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The following is a list of applications for building installation programs, organized by platform support.


Name Developer Platforms Status License
InstallAnywhere Flexera Software Windows NT, macOS, Unix-like Active Trialware
Installer VISE MindVision Software Windows, Mac OS X Active Trialware
InstallJammer InstallJammer team Windows, Linux, Unix-like Discontinued GPL


Name Developer Status License Can build
Windows Installer
Can Capture ?
EMCO MSI Package Builder EMCO Software Active Trialware Yes
IExpress Microsoft (Part of Windows) Active Freeware (proprietary) No
Inno Setup Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan Active Modified BSD license No
Install Creator Clickteam Active Trialware No
InstallCore IronSource Active Software as a service No
InstallShield Flexera Software Active Trialware Yes No
AdminStudio Flexera Software Active Trialware Yes Yes
PACE Suite Infopulse Active Trialware Yes Yes
MakeMsi Dennis Bareis Discontinued Freeware (proprietary) Yes; exclusively
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Nullsoft Active zlib License No
Visual Installer SamLogic Active Trialware No
Orca (Part of Windows SDK) Microsoft Active Freeware (proprietary) Yes; exclusively
Wise Wise Solutions, Inc. Discontinued Non-free No
WiX Outercurve Foundation Active Ms-RL (previously CPL) Yes; exclusively


Name Developer Status License
Installer Apple Inc. Active Included with macOS
Remote Install Mac OS X Apple Inc. Discontinued Included with Mac OS X


Name Developer Status License
InstallerLG Ola Söder Active GPL
Installer Commodore International Discontinued Included with AmigaOS

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