List of people executed in Texas, 1910–19

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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. state of Texas between 1910 and 1919. During this period 51 individuals were executed by hanging.[1]

Executions 1910–1919[edit]

1910 – 7 executions
# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
334 Gus Thomas Black 24 M 26-Feb-1910 Murder
335 Sam Washington Black 34 M 26-Feb-1910 Murder
336 Bubber Robertson Black 28 M 14-May-1910 Robbery and Murder
337 G. R. Miller Black M 03-Jun-1910 Robbery and Murder
338 John Wynne Black M 24-Jun-1910 Murder
339 John Canon Black M 08-Jul-1910 Murder
340 Henry Henderson Black 22 M 08-Jul-1910 Robbery and Murder
1912 – 10 executions
341 Louis Johnson Black 20 M 30-Jan-1912 Rape
342 Albert Varner Black M 16-Feb-1912 Rape
343 J. B. Compton White M 15-Mar-1912 Robbery and Murder
344 Dan McCline Black 26 M 29-Mar-1912 Murder
345 Charlie McClennan Black 25 M 13-Apr-1912 Murder
346 John Henry Black M 12-Jul-1912 Murder
347 Wood Maxey Black M 09-Aug-1912 Murder
348 Sellers Vines Black M 09-Aug-1912 Murder
349 Sam Jones Black 45 M 16-Oct-1912 Murder
350 Burrell Oates Black M 29-Nov-1912 Robbery and Murder
1913 – 8 executions
351 John Robison Black M 10-Jan-1913 Robbery and Murder
352 Diggs Perry Black M 21-Apr-1913 Robbery and Murder
353 Abraham Ortiz Hispanic M 02-May-1913 Rape and Murder
354 Henry Brock White M 30-May-1913 Murder
355 William Asbeck White 42 M 28-Jun-1913 Murder
356 Floyd Stanton Black M 01-Aug-1913 Murder
357 Ernest Harrison Black M 07-Aug-1913 Robbery and Murder
358 Paul Fowler Black M 07-Aug-1913 Robbery and Murder
1914 – 4 executions
359 Tommie Lee Black M 09-Mar-1914 Murder
360 Leon Martinez, Jr. Hispanic 19 M 11-May-1914 Murder
361 Porfirio Torrez Hispanic M 14-Aug-1914 Murder
362 Henry Wilson Black M 14-Dec-1914 Robbery
1915 – 7 executions
363 Ysidro Gonzalez Hispanic M 01-Feb-1915 Murder
364 Henry Ballard Black 21 M 19-Feb-1915 Murder
365 Will Hemphill Black M 26-Feb-1915 Rape
366 Federico Sanchez Hispanic 15 M 03-Mar-1915 Murder
367 Benigno Guerrero Hispanic M 15-Apr-1915 Murder
368 Joe Larkins Black M 17-Apr-1915 Murder
369 Cornelius Jackson Black M 02-Jul-1915 Robbery and Murder
1916 – 9 executions
370 Floyd Thompson Black M 07-Jan-1916 Murder
371 Louis Utley Black M 01-Feb-1916 Murder
372 Henry Sampson Black M 13-Feb-1916 Robbery and Murder
373 Sam Jernigan Black M 11-Mar-1916 Rape
374 Robert Burgess White M 29-Apr-1916 Murder
375 Melquiades Chapa Hispanic 23 M 19-May-1916 Murder
376 Jose Buenrostro Hispanic 25 M 19-May-1916 Murder
377 Clarence Cooley Black 21 M 18-Oct-1916 Robbery and Murder
378 John Williams Black M 27-Oct-1916 Murder
1918 – 6 executions
379 Walter Stevenson White M 24-May-1918 Rape
380 Leonard Dodd White M 24-May-1918 Rape
381 James Franklin Black M 16-Aug-1918 Murder
382 Harvey Hubert Black 34 M 23-Aug-1918 Murder
383 Will Jones Black 30 M 30-Aug-1918 Rape and Murder
384 Rufus Coates White 20 M 08-Nov-1918 Murder
Source: The Espy File: 1608–2002.[1]

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