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Regions of Portugal

This is a list of Islands of Portugal, including islets (Portuguese: ilhéu or ilhote). The islands (Portuguese: Ilha) are listed by region.[1][2]

Continental Portugal[edit]

Algarve Region[edit]

Islands in the Algarve Region include:

Alentejo Region[edit]

The islands in the Alentejo Region include:

Central Region[edit]

Islands in the Central Region include:

Berlengas archipelago

In addition, the archipelago of the Berlengas includes one island and a two-islet group:

North Region[edit]

The North Region includes the following islands:

Azores archipelago[edit]

Map of the Azores

The archipelago of the Azores is politically organized as an autonomous region and includes nine islands and the Formigas islet group:

Madeira Archipelago[edit]

Map of the Madeira archipelgo

The archipelago of Madeira is politically organized as an autonomous region and includes two principal islands and two minor island groups:

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