List of islands of Prince Edward Island

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The main island of Prince Edward Island is surrounded by smaller islands.

This is a list of islands (besides the main island) of the Atlantic Canadian province of Prince Edward Island:

  • Boughton Island, 240 hectares (593 acres), third largest overall, uninhabited but popular for day visits for hiking and picknicking
  • Bunbury Island
  • Cascumpeque Sand Hills
  • Conway Sand Hills
  • George Island
  • Glenfinnan Island
  • Governors Island, 32 hectares (79 acres), privately owned
  • Grover (Ram) Island
  • Holman Island
  • Malpeque Bay Islands
    • Mary Fraser Island
    • Courtin Island
    • Little Courtin Island
    • Little Rock
    • Ram Island
    • Bird Island
    • Lennox Island, home of the Lennox Island First Nation of the Mi'kmaq people, at risk of loss of 50% of land area due to erosion by 2065
    • Hog Island, a barrier island forming the northern boundary of Malpeque Bay
    • Fish Island, a section of Hog Island that occasionally separates/joins due to erosion and accretion
  • Murray Islands, a group of islands within Murray Harbour
    • Cherry Island
    • Gordons Island
    • Herring Island
    • Reynolds Island
    • Thomas Island
  • Oultons Island
  • Panmure Island, 324 hectares (801 acres), red sandstone with sandy beaches, home of a community of the same name and Panmure Island Provincial Park
  • Robinson's Island
  • St. Peter's Island