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The following is a list of software frameworks for building installation programs, organized by platform support.


Program Developer Platforms Status License
InstallAnywhere Flexera Software Windows NT, OS X, Unix-like Active Trialware
Installer VISE MindVision Software Windows (Discontinued), OS X Active Trialware
InstallJammer InstallJammer team Windows, Linux, Unix-like Discontinued GPL
wpkg usys team Windows, OS X, Unix-like Active GPL


Name Developer Status License Can build
Windows Installer
EMCO MSI Package Builder EMCO Software Active Trialware Yes; exclusively
Inno Setup Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan Active Free software No
InstallCore IronSource Active Software as a service No
InstallShield Flexera Software Active Trialware Yes
MakeMsi Dennis Bareis Discontinued Freeware Yes; exclusively
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Nullsoft Active zlib License No
Visual Installer SamLogic Active Trialware No
Orca (Part of Windows SDK) Microsoft Active Freeware Yes; exclusively
Wise Wise Solutions, Inc. Discontinued Non-free No
WiX Outercurve Foundation Active CPL Yes; exclusively

Mac OS X[edit]

Program Developer Status License Installer type
Installer for Mac OS X Apple Inc. Active Included with OS X Package manager
Remote Install Mac OS X Apple Inc. Discontinued Included with OS X Package manager

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