List of islands in the Danube

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This is a list of islands in the Danube River.

Name Location Area (km2) Population Notes Image Map
Ada Kaleh Romania / Serbia (0.7) (1,000~) Submerged in 1970 by Iron Gate dam;
Turkish exclave until 1923.
Ada-Kaleh.jpg Map of Ada Kaleh, early modern period.jpg
Ada Huja Belgrade, Serbia 5 200~ Peninsula since the 1950s
Balta Ialomiţei Romania 831
Belene Island Bulgaria 41 One-time location of Belene labour camp. - Belene Island map.svg
Čakljanac Pančevo, Serbia - - - Panĉevo, Danubo kaj Tamiŝ 1.jpg
Ciocăneşti Island Romania - - - - Ostrovul Ciocanesti.png
Copanița Island Romania / Bulgaria 5~
Csepel Island Budapest & Pest C., Hungary 257 170,000 - - Insula Csepel 2.png
Danube Delta Romania 2,500~
(total area)
Two large landmasses and several smaller islands between the various arms and channels of the delta –
– North part (old names, 1867 - Leti & Tschatal islands)
– South part (old names, 1867 - S. Georg & Moische islands);
– (now part of the mainland - Dranova island);
– smaller islands (some bordering Ukraine) - incl.: Tătaru, Babina, Maican, Sacalin
Donauinsel Vienna, Austria 4 Artificial, created 1970s.
Dranova Island Romania (Danube Delta)
Forkontumac Serbia - - - Panĉevo, Danubo kaj Tamiŝ 1.jpg
Great Brăila Island Romania 710 5,000 - The Great Braila Island.jpg
Great War Island Belgrade, Serbia 2 At the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Lido veliko ratno ostrvo.jpg Great War Island.png
Kaisermühlen(de)Bruckhaufen(de) Vienna, Austria 8 20,000~ Peninsula between the New Danube arm and the Old Danube(de) lake – until the late 19th Century, it consisted of several large, marshy islands.
Kamenička ada Serbia
Koviljski rit Serbia 20~
Kožara Belgrade, Serbia 0.44 0
Kozloduy Island Bulgaria 6
Krčedinska ada Serbia
LeopoldstadtBrigittenau Vienna, Austria 25 180,000 Between the Danube and Danube Canal – until the late 19th Century, it consisted of what was then North Vienna and many small, marshy islands.
Luppa-sziget Budapest, Hungary
Maican Island Ukraine
Margaret Island Budapest, Hungary 1
Népsziget Budapest, Hungary 0.5 Turned into a peninsula.
Óbuda Island Budapest, Hungary 1 Hosts the annual Sziget Festival.
Ostrovo, Veliko Gradište Serbia
Ostrovul Calnovăţ Romania
Ostrovul Mare, Islaz Romania
Ostrvo (Kostolac) Serbia 60~
Petrovaradinska ada Novi Sad, Serbia
Ribarsko Ostrvo Serbia
Šarengrad Island Croatia / Serbia 5 - - Sarengradska Ada.png
Sfântu Gheorghe Island Romania
Sihoť Bratislava, Slovakia 2.35 Protected water source.
Štefanac Pančevo, Serbia
Szentendre Island Szentendre, Hungary 56
Szigetköz Hungary 375 - - HU microregion 2.1.11. Szigetköz.png
Vardim Island Bulgaria 5~
Višnjička ada Belgrade, Serbia
Vukovar Island Croatia / Serbia 2
Žitný ostrov Slovakia 1,886 72,000~ Largest river island in Europe.

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