List of islands of Papua New Guinea

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Map of Papua New Guinea

This is a List of islands in Papua New Guinea, presented by Province and approximately from Northwest to Southeast. There are some 600 islands in the country.[1]

Numbered provinces in Papua New Guinea, referred to in the text

East Sepik Province[edit]

(No. 5 on the map)

West Sepik Province[edit]

Manus Province[edit]

(No. 9 on the map)

The Admiralty Islands

New Ireland Province[edit]

(No. 12 on the map)

West New Britain Province[edit]

(No. 18 on the map)

East New Britain Province[edit]

Rabaul, former capital of East New Britain province, with the Tarvurvur volcano

(No. 4 on the map)

Madang Province[edit]

(No 8 on the map)

Morobe Province[edit]

(No. 11 on the map)

Autonomous Region of Bougainville[edit]

(No. 14 on map)

Western Province[edit]

(No. 16 on map)

The islands of the Fly River Delta, including Kiwai, Purutu and Wabuda

National Capital District[edit]

(No. 20 on map)

Milne Bay Province[edit]

A "soul boat" from Kiriwina in the Trobriand Islands

(No. 10 on the map)

The D'Entrecasteaux Islands
The Louisiade Archipelago
Samarai was at one time an important commercial centre. This photo is from 1906.


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