List of islands of Palau

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A list of inhabited islands of the Republic of Palau, located in the eastern Caroline Islands Archipelago.

The islands are within the Micronesia region of Oceania, in the western Pacific Ocean.


Name Population Area (square kilometer) State
Angaur (Island) 130 8.06 Angaur (State)
Babeldaob (Island) 5125 368 Multiple states
Kayangel (Island) 76 1.682 Kayangel
Ngerekebesang Island 1,778 2.44 Koror
Oreor (Island) 9800 9.3 Koror
Peleliu (Island) 500 18.5 Peleliu (State)
Sonsorol (Island) 42 3.1 Sonsorol (State)
Tobi (Island) 7 0.84 Hatohobei
Malakal Island 85 0.861 Koror
Ngercheu 20 1.098 Peleliu (State)

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