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A ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization, in the Palace of Nations (Geneva, Switzerland).

The following is a list of the major existing intergovernmental organizations (IGOs).

For a more complete listing, see the Yearbook of International Organizations,[1] which includes 25,000 international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), excluding for-profit enterprises, about 5,000 IGOs, and lists dormant and dead organizations as well as those in operation (figures as of the 400th edition, 2012/13). A 2020 academic dataset on international organizations included 561 intergovernmental organizations between 1815 and 2015; more than one-third of those IGOs ended up defunct.[2]

United Nations and agencies[edit]

The UN has six principal organs:

The UN also includes various Funds, Programmes and specialized agencies:

The UN also includes subsidiary organs:

Agricultural research organizations[edit]

Fisheries organizations[edit]

Maritime organizations[edit]

Financial, trade, and customs organizations[edit]

Regional organizations[edit]

Organisations grouping almost all the countries in their respective continents. Note that Cuba is a suspended member of the Organization of American States (OAS).
Several smaller regional organizations with non-overlapping memberships.
Several non-overlapping large alliances. Softer colours indicate observer/associate or candidate countries.






Military alliances[edit]

Cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious organizations[edit]

Educational organizations and universities[edit]

Law enforcement cooperation[edit]


Humanitarian organizations[edit]

Environmental organizations[edit]

Arms control[edit]

Energy organizations[edit]

Multi sector organizations[edit]

Nuclear power organizations[edit]

Sustainable energy organizations[edit]

Digital organizations[edit]

Ideological and political groupings[edit]




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