May-1905 Robbery and Murder
303 Sam Collins Black M 19-May-1905 Murder
304 Presley Tankersley Black M 01-Sep-1905 Murder
305 George Turner White 43 M 22-Dec-1905 Robbery and Murder
1906 – 6 executions
306 Thomas Young White 40 M 30-Mar-1906 Murder
307 Jack Wilkerson White M 29-Jun-1906 Murder
308 Rufus Martin Black M 12-Jul-1906 Robbery and Murder
309 Robert Johnson Black M 20-Jul-1906 Murder
310 Dick Garrett Black M 21-Nov-1906 Murder
311 Henry Brown Black 33 M 30-Nov-1906 Murder
1907 – 5 executions
312 Alberto Vargas Hispanic 18 M 04-Jan-1907 Murder
313 A. B. Washington Black M 14-Feb-1907 Murder
314 Felix Powell Black M 02-Apr-1907 Rape and Murder
315 John Armstrong Black M 26-Apr-1907 Murder
316 Dock Bailey Black M 07-Nov-1907 Robbery and Murder
1908 – 6 executions
317 John Brown Black M 27-Mar-1908 Rape
318 James Cason White 35 M 29-May-1908 Robbery and Murder
319 Tom Jones Black M 20-Jun-1908 Robbery and Murder
320 Monk Gibson Black 19 M 28-Jun-1908 Rape and Murder
321 J. Williams Black M 31-Jul-1908 Robbery and Murder
322 Frank Mitchell Black M 01-Aug-1908 Murder
1909 – 11 executions
323 John Boyd Black M 08-Jan-1909 Rape
324 Claude Golden Black 45 M 12-Feb-1909 Rape
325 Johnnie Green Black 20 M 25-Feb-1909 Robbery and Murder
326 Edmund Shelton Black M 14-May-1909 Murder
327 Refugio Juareque Hispanic M 11-Jun-1909 Rape
328 Willis Macklin Black M 02-Jul-1909 Murder
329 Marcellus Thomas Black M 03-Sep-1909 Murder
330 Will McIntosh Black M 01-Oct-1909 Murder
331 Lee Russell Black M 01-Oct-1909 Rape and Murder
332 Tom Willison Black 23 M 22-Oct-1909 Murder
333 Robert Wright White M 17-Dec-1909 Murder
Source: The Espy File: 1608–2002.[1]

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