List of judges of the Supreme Court of Missouri

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The following is a list of all of the individuals who have served on the Supreme Court of Missouri.

Missouri’s Supreme Court had three judges from 1820 until 1872, when it was increased to five. In 1890 the number of judges was increased to seven, which is still the standard.

Only the Chief Justice is referred to as “justice” while other members are referred to as “judge.” The chief justice is typically elected to a two-year term on a rotating basis by a vote of the Supreme Court judges.[1]

Name County Term as Justice
McGirk, MathiasMathias McGirk Montgomery 1821–1841
Cook, John DillarJohn Dillar Cook Cape Girardeau 1821–1823
Jones, John RiceJohn Rice Jones Washington 1821–1824
Pettibone, RufusRufus Pettibone St. Louis 1823–1825
Tompkins, GeorgeGeorge Tompkins Howard 1824–1845
Wash, RobertRobert Wash St. Louis 1825–1827
Edwards, John CumminsJohn Cummins Edwards Cole 1837–1839
Napton, William BarclayWilliam Barclay Napton Saline 1839–1849
Scott, WilliamWilliam Scott Cole 1841–1843
McBride, Priestly HagginPriestly Haggin McBride Monroe 1845–1848
Ryland, John FergusonJohn Ferguson Ryland Lafayette 1849
Birch, James HarveyJames Harvey Birch Clinton 1849
Birch, James HarveyJames Harvey Birch Clinton 1850–1851
Ryland, John FergusonJohn Ferguson Ryland Lafayette 1850–1857
Gamble, Hamilton RowanHamilton Rowan Gamble St. Louis 1850–1855
Scott, WilliamWilliam Scott Cole 1851–1862
Leonard, AbielAbiel Leonard Howard 1855–1857
Richardson, John CrowleyJohn Crowley Richardson St. Louis 1857–1859
Napton, William BarclayWilliam Barclay Napton Saline 1857–1861
Ewing, Ephraim BrevardEphraim Brevard Ewing Ray 1859–1861
Bates, BartonBarton Bates St. Charles 1862–1865
Dryden, John D. S.John D. S. Dryden Marion 1862–1865
Wagner, DavidDavid Wagner Lewis 1865–1877
Lovelace, Walter L.Walter L. Lovelace Montgomery 1865–1866
Holmes, NathanielNathaniel Holmes St. Louis 1865–1868
Flagg, Thomas James ClarkThomas James Clark Flagg Pike 1866–1868
Baker, JamesJames Baker Greene 1868
Bliss, PhilemonPhilemon Bliss Buchanan 1868–1872
Currier, WarrenWarren Currier St. Louis 1868–1872
Adams, WashingtonWashington Adams Cooper 1871–1874
Napton, William BarclayWilliam Barclay Napton Saline 1873–1880
Ewing, Ephraim BrevardEphraim Brevard Ewing Ray 1873
Vories, Henry M.Henry M. Vories Buchanan 1873–1876
Sherwood, Thomas AdielThomas Adiel Sherwood Greene 1873–1902
Lewis, Edward AugustusEdward Augustus Lewis St. Louis 1874
Hough, WarwickWarwick Hough Jackson 1875–1884
Norton, Elijah HiseElijah Hise Norton Platte 1877–1888
Henry, John WardJohn Ward Henry Macon 1876–1888
Ray, Robert D.Robert D. Ray Carroll 1881–1890
Black, Francis MarionFrancis Marion Black Jackson 1885–1894
Brace, TheodoreTheodore Brace Monroe 1887–1907
Barclay, ShephardShephard Barclay St. Louis 1889–1898
Gantt, James BrittonJames Britton Gantt Henry 1891–1910
Thomas, John LilburnJohn Lilburn Thomas Jefferson 1890–1892
MacFarlane, George BennettGeorge Bennett MacFarlane Audrain 1890–1898
Burgess, Gavon DrummondGavon Drummond Burgess Linn 1893–1910
Robinson, Waltour MossWaltour Moss Robinson Jasper 1895–1904
Williams, William MuirWilliam Muir Williams Cooper 1898
Marshall, William ChampeWilliam Champe Marshall St. Louis 1899–1906
Valliant, Leroy D.Leroy D. Valliant St. Louis 1899–1912
Fox, James DavidJames David Fox Madison 1903–1910
Lamm, HenryHenry Lamm Pettis 1905–1914
Graves, Waller WashingtonWaller Washington Graves Bates 1906–1928
Woodson, Archelaus MariusArchelaus Marius Woodson Buchanan 1907–1925
Ferriss, FranklinFranklin Ferriss St. Louis 1910–1912
Kennish, JohnJohn Kennish Jackson 1910–1913
Brown, John ChiltonJohn Chilton Brown Carter 1911–1915
Bond, Henry WhitelawHenry Whitelaw Bond St. Louis 1913–1919
Faris, Charles BreckenridgeCharles Breckenridge Faris Pemiscot 1913–1919
Walker, Robert FranklinRobert Franklin Walker Morgan 1913–1930
Blair, James ThomasJames Thomas Blair DeKalb 1915–1924
Revelle, Charles G.Charles G. Revelle St. Francois 1915–1916
Williams, Fred LincolnFred Lincoln Williams Jasper 1917–1920
Williamson, John IsaacJohn Isaac Williamson Jackson 1919–1920
Goode, Richard LivingstonRichard Livingston Goode St. Louis 1919–1922
Elder, ConwayConway Elder St. Louis 1921–1922
Higbee, EdwardEdward Higbee Adair 1921–1922
Blair, David ElmoreDavid Elmore Blair Jasper 1921–1930
Ragland, William T.William T. Ragland Monroe 1919–1932
White, John TurnerJohn Turner White Greene 1923–1932
Atwood, Frank ElyFrank Ely Atwood Carroll 1925–1934
Otto, Robert WilliamRobert William Otto Franklin 1925–1926
Gantt, Ernest S.Ernest S. Gantt Audrain 1927–1946
Gentry, North ToddNorth Todd Gentry Boone 1928
Frank, William FrancisWilliam Francis Frank Adair 1929–1938
Henwood, BerrymanBerryman Henwood Marion 1930–1932
Ellison, George RobbGeorge Robb Ellison Nodaway 1931–1955
Hays, Charles ThomasCharles Thomas Hays Marion 1933–1942
Burney, Clarence AlexanderClarence Alexander Burney Jackson 1933
Tipton, Ernest MossErnest Moss Tipton Jackson 1933–1955
Leedy, Jr., Charles A.Charles A. Leedy, Jr. Jackson 1933–1964
Coles, Walter D.Walter D. Coles St. Louis 1935
Collet, John CaskieJohn Caskie Collet Chariton 1935–1937
Douglas, James MarshJames Marsh Douglas St. Louis 1937–1949
Lucas, Raymond B.Raymond B. Lucas Scott 1938
Clark, Albert M.Albert M. Clark Ray 1939–1950
Hyde, Laurance M.Laurance M. Hyde Mercer 1943–1966
Conkling, Roscoe P.Roscoe P. Conkling Buchanan 1947–1954
Dalton, Sidna PoageSidna Poage Dalton Cape Girardeau 1950–1965
Hollingsworth, FrankFrank Hollingsworth Audrain 1950–1964
Westhues, Henry J.Henry J. Westhues Howard 1954–1963
Eager, Henry I.Henry I. Eager Jackson 1955–1968
Storckman, Clem F.Clem F. Storckman St. Louis City 1955–1970
Holman, LawrenceLawrence Holman Randolph 1963–1977
Henley, Fred L.Fred L. Henley Pemiscot 1964–1978
Finch, Jr., James A.James A. Finch, Jr. Cape Girardeau 1965–1978
Donnelly, Robert TrueRobert True Donnelly Laclede 1965–1988
Seiler, Robert EldridgeRobert Eldridge Seiler Jasper 1967–1982
Morgan, June P. (J. P.)June P. (J. P.) Morgan Livingston 1969–1982
Bardgett, John E.John E. Bardgett St. Louis 1970–1982
Rendlen, Albert L.Albert L. Rendlen Marion 1977–1992
Simeone, Joseph J.Joseph J. Simeone St. Louis 1978–1979
Welliver, Warren DeeWarren Dee Welliver Boone 1979–1989
Higgins, Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson Higgins Platte 1979–1991
Gunn, Jr., George F.George F. Gunn, Jr. St. Louis 1982–1985
Billings, William HowardWilliam Howard Billings Dunklin 1982–1991
Blackmar, Charles BlakeyCharles Blakey Blackmar St. Louis 1982–1992
Robertson, Jr., Edward D.Edward D. Robertson, Jr. Cole 1985–1998
Covington, Ann K.Ann K. Covington Boone 1989–2001
Holstein, John C.John C. Holstein Howell 1989–2002
Benton, William DuaneWilliam Duane Benton Cole 1991–2004
Thomas, Elwood L.Elwood L. Thomas Clay 1991–1995
Price, Jr., William RayWilliam Ray Price, Jr. Jackson 1992-2012
Limbaugh, Jr., Stephen N.Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr. Cape Girardeau 1992–2008
White, Ronnie L.Ronnie L. White St. Louis 1995–2007
Wolff, Michael A.Michael A. Wolff St. Louis 1998–2011
Stith, Laura DenvirLaura Denvir Stith Jackson 2001-present
Teitelman, Richard B.Richard B. Teitelman St. Louis City 2002–2016
Russell, Mary RhodesMary Rhodes Russell Marion 2004-present
Breckenridge, PatriciaPatricia Breckenridge Vernon 2007-present
Fischer, ZelZel Fischer Atchison 2008-present
Draper, III, George W.George W. Draper, III St. Louis 2011-present
Wilson, Paul C.Paul C. Wilson Boone 2012-present


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