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This is a list of interstellar radio messages.

Classification of interstellar radio messages (IRMs)[edit]

There are eleven realized IRM projects:

"Across the Universe", "Hello From Earth" and "A Simple Response to an Elemental Message" are not always considered serious. The first two of them were sent to Polaris, which is 431 light years distant from us and whose planetary system, even if it exists, may not be suited for life, because it is a supergiant star, spectral type F7Ib which is only 70 million years old.[4] In addition, both transmission rates were very high, about 128 kbit/s, for such moderate transmitter power (about 18 kW). The main defect of the "Hello From Earth" is an insufficient scientific and technical justification, since no famous SETI scientist made statements with validation of HFE's design. As it follows from [1]: "After the final message was collected on Monday 24 August 2009, messages were exported as a text file and sent to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, where they were encoded into binary, packaged and tested before transmission", but nobody explained why he hopes that such encoded and packaged text will be understood and conceived by possible extraterrestrials.

Some use the term Active SETI Project, but Alexander Zaitsev, who was a scientific head of composing and transmissions of Cosmic Call 1999 & 2003, and Teen Age Message 2001, and a scientific consultant of A Message From Earth, emphasized that he considers above IRMs as the METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Projects).

These seven messages have targeted stars between 20 and 69 light-years from the Earth. The exception is the Arecibo message, which targeted globular cluster M13, approximately 24,000 light-years away. The first message to reach its destination will be A Message From Earth, which should reach the Gliese 581 planetary system in Libra in 2029.

On 13 February 2015, scientists (including Geoffrey Marcy, Seth Shostak, Frank Drake, Elon Musk and David Brin) at a convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, discussed Active SETI and whether transmitting a message to possible intelligent extraterrestrials in the Cosmos was a good idea;[5][6] one result was a statement, (which was not signed by Seth Shostak or Frank Drake), that a "worldwide scientific, political and humanitarian discussion must occur before any message is sent".[7]

Current transmissions en route[edit]

Stars to which messages were sent include:

Star Designation Constellation Date sent Arrival date Message
Messier 13 NGC 6205 Hercules 1974-11-16November 16, 1974 approx. 25974 Arecibo message
16 Cyg A HD 186408 Cygnus 1999-05-24May 24, 1999 2069-11November 2069 Cosmic Call 1
15 Sge HD 190406 Sagitta 1999-06-30June 30, 1999 2057-02February 2057
? HD 178428 Sagitta 1999-06-30June 30, 1999 2067-10October 2067
Gl 777 HD 190360 Cygnus 1999-07-01July 1, 1999 2051-04April 2051
? HD 197076 Delphinus 2000-08-29August 29, 2001 2070-02February 2070 Teen Age Message
47 UMa HD 95128 Ursa Major 2001-09-03September 3, 2001 2047-07July 2047
37 Gem HD 50692 Gemini 2001-09-03September 3, 2001 2057-12December 2057
? HD 126053 Virgo 2001-09-03September 3, 2001 2059-12January 2059
? HD 76151 Hydra 2001-09-04September 4, 2001 2057-05May 2057
? HD 193664 Draco 2001-09-04September 4, 2001 2059-01January 2059
? HIP 4872 Cassiopeia 2003-07-06July 6, 2003 2036-04April 2036 Cosmic Call 2
? HD 245409 Orion 2003-07-06July 6, 2003 2040-08August 2040
55 Cnc HD 75732 Cancer 2003-07-06July 6, 2003 2044-05May 2044
? HD 10307 Andromeda 2003-07-06July 6, 2003 2044-09September 2044
47 UMa HD 95128 Ursa Major 2003-07-06July 6, 2003 2049-05May 2049
Polaris HIP 11767 Ursa Minor 2008-10-09February 4, 2008 24392439 Across the Universe
Gliese 581 HIP 74995 Libra 2008-10-09October 9, 2008 20292029 A Message From Earth
Gliese 581 HIP 74995 Libra 2008-10-09August 28, 2009 20302030 Hello From Earth
Polaris HIP 11767 Ursa Minor 2008-10-09October 10, 2016 24502450 A Simple Response to an Elemental Message

Along with serious IRM projects, a bulk of pseudo-METI[8] projects also exist:


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