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Listed below are people killed by nonmilitary law enforcement officers in Germany, whether in the line of duty or not, and regardless of reason or method. Inclusion in the lists implies neither wrongdoing nor justification on the part of the person killed or the officer involved. The listing merely documents the occurrence of a death. The list below is not complete.


year number of
number of
fired on persons[3]
1952 31 minimum (u. a. Philipp Müller)
1963 4 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1964 2 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1965 6 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1966 4 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1967 2 min (Benno Ohnesorg, otherwise NRW and Hessen only)
1968 5 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1969 2 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1970 7 min (NRW and Hessen only)
1971 4 min (u.a. Petra Schelm, Georg von Rauch)
1972 4 min (u.a. Thomas Weisbecker, Ian McLeod, Richard Epple, Duifhus)
1973 5 min (Erich Dobhardt)
1974 10 (u.a. Günter Jendrian)
1975 13 (u.a. Werner Sauber)
1976 8 141
1977 17 (u.a. Helmut Schlaudraff) 160
1978 8 (u.a. Willi-Peter Stoll, Michael Knoll) 111
1979 11 104
1980 16 (u.a. Manfred Perder) 111
1981 17 93
1982 11 (u.a. Jürgen Bergbauer) 125
1983 24 53
1984 6
1985 10
1986 12
1987 7 92
1988 8 114
1989 10 102
1990 10 162
1991 9 271
1992 12 315
1993 16 307
1994 10 268
1995 21 221
1996 9 163
1997 10 172
1998 8
1999 15
2000 6
2001 6
2002 6
2003 3
2004 9
2005 4
2006 6
2007[4] 12[5] 46
2008[6] 10 37
2009[7] 6 57[8]
2010[9] 8 47
2011[10][11] 6 36[12]
2012[13] 8 36[14]
2013[1] 8 42
2014[15] 7 46
Sum 491 minimum 2452

The numbers before 1978 can not directly compared to the later numbers. The list was compiled 1997 for the first time, and the legal limit to keep records is 20 years. So some files may have been destroyed. The numbers do not include suicide.



Name Age Place State Summary of events
2015-03-11 N.N. 48 Memmingen  Bavaria The police wanted to arrest the man who was sentenced to one year in prison. When the six officers approached him, he drew a knife. Through the shot, the man suffered life-threatening injuries to the trunk and died later in hospital.[16]
2015-09-17 Rafik Yousef 41 Spandau  Berlin Police were called by citizens who reported a “madman with a knife”. As the first police officer to arrive at the scene emerged from her vehicle, Yousef attacked, stabbing her in the neck just above her protective vest. Her partner immediately drew his gun and shot the knife-wielding man four times.


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2014-07-25 B., André 33 Burghausen  Bavaria Two plainclothes police officers tried to arrest a convicted cannabis dealer near his flat. The man attempted to flee from the policemen and was shot in the back of the head.[17]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2013-06-28 F., Manuel 31 Berlin  Berlin A man claimed to be mentally ill stripped off his clothes, climbed naked into a fountain, brandished a knife and cut himself. After police arrived at the scene to arrest the man, he walked towards one of the officers with the knife drawn. When the man did not stop after being requested to, the officer fired one shot, killing him.[18]
2013-06-07 N.N. 71 Starnberg  Bavaria A mentally ill man drew a knife in front of a police station; he was then shot seven times by three police officers.[19]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2012-10-06 Conrad, André 50 Berlin  Berlin A man had been reported to walk around with a knife and an axe. He has been claimed to have attacked police officers. According to the police, he ignored all commands and did not respond to mace. He was then shot multiple times, and died two weeks later.[20]
2012-08-01 N.N. 51 Elsfleth  Lower Saxony A man claimed to be mentally ill was visited by the social-psychiatric service of the district (German: Sozialpsychiatrischer Dienst), which requested police support. It is claimed that when the door was opened, the man immediately attacked one of the two police officers. The other officer is said to have fired multiple shots, mortally wounding the man.[21] Investigations against the shooter are pending.[22]
2012-05-07 N.N. 47 Aichach  Bavaria Perpetrator shot after attacking his neighbor and responding police officers with an axe.[23]
2012-02-26 N.N. 57 Maintal-Bischofsheim  Hesse A man was claimed to be throwing bottles from his flat onto the street and causing a disturbance. Police forced entry into the apartment of the man, who is said to have threatened the officers with knives. Police fired several shots, killing the man. The investigation by the prosecutor against the officers was dropped.[24]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2011-10-26 N.N. 47 Cuxhaven  Lower Saxony A man who was claimed to have "rampaged", attacked and threatened people in an administration building in the District of Cuxhaven was shot by one of the responding officers. The killed person is claimed to have approached the police with an iron bar. The prosecutor dropped the investigations against the 25-year-old police officer.[25]
2011-08-24 H., Andrea 53 Berlin  Berlin Andrea H., who was claimed to be mentally ill, was supposed to be compulsorily committed to a psychiatric hospital. It is claimed that she fought against this using a knife and injuring an officer, after which a colleague of the injured officer shot her.[26]
2011-05-19 Schwundeck, Christy 39 Frankfurt  Hesse Christy Schwundeck, a Nigerian-born, German-naturalized woman whose marriage had broken up and who had a history of depression, was rejected monetary assistance in Frankfurt Jobcenter and was requested to leave. She refused and the police was called in. Two officers, a 30-year-old male and a 28-year-old female, were confronted by the woman, who injured the male officer with a machete. The female officer pointed her service pistol at Christy Schwundeck and, after several verbal warnings and a threatening movement by the suspect towards the officer, the latter shot her. Christy Schwundeck died later in hospital. The case against the female officer has been dropped in spite of a formal request by Christy Schwundeck's relatives to re-open it.[27]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2010-12-30 49 München  Bavaria A woman threatened a police officer with a knife. After she did not react to pepper spray, the officer fired a shot, killing her.[28]
2010-12-10 N.N. 40 Karlsruhe  Baden-Württemberg After a successful bank robbery at a Volksbank the so called "gentlemen robbers" opened fire on the arriving police. During the following shoot-out with the police, the male robber from Czech Republic was killed by the police while his 38 years old wife shot herself.[29][30]
2010-09-19 R., Sabine 41 Lörrach  Baden-Württemberg During the 2010 Lörrach hospital shooting 41-year-old lawyer Sabine R. killed her husband, son, a male nurse and injured 18 people. She was shot by the police.


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2009-04-30 Eisenberg, Tennessee 24 Regensburg  Bavaria A flatmate of student Tennessee Eisenberg called police about him acting madly and making stabbing motions towards his flatmates. Four police cars showed up, with several officers confronting Eisenberg, who threatened them with a knife. The exact events following have been subject to much scrutiny, as claims by police officers are inconsistent with the nature of the wounds inflicted; it has been established that the fatal shots were fired after Eisenberg had been subdued by warning shots and pepper spray, several shots even hitting him in the back. No officers had to appear in court.[31]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2008-12-31 J., Dennis 26 Schönfließ  Brandenburg During an attempted arrest a police officer shot multiple times at the unarmed Dennis J., killing him. The shooter was given a suspended sentence, the other accusees were sentenced to monetary penalties.[32]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
2005-01-07 Jalloh, Oury 37 Dessau  Saxony-Anhalt Oury Jalloh, a Sierra Leonean refugee living in Germany, died in a fire in a holding cell in the police station in Dessau. The hands and feet of Jalloh, who was alone in the cell, were tied to a mattress. A fire alarm went off, but was initially turned off without further action by an officer. The case caused national and international outrage. The circumstances and their investigation are still contested.


Name Age Place State Summary of events
1999-06-27 Beate, Friedhelm (de) 63 Heldrungen  Thuringia The retired Friedhelm Beate was visiting Heldrungen as a tourist and was mistaken by hotel guests for the fugitive felon Dieter Zurwehme. As armed plain-clothes officers attempted to gain access to his room, he assumed that they are robbers. Attempting to prevent them from entering the room, he was shot through the door. The case against the shooters was dropped.[citation needed]


Name Age Place State Summary of events
1967-06-02 Ohnesorg, Benno 26 West Berlin  West Berlin West-Berlin police officer Karl-Heinz Kurras shot Ohnesorg with his pistol in the back of the head at close range, killing him.

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