List of islands in the South China Sea

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Islands in the South China Sea includes the South China Sea Islands (Spratly Islands, Pratas Islands, Paracel Islands and Macclesfield Bank), islands on the China coast, on the Vietnam coast, on the Borneo coast, and the peripheral islands of Taiwan, the Philippines, etc.

South China Sea Islands[edit]

Islands on the southern coast of China[edit]

Islands of Guangdong[edit]

Islands of Hong Kong[edit]

See Islands and Peninsulas of Hong Kong for a full list.

Islands of Macau[edit]

Ilha Verde is connected to the Macao Peninsula as a result of land reclamation. Ilha de Coloane and Ilha da Taipa are connected (to each other), also as a result of land reclamation.

Islands of Guangxi[edit]

Islands of Hainan[edit]

Islands in the Taiwan Strait[edit]

Disputed islands[edit]

Pratas Islands[edit]

Main article: Pratas Islands

Administered as part of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Republic of China

Macclesfield Bank[edit]

Main article: Macclesfield Bank

There are no islands, nor any land above sea-level, in the Macclesfield Bank.

In conjunction with the Scarborough Shoal, which also contains no islands, the PRC refer to the combined area as the Zhongsha Islands, a strange choice of name given that it contains no islands.

Paracel Islands[edit]

Main article: Paracel Islands

See Paracel Islands#List of all geographical entities with Chinese and Vietnamese names for a complete list.
The Paracel Islands are occupied by the People's Republic of China (PRC), and claimed by the PRC, the ROC (Taiwan), and Vietnam.

Amphitrite Group Crescent Group Ungrouped

Scarborough Shoal[edit]

Main article: Scarborough Shoal

Spratly Islands[edit]

Main article: Spratly Islands

See also List of maritime features in the Spratly Islands The Spratly Islands were, in 1939, fourteen coral islets mostly inhabited by countless seabirds.[1] According to a Chinese 1986 source, the Spratly Islands consist of 14 islands or islets, 6 banks, 113 submerged reefs, 35 underwater banks, 21 underwater shoals.[2] The 14 islands are all of the same nature. They are cays (or keys); sand islands formed on old degraded and submerged coral reefs.[1]

Taiwan (ROC) Philippines Vietnam

Reefs and artificial islands[edit]

Note that, according PRC, in the Spratly Islands area, the definition of "island" is applied very liberally to reefs and artificial islands. There are in fact only about a dozen islands with an area greater than 1 hectare.[citation needed]

Taiwan (ROC) China (PRC) Philippines Vietnam Malaysia Others

Islands on the eastern coast of Vietnam[edit]

Islands on the western coast of the Philippines[edit]

Islands in the Gulf of Siam[edit]

Islands on the coast of Malay Peninsula[edit]

Islands of Borneo[edit]

Islands of Indonesia[edit]

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