List of input methods for Unix platforms

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This is intended as a non-exhaustive list of input methods for Unix platforms. An input method is a means of entering characters and glyphs that have a corresponding encoding in a character set. See the input method page for more information.

Name Languages supported XIM Qt4 GTK+ 2 GTK+ 3 Other
IBus Multiple languages, including CJK Yes Yes Yes Yes
SCIM Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fcitx Yes Yes Yes Yes fbterm
uim Yes Yes Yes Yes Leim, TTY and TSM (Mac OS X)
GCIN Chinese input method server for Big5 Traditional Chinese character sets, expandible with input methods e.g. from SCIM. Yes Yes Yes
xcin Mainly for traditional Chinese; adapted for use for simplified Chinese. Yes
oxim Yes Yes Yes
InputKing Chinese (traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese), Japanese and Korean. Browser based
im-ja Japanese Yes Yes
kinput2 Yes kinput2 protocol
Nunome Qtopia
ami Korean Yes
imhangul Yes Yes
Nabi Yes
qimhangul Yes
xvnkb Vietnamese Yes
x-unikey Yes