List of islands of the Comoros

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Map of the Comoros

This is a list of islands of the Comoros.

Major islands[edit]

The three islands under the control of the Comoros have the status of autonomous islands (formerly governorates).

Minor islands[edit]

  • Ajangua Islands
  • Angaziga
  • Aombe
  • Bambo Island
  • Bandeli
  • Buni
  • Buzi
  • Cacazou
  • Canzuni
  • Chissioua Bouelachamba
  • Chissioua Bouelamahombe
  • Chissioua Bouelamanga
  • Chissioua Bouelamiradji
  • Chissioua Chandzi
  • Chissioua Chikoundou
  • Chissioua Dzaha
  • Chissioua Foro
  • Chissioua Gnandza
  • Chissioua Magnougni
  • Chissioua Mbougo

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