List of islands in the Persian Gulf

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Persian Gulf is home to many islands, mostly small, distributed in the gulf's entire geographic area and administered by the neighbouring nations. Most islands are sparsely populated, with some being barren, and some utilized for communication, military, or as ship docks. Some of the islands in the Persian Gulf are artificially constructed islands. The artificial islands often serve as tourist resorts, housing developments, or hotels. Despite their small sizes, some of these artificial islands have caused serious hazards for the already fragile ecosystem of the gulf and its dwindling widlife mass. A few of the Persian Gulf island are also historically significant, having been utilized by the ancient Persian empires, neighbouring kingdoms, and in the recent times, colonial powers such as the British empire, and the Portuguese empire. Recent globalization, and discovery of oil, has made some of the Persian Gulf islands very significant for developed nations as a source of oil and raw industrial material. Recent wars, and political unrest has also made these islands strategic military locations for foreign powers from America and Europe.

Some Persian Gulf islands are nations themselves; Bahrain, a recently independent Persian Gulf state, is the only Persian Gulf country, which is also an island. The biggest island geographically however, is the Qeshm island which is part of the Iranian province of Hormozgan. The following is the list of the most important islands, and the countries that administer them respectively:




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United Arab Emirates[edit]