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The four main islands of Japan are

Japan also has over 6,000 smaller islands, of which over 430 are inhabited.[4]

List of smaller islands of Japan[edit]

Hokkaido prefecture[edit]

Islands off Honshu in the Sea of Japan[edit]

Islands in Tokyo Bay (artificial islands)[edit]

Islands in Osaka Bay (artificial islands)[edit]

Islands in Ise Bay[edit]

Islands in the Pacific Ocean[edit]

Islands around Kyushu[edit]

Most of these are located in the East China Sea.

Ryukyu Islands (Nansei-shotō)[edit]

Satsunan Islands[edit]

The northern half is administratively part of Kagoshima Prefecture and Kyushu.

Ōsumi Islands[edit]

The North-Eastern Group:

The North-Western Group:

Tokara Islands[edit]

The Shichi-tō:

Amami Islands[edit]

Ryukyu Islands (Ryūkyū-shotō)[edit]

The Southern Half, Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa Islands[edit]

The Central Group or Ryukyu proper:

Sakishima Islands[edit]

Also known as the Further Isles:

Islands in the Inland Sea[edit]

Islands in lakes[edit]

Other artificial islands[edit]

Claims but does not control[edit]

The Northern Territories[edit]

There are the four disputed Kuril Islands, also known as the Chishima Islands.[16]


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