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"Kissing-Bug" rag by Charles L. Johnson, 1909

This is a list of songs inspired by insects.

Insects in music are known from everything from classical music and opera to ragtime and pop.

Rimsky-Korsakov imitates the quick buzzing vibrato of the bumblebee in his famous "The Flight of the Bumblebee". Popular songs with an insect theme include "glow-worm", "Poor Butterfly", "La Cucaracha", "The Boll Weevil", and "The Blue-Tailed Fly". Operas like Puccini's Madam Butterfly and Rousel's Le Festin de L’Araignée similarly reference arthropods.[1]

Pop groups named after insects include Buddy Holly and the Crickets, The Beatles, Adam and the Ants and many others.[2] Songs named after or inspired by the sounds of insects are listed below.


Insect-inspired songs
Name of song Insect order Composer Performing artist Date Type of music Notes
Honey Bee (Let Me Be Your Honey Bee) Hymenoptera Ollie Shepard Ollie Shepard And His Kentucky Boys 1938 Blues / Honky-tonk Released on Decca Records
The Attack of the Giant Ants Hymenoptera Chris Stein Blondie 1976 Punk / New Wave / Rock
I Got Ants in My Pants Hymenoptera James Brown James Brown 1972 Funk
Ants Marching Hymenoptera Dave Matthews  The Dave Matthews Band 1994 Pop / Rock
Spiral of Ants[3] Hymenoptera Neil Cicierega Lemon Demon 2016 Electronic Rock Based on the phenomenon of ant mills.
Insects Insecta Danny Elfman Oingo Boingo 1982 New Wave|Synth Pop
Bee in the Bottle Hymenoptera Sinead Lohan Sinead Lohan 1995 Folk rock
Dance of the Honeybees Hymenoptera Charlie Lennon De Dannan
Frankie Gavin
Sharon Shannon
1986 Irish folk Said to be based on the honeybee's waggle dance.[4]
Mosquito Diptera Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2013 Indie rock
The Mosquito Diptera John Densmore / Robby Krieger / Ray Manzarek The Doors 1972 Rock
Flight of the Bumblebee Hymenoptera Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov many artists 1899-1900 Classical
One Note Samba/Spanish Flea Siphonaptera Antônio Carlos Jobim Sergio Mendes-Brasil '66 1966 Bossa nova
Fireflies Coleoptera Adam Young Owl City 2009 Electronica
Lady Bug Coleoptera Randy Rogers / Wade Bowen Randy Rogers 2015 Country
Mariposa traicionera Lepidoptera Fher Olvera Mana 2003 Rock
Butterfly Lepidoptera John FruscianteB/ret Mazur, M / chael "Flea" Balzary / Seth "Shifty Shellshock" Binzer Crazy Town 2000 Rap rock
Caterpillar Lepidoptera Peter Albin Big Brother and the Holding Company 1967 Rock This album was the studio debut for the band's lead singer, Janis Joplin.
The Caterpillar Lepidoptera The Cure 1984 Post-punk
Grasshopper Orthoptera Soul Delavants Soul
Grasshopper Orthoptera John Phillips The Mamas and the Papas 1971 Folk rock
The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin') Orthoptera Beastie Boys 2000 Rap rock
Grasshoppers Orthoptera Ryuichi Sakamoto Ryuichi Sakamoto 1978 Jazz fusion
Moth Lepidoptera Chad Gray / Kevin Churko / Tom Maxwell / Vinnie Paul Hellyeah 2014 Heavy metal
Moth to a Flame Lepidoptera Roger Chapman Roger Chapman 1979 Bluesrock Second track of the album Chappo
Moth's Wings Lepidoptera Michael Angelako Passion Pit 2009 Indietronica
That's the way love goes Lepidoptera Janet Jackson / Jam & Lewis Janet Jackson 1993 R & B
Mayfly Ephemeroptera Stuart Murdoch Belle and Sebastian 1996 Indie pop
Doin' the Cockroach Blattodea Modest Mouse Modest Mouse 1997 Indie rock
Lady bug Coleoptera Bumblebee Umlimited 1978 Disco
Butterfly Lepidoptera Jason Mraz Jason Mraz 2008 Pop / Rock
Bugs Insects-general Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam 1994 Rock
All My Friends Are Insects Insects-general Adam Deibert Weezer 2010[5] Rock
Georgia Warhorse Orthoptera JJ Grey & Mofro 2010 Funk rock Named after the Southern Lubber Grasshopper
The Blackfly Song Diptera Wade Hemsworth many artists 1949 Folk Inspired a short animated film, Blackfly.
Mosquito Moan Diptera Blind Lemon Jefferson 1927 Blues
Termite Blattodea Young Thug 2015 Hip hop
Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me Diptera Thomas Brigham Bishop* many artists 1869 Folk The writer of the song is somewhat contentious (see Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me)
Killa Beez Hymenoptera Killa Beez 2002 Hip hop
Wu Killa Beez: The Reemergence Hymenoptera Remedy 1998 Hip hop
Dragonfly Odonata Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley 2003 Reggae
The King Beetle on the Coconut Estate Coleoptera mewithoutyou / Aaron Weiss mewithoutyou 2009 Indie rock
Fireflies Coleoptera Harmony SamuelsD/awn Richard, d/rew Scott Zendaya 2013 Electronica
The Cricket Song Orthoptera Rich O'Toole 2011 Country
Frass Insects-general Renaldo and the Loaf 1981 Experimental The whole album, Songs for Swining Larvae, is inspired by insects.[6]
There Ain't No Bugs On Me Insects-general (Traditional folk song) (Traditional folk song) Unknown Folk There is a popular recording of this song by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman on the album, Not for Kids Only.
Dog and Butterfly Lepidoptera Ann WilsonN/ancy Wilson,  / e Ennis Heart 1978 Folk rock
Hive Hymenoptera Sexton / Nick Hexum / Martinez 311 1995 Rap rock
Red Mosquito Diptera Jeff AmentS/tone Gossardc/k IronsMi /McCreadyEddi /Vedder Pearl Jam 1996 Rock
The Bug Insects-general Mark Knopfler Dire Straits 1991 Rock
I am the Fly Diptera Graham Lewis / Colin Newman Wire 1978 Punk rock
Centipede Chilopoda Rebbie Jackson Centipede (album) 1983 RnB
Human Fly Diptera Lux InteriorIvy Rorschach The Cramps 1979 Punk rock
Fly on the Wall Diptera Miley CyrusA/ntonina Armato, T /m James, v/rim Karaoglu Miley Cyrus 2009 Pop rock
Fly on the Wall Diptera Malcolm YoungA/ngus Young /Brian Johnson ACDC 1983 Rock
Fly on the Wall Diptera The Jesus Lizard The Jesus Lizard 1994 Rock
Fly on a Windshield Diptera Tony Banks Phil Collins Peter Gabriel Steve Hackett Mike Rutherford Genesis 1974 Progressive Rock
Insect Hospital Insects-general They Might Be Giants 2013 Rock
March of the Fire Ants Hymenoptera Mastodon Mastodon 2002 Heavy metal
Beetle Coleoptera Mooi Wark Rock
Beetle in the Box Coleoptera Louis Abbott Admiral Fallow 2012 Indie pop
Black Beetle Pies Coleoptera Trad / arr Flood Bellowhead 2012 Folk
Dragonfly Keeper Odonata Phildel Phildel 2010 Neoclassical Instrumental
Durability Insects-general Tribes of Neurot 2002 Experimental The entire album Adaptation and Survival, on which this track is found, is composed entirely of manipulated insect sounds.
Silverfish Thysanura Sounds of System Breakdown[7] 2013 Electronic music Instrumental
Pediculosis (Mommy, I Have Lice) Phthiraptera Fumigation 2015 Metal
The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard Phthiraptera Guttermouth 1999 Rock
Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice Phthiraptera Thou 2014 Sludge Metal
Love Lice Phthiraptera Fake Shark - Real Zombie! 2009 Rock
Earwigs To Eternity Dermaptera Alice Cooper 2009 Rock
Catfood On The Earwig Dermaptera Guided by Voices 1994 Rock
Earwig Town Lyric Dermaptera Chairlift 2008 Rock
Earwig Dermaptera The Dead Milkmen 1986 Rock
The Louse House of Kilkenny Phthiraptera The Dubliners 1978 Irish folk
Earwig Dermaptera Public Memory 2016 Electronic, Music
Lacewing Neuroptera Lacewing 1970 Rock
Lacewings Neuroptera Alasdair MacLean and The Clientele The Clientele 2014 Indie Pop
Head Lice Phthiraptera 18 Razor Jane 2008 Pop
Locust Orthoptera Robb Flynn/ Philip Demmel Machine Head 2011 Thrash
Cricket Orchestra Orthoptera Smallpeople Smallpeople techno
Crickets Orthoptera Damon Thomas Santo/ Allan Craig Iida/ Christopher Daniel Goodman/ Jonathan Rotem/ Anthony Vincent Cozzo/ Christian Scott Condo Drop City Yacht Club 2013 Hip hop
Crickets Orthoptera Jaron Boyer/ Colt Ford/ Jeffery Don Hyde Colt Ford 2014 Country
Cricketz Orthoptera Earl Benjamin/ Keith Brown/ Dominic Thomas/ Michael Stevenson New Boyz 2009 Hip hop
Cricket On A Line Orthoptera Christopher Wongwon/ Jared Sciullo Riley/ Luther Roderick Campbell/ Justin N. Spillner/ Rhett Akins/ Colt Ford Colt Ford 2010 Country
Crickets Orthoptera Brent Baxter/ Lisa Shaffer/ Bill Whyte Joe Nichols 2013 Country
Bug Rain Insects-general Looper Hip Hop / Rap
Cicada Hemiptera Liam Titcomb 2012 Rock
Sicka Cicadas Hemiptera Kathy Ashworth 2011 Country
Sassy Cicada Hemiptera Kristin Jerger Kristin Jerger Kids English & Spanish language
Stick Insect Song Phasmatodea The Stick Insects 2009 Electronica Instrumental, stick insect animation
Song to the Cicadas Hemiptera The Greenhouse Culture Band, CS Luxem 2015 Collaboration to celebrate the cicada
Aphids Hemiptera Hum 2010 lyrics
Night of the Cicada Hemiptera The People's Republic of Europe 2014 Electronic Netherlands
Mayfly Ephemeroptera Belle & Sebastian 2003 Indie pop
Mayfly Ephemeroptera Rasputina 1998 Rock
Mayfly Ephemeroptera Ben Winship & David Thompson 2009 Acoustic Folk
Mayfly Ephemeroptera Andrew Chalk & Tom James Scott 2013 Electronic
Mayfly Waltz (for Dilly) Ephemeroptera Michael Hoppe various artists 2013 New Age
Flea Siphonaptera Clazziquai 2008 Pop
Flea Brain Siphonaptera Vincent Gene 2005 Country
Flea Fly Siphonaptera Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot Chili Peppers 1994 Rock
Flea Versus MIte Siphonaptera The Presidents of the United States of America The Presidents of the United States of America 2014 Alternative Rock
Sabrina Sabrina, Flea Ballerina Siphonaptera Mr. Billy Mr. Billy 2008 Children's Music
Fifi the Flea Siphonaptera Mary Black Mary Black 2011 New Age
Fifi the Flea Siphonaptera The Hollies The Hollies 1998 Rock
Spanish Flea Siphonaptera Allan Sherman 2005 Miscellaneous
Spanish Flea Siphonaptera Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass 1965 Jazz
Flea in Your Ear Siphonaptera Simian Mobile Disco 2008 Electronic
Madama Butterfly Lepidoptera Giacomo Puccini 1903 Opera
Butterflies and Hurricanes Lepidoptera Muse Muse 2004 Alternative Rock
Butterfly Kisses Lepidoptera Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle 1997 Contemporary
Cockroaches Blattodea Necro Necro 2000 hip-hop
I Hate Cockroaches Blattodea Bananas at Large Bananas at Large 1993 Parody
Butterfly Lepidoptera Bassnectar Bassnectar 2012 Electronic
Termite Blattodea Jungle by Night Jungle by Night 2011 instrumental
The termite song Blattodea The Woodbox Gang The Woodbox Gang 2001 Bluegrass
Odonata Odonata Stuart Masters[8] 2013 Folk Instrumental
Oh, Odonata Odonata The Brave Optimistic 2015 Indie rock Title track of album
The Wasps Hymenoptera Ralph Vaughan Williams   1909 Incidental music For Aristophanes' play The Wasps[9]
Mosquito Diptera Ingrid Michaelson Ingrid Michaelson 2005 Pop
Mosquito Diptera Bomfunk MC Bomfunk MC 2004 Electronic
Mosquito Diptera Franck Langolff Vanessa Paradis 1988 French Pop
Butterfly Bleu Lepidoptera Iron Butterfly Iron Butterfly 1970 Rock
Iron Butterfly Theme Lepidoptera Iron Butterfly Iron Butterfly 1968 Rock
Springtail Boogie Collembola Kenneth Johnston Instrumental Music from the Horsehead Point Community 2007 Rock
Thrips Thysanoptera Egret Sylvie Carpe Diem 2016 Electronic
Airplane Mode Collembola Flobots Survival Story 2010 Rock
Intro with Cicadas Hemiptera The Firefly Choir The Insect Songbook Vol. 1 2016 Electronic Entire album is inspired by various orders of insects.
Flea Bitten Annie Siphonaptera The A-Bones 1993 Garage rock
Dropping Like Flies Diptera The Accüsed 1990 Thrash metal
Scream of the Butterfly Lepidoptera Acid Bath 1994 Sludge metal
Cassie Eats Cockroaches[10] Blattodea Acid Bath 1994 Sludge metal
Ants Invasion Hymenoptera Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Adam and the Ants 1980 New wave
Antmusic Hymenoptera Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Adam and the Ants 1980 New wave
Ant Rap Hymenoptera Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Adam and the Ants 1981 New wave
Rap de las Hormigas Hymenoptera Charly García Charly García 1987 New wave
King Wasp Hymenoptera Add N to (X) 1998 Electroclash
Butterfly Lepidoptera Admiral Bailey 1992 Dancehall
Joanie's Butterfly Lepidoptera Steven Tyler/Jimmy Crespo/Jack Douglas Aerosmith 1982 Hard rock


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