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The following is a list of people executed by the U.S. state of Texas between 1982 (when the state resumed executions) to 1989. All of the 33 individuals during this period were convicted of murder and have been executed by lethal injection at the Huntsville Unit in Huntsville, Texas.[1][2]

Executions 1982–89[edit]

The number in the "#" column indicates the nth person executed since 1982 (when Texas resumed the death penalty). Thus, Charles Brooks, Jr. was not only the first person executed in the 1980 decade, he was also the first person executed since Texas resumed the death penalty.

1982 – 1 execution
# Executed person Race Age Sex Date of
Victim(s) the murder
1 Charles Brooks, Jr. Black 40 M 07-Dec-1982 David Gregory Charles Brooks was shoplifting with some friends when his car broke down. He went to a car shop to test drive a new car but due to store policy mechanic David Gregory had to ride along with him. He kidnapped Gregory and took him to a hotel room where he was bound to a wall and shot in the head.
1984 – 3 executions
2 James David Autry White 29 M 14-Mar-1984 Shirley Droust and Joe Broussard James Autry intended to rob the store Shirley worked at. Autry purchased a beer and then shot Shirley between the eyes. He was unable to get any money out of the cash register so the only thing he managed to steal was a beer worth 3 dollars. He then proceed to shoot two witness between the eyes. Joe Broussard died instantly while the other customer suffered permanent brain damage.
3 Ronald Clark O'Bryan White 39 M 31-Mar-1984 Timothy O'Bryan Ronald was struggling financially and was about to become bankrupt. He decided to fix this by putting out a big life insurance policy plan on his son and murdering him. He poisoned his sons pixie stick along with five others which he distributed among trick or treaters in hope of putting suspicion. Thankfully none of them are the sticks except for his son.
4 Thomas Andy Barefoot White 39 M 30-Oct-1984 Harker Heights police officer Carl Irving LeVin Thomas Barefoot had previously raped a three-year-old in New Mexico and was on the run. Officer Irving found Barefoot in Harker Heights and was shot by Barefoot in his attempt to make his arrest.
1985 – 6 executions
5 Doyle Edward Skillern White 49 M 16-Jan-1985 Patrick Randel Patrick Randel was an undercover narcotics officer who was investigating Doyle Skilleren for drug dealing. Patrick arranged a deal between him and Skilleren. Skilleren told him to go some place where they could talk business. Patrick was found shot to death a few hours later.
6 Stephen Peter Morin White 34 M 13-Mar-1985 Carrie Marie Smith, Janna Bruce, and Shiela Whalen Stephen Morin raped and murdered three women in Texas. He was suspected in Carrie Smith's death but police couldn't prove it until his DNA was found on Jenna's Bruce's body. His MO was raping and strangling women.
7 Jesse De La Rosa Hispanic 24 M 15-May-1985 Masaoud Ghazali Jesse De La Rosa and a friend were robbing a 7/11 where Masaoud Ghazail was employed at. Jesse ordered Ghazali into a walk in freezer where he shot Ghazali twice, once in the back and once in the head.
8 Charles Milton Black 34 M 25-Jun-1985 Manaree Denton Charles Milton came was planning on robbing a liquor store that Manaree Denton and her husband Leonard owned. He went into the shop and ordered them at gunpoint to clear out the register. Manaree and Leonard fought back and during the struggle both of them were shot. Leonard was shot non fatally while Manaree was shot through the heart.
9 Henry Martinez Porter Hispanic 43 M 09-Jul-1985 Henry Mailloux Henry Porter had just robbed a local shop and was trying to make a getaway when officer Henry Mailloux pulled him over for speeding. Henry obeyed until he was told to step out of the car; he then fatally shot Mailloux.
10 Charles Francis Rumbaugh White 28 M 11-Sep-1985 Michael Fiorello Charles Rumbaugh became the youngest death row inmate in America when he murdered Micheal Fiorello. Rumbaugh was robbing the jewelry shop that Fiorello owned. During the robbery he shot Fiorello in the chest four times.
1986 – 10 executions
11 Charles William Bass White 30 M 12-Mar-1986 Charles Baker Charles Bass had just robbed a local shop and was fleeing on foot when city Marshall Charles Baker caught him. The ensuring fight resulted in Bass shooting Baker to death.
12 Jeffrey Allen Barney White 28 M 16-Apr-1986 Ruby Mae Longsworth Jeffrey Barney was employed at the local church by the victim's husband. One day Ruby and Jeffrey got into an argument where she called him a "bum". Infuriated, Barney proceeded to rape her before strangling her to death with a microphone chord.
13 Jay Kelly Pinkerton White 24 M 15-May-1986 Sarah Donn Lawrence Jay Pinkerton broke into Sarah Lawrence's beauty parlor and ambushed her. He proceeded to rape her and then strangled her to death.
14 Rudy Ramos Esquivel Hispanic 50 M 09-Jun-1986 Timothy Heam Ruby Esquivel was snorting cocaine and was employing two prostitutes when undercover narcotics cop Timothy Heam caught him in the act. Rudy Ramos shot at Timothy and his partner. Timothy's partner was wounded while Timothy was struck fatally in the head.
15 Kenneth Albert Brock White 37 M 19-Jun-1986 Michael Sedita Kenneth Brock was robbing a 7/11 that Micheal Sedita managed. Brock took Sedita hostage and demanded more money. The police arrived and as they moved in Brock shot Sedita in the head three times.
16 Randy Lynn Woolls White 36 M 20-Aug-1986 Betty Stotts Randy Woolls broke into the drive-in cinema ticket booth that Betty Stotts managed. He blungeoned her with a shovel and raped her. He then lit her body on fire while she was still alive.
17 Larry Smith Black 30 M 22-Aug-1986 Mike Mason Larry Smith intended to rob a local shop. At night he broke in while a clerk and night manager Mike Mason were still inside. He ordered Mike to give him all his money, which he did. He then ordered him to open the company safe but Mike didn't know the combination. Smith became angered and shot Mason in the head while he was kneeling on the floor.
18 Chester Lee Wicker White 37 M 26-Aug-1986 Suzanne Knuth Chester Wicker was driving along the coast when he spotted Suzanne Knuth, who was walking alone to her home. Chester grabbed her and attempted to rape her. After failing to rape her and worrying that he was going to be sent to jail, he knocked her out and buried her alive.
19 Michael Wayne Evans Black 30 M 04-Dec-1986 Elvira Guerrero Micheal Evans and his group ambushed Elvira and her boyfriend in the parking lot of the local church. They robbed the couple and murdered Elvira's boyfriend. Elvira then forgave her attackers but Michael was annoyed by her and gouged out her eyes and when her screams of pain annoyed her he bashed her to death.
20 Richard Andrade Hispanic 25 M 18-Dec-1986 Cordelia Mae Guevara Richard Andrade stayed in Cordelia's nightclub after closing time and waited for her. When she was sweeping the flour he ambushed her and raped her. After he raped her he strangled her to death.
1987 – 6 executions
21 Ramon Pedro Hernandez Hispanic 44 M 30-Jan-1987 Oscar Frayre Ramon Hernandez intended to rob a local gas station. While robbing the gas station Oscar Frayre, a gas station employee, was on duty. Ramon asked him to empty the register. Oscar did so but was fatally shot in the head afterwards.
22 Elisio Hernandez Moreno Hispanic 27 M 04-Mar-1987 Russell Lynn Boyd Elisio Moreno attempted to find the location of his ex-wife but his brother and his brother's wife refused, so he murdered them both. He then went on a rampage and killed officer Russell Boyd when he tried to pull him over. He later went on to murder three elderly people. He was only charged with Boyd's murder.
23 Anthony Charles Williams Black 27 M 28-May-1987 Vicke Lynn Wright Anthony Williams was a serial rapist. One day he kidnapped 13 year old Vicke Wright as she was walking home. He attempted to rape her but failed. In the end he beat her to death with a 2x4 board.
24 Elliot Rod Johnson Black 38 M 24-Jun-1987 Joseph Granado Elliot Johnson and three accomplices intended to rob Joseph Granado's jewelry store. Elliot and the accomplices entered the store and ordered everyone on the floor. Elliot ordered Granado to hand over some of the protected jewelry but he refused. Elliot shot him five times in the head.
25 John Russell Thompson White 32 M 08-Jul-1987 Mary Knuepper John Thompson planned on robbing Mary Knuepper's mini mart. He broke into the shop and demanded Mary hand over all her money. She obeyed John but he shot her in the neck in order to avoid going to jail for the robbery.
26 Joseph Blaine Starvaggi White 34 M 10-Sep-1987 John Denson Joseph Starvaggi broke into the home of officer John Denson in order to steal Denson's collection of prized guns. Denson caught Starvaggi in the middle of stealing his guns.. Starvaggi then shot Denson in the head execution style.
1988 – 3 executions
27 Robert L. Streetman White 27 M 07-Jan-1988 Christine Baker Robert Streetman broke into the home of Christina Baker while she was watching TV. In order to stop her from getting in the way of the robbery and to satisfy his urge to kill he crept behind her and shot Christine in the back of her head.
28 Donald Gene Franklin Black 37 M 03-Nov-1988 Mary Margaret Moran Donald Franklin waited for a victim to rob in the Veteran's Hospital parking lot. Mary Moran was leaving the hospital after having finished her shift as a nurse when Donald Franklin attacked her in the parking lot and raped her. After that he stabbed her to death and stole her car.
29 Raymond Landry, Sr. Black 39 M 13-Dec-1988 Kosmas Prittis Raymond Landry planned to rob Kosmas Prittis's restaurant. While Kosmas and his family where closing up the restaurant Raymond entered and ordered Kosmas to give him all of their money. Raymond groped Kosmas's wife and shot Kosmas 6 times in the chest.
1989 – 4 executions
30 Leon Rutherford King Black 44 M 22-Mar-1989 Michael Underwood Leon King abducted Michael Underwood and his girlfriend outside of a popular nightclub. Leon took $1000 worth of money from the couple and brutally raped Underwood's girlfriend. Michael Underwood was beaten to death with the butt of a gun by Leon.
31 Stephen A. McCoy White 40 M 24-May-1989 Cynthia Johnson Stephen McCoy was hired to help James Paster kill Robert Howard. After they killed Robert Howard they all agreed to kill one person each to demonstrate their loyalty. Stephen showed his loyalty by raping Cynthia and then strangling her with a telephone cord.
32 James Emery Paster White 44 M 20-Sep-1989 Robert Howard James Paster was hired by Robert Howard's estranged wife to murder him. She promised him $50,000 if he was successful. Paster hired Stephen McCoy to help with the crime. Both men lured Robert into helping them fix their truck. Paster crept behind Robert and shot him in the back of the head.
33 Carlos DeLuna Hispanic 27 M 07-Dec-1989 Wanda Lopez Carlos DeLuna was planning to rob a deli shop where Wanda Lopez worked at. Wanda Lopez called 911 when she saw Carlos outside the shop acting suspiciously. Carlos then entered the shop and demanded that she give him all the money in the register. After she gave him the money he killed her with a machete.
Sources: List of executed offenders by the TDJC since 1982,[1] and The Espy File: 1608–2002.[2]

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