List of islands in the Atlantic Ocean

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The IHO limits of the Atlantic Ocean

This is a list of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the largest of which is Great Britain. Note that the IHO definition of the ocean excludes the seas, gulfs, bays, etc., bordering the ocean itself.[1] Thus, for instance, not all of the islands of the United Kingdom are actually in or bordering on the Atlantic. For reference, islands in gulfs and seas are included in a separate section. Oceanic islands are formed by seamounts rising from the ocean floor with peaks above the surface of the ocean, and are not parts of continental tectonic plates.

List by region[edit]

North Atlantic Ocean[edit]




South Atlantic Ocean[edit]

Antarctic region[edit]

In gulfs and seas[edit]

Within the Caribbean Sea:

Within the Gulf of Guinea:

Within the Greenland Sea:

Within the Norwegian Sea:



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