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A juggler is a person who practices object manipulation for entertainment, sport or recreation. Famous professional jugglers have come from many countries and have performed their skills live in circuses, variety theatres, casinos, cruise ships, festivals, street venues and on television. This list shows notable jugglers for reasons of success as a professional performer, world record holder, official competition winner or inventor of patterns or tricks.




Wilfred Dubois (b. 1892)

Czech Republic[edit]



  • Trixie - known as 'the first lady of juggling'. Appearance on stage and film.[2][3]


  • Enrico Rastelli - a former holder of multiple world records. Considered by many to be the greatest juggler in history.


  • Niels Duinker - comedy juggler and holder of multiple Guinness World Records.

Russia (or the former USSR)[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Alex Barron - holds multiple ball numbers juggling world records
  • Sean Gandini - holds multiple ring passing numbers juggling world records
  • Rod Laver - notable for ping pong ball juggling routine. Numerous appearances on stage and television worldwide.
  • Haggis and Charlie - juggling performers, teachers and authors. Appearances at festivals, stage and television.[6] See Charlie Dancey books below in 'Further reading'.
  • Steve Rawlings - many appearances on stage and television.[7]

United States[edit]


Further reading[edit]

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