List of people executed in Texas, 1960–64

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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. state of Texas between 1960 and 1964. During this period 29 individuals were executed by electrocution at the Huntsville Unit in Texas.[1][2] Joseph Johnson became the last person in Texas to be executed by the electric chair on July 30, 1964. In addition, Lawrence O'Connor became the last person in Texas to be executed for a crime other than murder (for rape, on April 26, 1964). It would be 18 years before the next execution took place in Texas; all subsequent executions have been for murder.

Executions 1960–64[edit]

1960 – 8 executions
# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
333 Junior Williams Black 30 M 05-Mar-1960 Rape
334 Nearvel Moon White 19 M 28-Apr-1960 Robbery and Murder
335 Howard Draper, Jr. Black 28 M 26-May-1960 Rape
336 George William (or Williams) Black 30 M 08-Jul-1960 Robbery and Murder
337 Willie Philpot Black 27 M 15-Jul-1960 Rape and Murder
338 George Moses Black 30 M 12-Aug-1960 Murder
339 Eusebio Martinez Hispanic 26 M 27-Aug-1960 Rape and Murder
340 Samuel Holmes Black 22 M 30-Nov-1960 Rape
1961 – 3 executions
341 Charles Williams Black 20 M 03-Jun-1961 Rape
342 James Edwards Black 30 M 23-Jun-1961 Rape
343 Fred Leath White 40 M 09-Nov-1961 Murder
1962 – 9 executions
344 Charles Forgey White 23 M 10-Jan-1962 Rape
345 Roosevelt Wiley Black 29 M 11-Jan-1962 Robbery and Murder
346 Donald Wilson White 22 M 20-Mar-1962 Robbery and Murder
347 Adrian Johnson Black 19 M 19-Apr-1962 Murder
348 Herbert Bradley Black 20 M 15-May-1962 Robbery
349 Howard Stickney White 24 M 23-May-1962 Murder
350 Walter Mosley White 26 M 18-Jul-1962 Murder
351 Bobby Stein Black 29 M 05-Sep-1962 Robbery and Murder
352 Roscoe Gibson Black 39 M 06-Oct-1962 Rape
1963 – 4 executions
353 Joe Sneed Black 29 M 03-Jan-1963 Rape
354 Bennie McIntyre Black 20 M 20-Jan-1963 Rape
355 Leo Luton White 34 M 20-Feb-1963 Robbery and Murder
356 John Lavan, Jr. Black 34 M 31-Mar-1963 Murder and Burglary
1964 – 5 executions
357 Jesse Parker Black 23 M 12-Feb-1964 Rape
358 Bobby Bradford Black 32 M 11-Mar-1964 Murder
359 Lawrence O'Connor Black 26 M 26-Apr-1964 Rape
360 James Echols Black 18 M 07-May-1964 Murder, Rape and Robbery
361 Joseph Johnson, Jr. Black 30 M 30-Jul-1964 Murder
Sources: List of electrocuted offenders by the TDJC,[2] and The Espy File: 1608–2002.[1]

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