List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2011

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This is a list of people killed by law enforcement officers in the United States in 2011, whether in the line of duty or not, and regardless of reason or method. Inclusion in the list implies neither wrongdoing nor justification on the part of the person killed or the officer involved. The listing merely documents the occurrence of a death. Killings are arranged by date of incident which caused death. Different death dates are, if possible, noted in the description.

Other prior FBI estimates put the number at 393,[1] or 404[2] according to the FBI, depending on what year they're reporting from. There are no official statistics detailing the number of times police officers shot or kill people. An incomplete survey using internet sources puts the figure at 607.[3]

The table below lists 173 individuals. (This number updates automatically when changes are saved.)

For lists of killings from other years, see List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States.


Date Name (Age) of Deceased State (city) Description
2011-10-27 Williams, Elliott Earl Oklahoma (Tulsa) Williams died in Tulsa County Jail, OK. He died from complications of "complications of vertebrospinal injuries due to blunt force trauma" and dehydration following several days of neglect by prison authorities.[4]
2011-12-31 Capano, John
McGoey, James
New York (Seaford) Capano, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, was shot in the chest by a retired officer while struggling with McGoey, who had just robbed a pharmacy where Capano was a customer. The officer had mistaken Capano for an armed assailant. McGoey was then shot and killed by an off-duty officer who came to the scene.[5][6]
2011-12-25 Barnette, Jameela Cecila Georgia (Marietta) Shot after assaulting police officer with weapons.[7]
2011-12-20 Williams, Dawntree Ta'Shawn Georgia (Buford) Shot after refusing commands to drop machete. Police were called to residence when the 15-year-old boy threatened to kill his family with the machete.[8][9]
2011-12-16 Gilyard, Michael Louisiana (Shreveport) Shot during struggle with officer after Gilyard reached for the officer's handgun. The officer had stopped Gilyard as he was leaving an area where there had been reports of narcotics activity. The coroner's report indicates that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the chest with a trajectory from back to front.[10]
2011-12-14 Waiters, Ariston Georgia (Union City) Shot during a physical altercation with police. Officers were responding to a report of a fight between teenage girls and young adults. Neighbors report that the man was not involved in the fight and when shot, the man was running from police to avoid arrest on outstanding warrants. Autopsy confirmed Waiters was shot in the back.[11][12][13]
2011-12-12 Gibson, Stanley (43) Nevada (Las Vegas) Stanley Gibson was shot and killed by Metro Officer Jesus Arevalo as police responded to a burglary report. Gibson, a veteran, was allegedly suffering from PTSD and brain cancer and was disoriented when he struck a police cruiser with his car. Officers boxed him in with their vehicles, commanding Gibson to exit his vehicle as he continued to attempt to drive away. Police reportedly made a plan to break Gibson's window with a beanbag round and use pepper spray to force him out. When the beanbag round was fired, Arevalo fired seven rounds of live ammunition at Gibson, who was unarmed. In October 2012, the Clark County District Attorney's office announced an indictment against Arevalo and is seeking a grand jury hearing of the case.[14] In May 2013, following an internal review, the Critical Incident Review Board recommended the termination of Arevalo's position with the Metro Police.[15]
2011-12-08 Muncie, Damien Jefferson (36) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Muncie was shot and killed after allegedly wounding three police officers and attempting to break into the Valley Brook Municipal Building.[16]
2011-12-08 Black, Thomas Anthony Washington (Suquamish) Officers were serving an arrest warrant when they shot 44-year-old Black to death. Police retracted their original statement that Black had shot at officers after no handgun was recovered at the scene and no evidence supported Black's firing at them. Detectives said they did find a toy gun in the vicinity.[17]
2011-12-05 Malone, Stephen Texas (Dallas) Shot during enforcement action by Dallas Police on board Amtrak's Texas Eagle train.[18]
2011-12-03 Thao, Vang California (Merced) 21-year-old Thao was killed by a stray bullet as officers fired at 18-year-old Kong Xiong, who was pointing a gun at them. Thao was not their intended target, and the Merced Police Department stated that Xiong was responsible for Thao's death.[19]
2011-11-28 Hines, Carulus Georgia (Atlanta) Shot while stabbing her own four-year-old daughter to death and refusing commands to put down a knife. Police were responding to report of abuse of Hines' son.[20][21]
2011-11-27 Welling, Austin Washington (Tacoma) 18-year-old Welling was shot and critically injured after an officer pulled him over on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle. Welling allegedly put the car in reverse and drove toward the officer, who fired at him several times. The 18-year-old was taken off of life support on January 31, 2012.[22]
2011-11-25 Ramirez, Pablo Perez (25) California (Sebastopol) Shot and killed by a Sebastopol Police Department officer after pulling a revolver from his waistband. Police came to Ramirez's ex-girlfriend's apartment complex in response to a domestic disturbance. Ramirez took out a revolver and police fired three shots at Ramirez, from 10 to 15 feet away.[23]
2011-11-21 Pate, Bernard (37) Nevada (Las Vegas) Shot and killed while running from and pointing a gun at an officer. Officers approached Pate because they suspected he was a gang member and began pursuing him when he ran from them.[24]
2011-11-17 Person, Dwight Georgia (East Point) Shot after making a threatening gesture at police. Officers were conducting a "knock and announce" search warrant, looking for drugs.[25]
2011-11-19 Chamberlain Sr., Kenneth New York (White Plains) Shot in his home by police responding to an automated medical alert.[26]
2011-11-19 Crowley-Smilek, Justin Maine (Farmington) Shot in police parking lot when the man came at the officer with a knife.[27]
2011-11-13 Crahay, Holly Washington (SeaTac) Shot after shooting at police. Officers were attempting to stop Crahay for reckless driving. Crahay led officers on chase who performed PIT maneuver causing Crahay's vehicle to spin to a stop at which point she began shooting.[28]
2011-11-12 Bergstrasser, Sean Washington (Colville) Shot without further details released. A stolen handgun was recovered at scene. Police were responding to a report of a "vehicle prowling".[29]
2011-11-10 Moore, Glen Edward Georgia (Macon) Shot after aiming gun at police. Police were responding to report of a screaming nude man banging on doors and windows of residences. Before police arrived Moore kicked the door of one home and shot a man to death. Moore was standing over the body of his victim when he pointed the gun at police.[30]
2011-11-05 Elderts, Kollin Hawaii (Waikiki) Kollin Elderts was shot in a McDonald's restaurant by an off-duty State Department special agent, Christopher Deedy. Elderts was shot during a confrontation between him and Deedy after Deedy intervened when Elderts and another man had been accosting customers. Elderts did not have any weapon in his possession during the confrontation but was drunk and on drugs at the time of the incident. Deedy was charged with second-degree murder and acquitted in 2014.[31] The killing and ensuing trial are discussed in a ten-episode season of Off Shore Podcast, a podcast run by Honolulu Civil Beat and PRX.[4]
2011-10-31 Bitz, Jason California (Lakewood) Shot by off-duty police officer while apparently trying to steal a van outside the officer's home. He had permission to use the van, but was using a screwdriver to open the door. He ran after being confronted by the officer, who shot him multiple times after Bitz reached for his waistband. No weapon was found at the scene.[32]
2011-10-30 Colbert, DeJuan Kansas (Wichita) Officers were responding to a robbery alarm at a Dollar General store. 27-year-old Colbert was allegedly standing at the door with a knife, and approached the officer who commanded him to drop it. That officer shot and killed Colbert.[33]
2011-10-28 Collins, Jason Paul Colorado (Greeley) Shot after touching his own gun during a meeting to exchange child pornography with undercover federal officials.[34]
2011-10-25 Hilaire, Herson; Hilaire, Hedson Florida (Miami-Dade) Shot after striking a police officer with vehicle while fleeing home during a drug probe.[35]
2011-10-24 Peterson, Josh California (Antioch) The 33-year-old man was shot to death less than a block from him home after refusing to drop his gun. Police were responding to a report of a fugitive in the area; Peterson was wanted on two arrest warrants.[36]
2011-10-24 Ceja, Pedro Salgado Washington (Royal City) Shot while chasing police with shovel in hand. Officer was responding to report of domestic violence and was attempting to arrest Ceja for investigation of second-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment.[37]
2011-10-23 Evans, Eric Blaine Washington (Seattle) Shot after physically attacking a police detective. The officer was tracking Evans as a prime suspect in a recent stabbing murder.[38]
2011-10-22 Westby, Aaron Washington (Tacoma) Shot after reaching for gun in glove box after resisting arrest. Police had approached Westby regarding the stolen pickup he was inside.[39]
2011-10-22 II Nida, Michael California (Downey) The night of the shooting, Downey PD officers detained Nida because he matched the description of a suspect in an armed robbery, but Nida fought them and escaped. Nida was detained a second time, only to escape and run again. According to sheriff's investigators, Nida then turned toward police in an aggressive manner, and was shot 5 times in the chest and back. Nida was unarmed, likely running from police because of a small amount of marijuana in his possession and a known distrust for police.[40]
2011-10-20 Newsome, Kotrell Omar Maryland (Lexington Park) Shot after violently resisting arrest for domestic disturbance. Stun gun was ineffective.[41]
2011-10-18 Sepulveda, Mark Anthony Colorado (Denver) Shot while attempting a carjacking. Police were responding to report of armed robbery of store.[42]
2011-10-17 Pinkney, Adolphus Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Shot after ignoring command to drop weapon and then firing on police.[43]
2011-10-16 Marksbury, Kennen Texas (Cibolo) Shot after threatening police with a weapon. Police were responding to report of a suicidal person.[44]
2011-10-15 Valenzuela, David Arizona (Phoenix) Shot after ignoring commands to drop weapon and pointing gun at police. Police were responding to reports of gunshots and assault at bus terminal.[45]
2011-10-15 Parera, Leonardo New Jersey (Mountain Lakes) Shot after firing on police. Police were responding to Parera's call to 911 after Parera killed co-worker and threatened to escalate violence if approached.[46]
2011-10-15 Stafford, Joetavius Georgia (Atlanta) Shot during confrontation with transit system police officer.[47]
2011-10-13 LaFave Jr, Derryl
Cheyne, Kristopher
Michigan (Muskegon) Shot after robbing bank, killing an officer with vehicle while fleeing, and firing on police.[48]
2011-10-12 Post, Charles Arthur Pennsylvania (Lower Burrell) Shot after fatally shooting police officer. Post was wanted on felony charges of shooting at his boss.[49]
2011-10-12 Bocock, John Oregon (Myrtle Creek) Shot after non-fatally shooting associate and refusing to drop weapon.[50]
2011-10-11 Aguilar, Jesus Colorado (Golden) Shot while attempting escape from police custody in a medical facility. Aguilar was serving jail sentence for multiple violent offenses.[51]
2011-10-10 unnamed male Florida (Miami-Dade) Shot after stealing a police car and attempting to use it to run over a police officer. Deceased had recently fled scene of accident where he was driving vehicle that struck a taxi killing the driver.[52]
2011-10-03 unnamed female New York (New York) Shot after refusing to drop knife and lunging at police officers. Police were responding to report of fight involving the deceased at a homeless shelter.[53]
2011-10-01 Bassler, Aaron California (Fort Bragg) Shot after extensive month-long manhunt. Bassler was primary suspect in two recent murders and had fired on police during the manhunt[54]
2011-09-29 Blackmon, Jerome Colorado (Aurora) Shot after pointing a handgun at police. Police were responding to a report of a man and woman arguing in the street. Blackmon fled from police and Taser was ineffective.[55]
2011-09-26 Rogers, James Washington (Spokane) Shot after two-hour standoff with police and pointing shotgun at police. Police were responding to report of suicidal man.[56]
2011-09-24 Fritze, Paul Maine (Farmingdale) Shot after incident that lasted several hours that began when Fritze reported began shooting at occupants of house.[57][58]
2011-09-24 Ficker, Ronald Washington (Issaquah) Shot after shooting near school and shooting at police.[59][60]
2011-09-22 Deloatch, Barry New Jersey (New Brunswick) Deloatch was shot by an officer while struggling on the ground with a second officer. The officer who fired the fatal shot was found to be in violation of the departments equipment policy by not having Oleoresin Capiscum (O.C.) spray on him. The officer resigned from the department following the internal investigation.[61]
2011-09-20 Edwards, Alnur Georgia (Norcross) Shot during shootout with police following bank robbery, car jacking and chase.[62][63]
2011-09-18 Martin, Kenneth Dwayne Georgia (Jefferson) Shot after ignoring deputy commands and setting room on fire. Police were responding to report that Martin threatened to set his wife on fire. Martin had doused her and their home with gasoline.[64]
2011-09-17 Moore, Jason (31) Missouri (Ferguson) Shot three times with a Taser and died. Family told media he had a mental illness. Civil suit was filed by his family in Federal court in 2014.[65]
2011-09-15 Neel, Dale[66] Washington (Fircrest) Died after being struck by police cruiser. The 62-year-old man was in the center turn lane on a moped. A deputy was responding to a call for backup from another deputy who was searching for people who had fled a traffic stop. The responding deputy was traveling in the center turn lane.[67]
2011-09-13 Vargas, Christen Colorado (Colorado Springs) Shot after driving over a deputies foot and fleeing in vehicle. Deputies had approached vehicle in parking lot while looking for a different person with an outstanding warrant. A deputy shot at the vehicle as it sped away.[68]
2011-09-11 Wolford, William Colorado (Pueblo) Died from injuries sustained when struck by police cruiser. Officer was stopped at red light and struck Wolford as he crossed intersection at crosswalk. Officer was initially cited for careless driving causing bodily injury.[69]
2011-09-09 Hull, Marc (25) Nevada (Las Vegas) Hull was shot to death after shooting and injuring a police officer inside a Walmart store where he was trying to purchase $5000 worth of electronics with a credit card that was being declined.[24]
2011-09-07 Bruce, Jasmen Georgia (Atlanta) Shot while burglarizing the home of an Atlanta police officer.[70]
2011-09-06 Collado, John (43) New York (New York) Collado, who was unarmed, was shot when he intervened in a fight between 2 men on the street. Unknown to Collado, the fight was actually an attempted marijuana arrest by NYPD plainclothes detective James Connolly, a cop for 5 years, who had abandoned his NYPD narcotics team to attempt this arrest alone. Collado died hours later.[71] At civil trial in 2018, a jury unanimously found that Connolly used excessive force when he shot Collado and delivered a verdict against him including substantial punitive damages [72]. Collado is the second person killed by Connolly while on duty. Connolly killed another man while he was alone and in plainclothes in 2009 with 3 years on the job.[73].
2011-09-06 Tolbert, Alranhiem
Carr, Tony
Georgia (Columbus) Shot as vehicle backed up towards officer. The officer had observed a masked man run out of a credit union. Tolbert ran to a truck in which Carr was sitting in the passenger side.[74][75]
2011-09-05 Peterson, Walter Georgia (Moultrie) Shot after attempting to stab a police officer. Police had gone to Peterson's home to investigate a report of a broken window at a local store. Police unsuccessfully used a Taser before firing the fatal shot.[76]
2011-09-01 Bishop, Tiffany Georgia (Jackson) Shot accidentally by instructor during firearms training class. Bishop was attending the class as a probation officer for the Georgia Diagnostic Prison in Jacson.[77][78]
2011-08-29 Doerbecker, Kurt New York (Point Lookout) Shot after refusing to drop knife and approaching police in a threatening manner. Police were responding to reports of a disturbance at a bar.[79]
2011-08-25 Shumway, Keith New York (Ithaca) Shot after attacking and grabbing an officer's gun. Another officer told the assailant to drop the gun. The assailant instead pointed the gun at the other officer who then shot him.[80]
2011-08-12 unnamed male Georgia (DeKalb County) Shot by SWAT team during standoff. The man had shot at a neighbor who called police. As the police arrived, the man shot at them, then barricaded himself inside his home.[81]
2011-08-11 Hayse, Arthur Georgia (Conyers) Died from injuries after being struck by police cruiser. Officers were chasing Hayse and another person as prime suspects in a recent bank robbery.[82]
2011-08-10 Albrecht, David Washington (Shoreline) Shot after refusing to drop knife and shotgun. Police were responding to report of suicidal person.[83]
2011-08-10 Allen, Jimmy Georgia (Atlanta) Shot after turning toward police officer during armed robbery of restaurant. After being wounded, Allen fled outside the restaurant were the officer fired at least seven more times.[84][85]
2011-08-06 Maestas, David Jerome Colorado (Denver) Shot while fleeing in stolen vehicle the scene of Home Invasion. Maestas had tied up and beat the occupants, before stealing their Jeep. Police tracked the vehicle and attempted to stop it. When Maestas attempted to drive towards one of the officers, the police shot and killed him.[86][87]
2011-08-03 Elmo, Vivian Colorado (Colorado Springs) Died in auto accident when off-duty sheriff's deputy ran a red light striking Elmo's vehicle. The deputy had two prior reckless driving convictions and was fired on September 23, 2011.[88]
2011-08-01 Shafer, Richard Lee Oregon (Elgin) Shot while holding a rifle. Police were responding to a report of domestic violence.[89]
2011-08-01 Bosley, Johntwa E Ohio (Columbus) Shot after having a said shootout with police while holding a pistol and attempting to escape in a car. Swat team shot and killed the wanted felon.[90]
2011-08-01 Maggiorini, Carl (39) California (Fresno) Shot by a Fresno Police officer when the officer saw him running down the street waving a knife and chasing a man.[91]
2011-07-26 Leskinen, Daniel Colorado (Black Forest) Shot after firing at sheriff's deputies. Officers were responding to report of domestic disturbance involving a gun.[92]
2011-07-24 Redick, Larry Tennessee (Memphis) Shot after firing at police who were responding to reports of a domestic disturbance.[93]
2011-07-23 Contreras, Juan Colorado (Aurora) Shot after punching plainclothes officer several times and reaching for knife. Officer was investigating an extortion charge where a man had demanded $50 for return of stolen car keys.[94]
2011-07-22 Alfred, Leon Georgia (Douglas County) Shot after refusing to drop knife. Police arrived after Alfred had stabbed another man to death.[95]
2011-07-21 Leon, Ricardo Virginia (Centreville) Shot after refusing to drop shotgun and approaching officers. Police were responding to report of a domestic disturbance.[96]
2011-07-21 Waters, Jedidiah J. Washington (Federal Way) Shot while reaching for handgun while being chased by police. Officers were responding to report of man shoplifting in store.[97]
2011-07-20 Moon, Eric Dewayne Jr Georgia (Marietta) Shot after posing a threat to officers. Police had attempted to stop the vehicle Moon was driving. Moon fled at high speed, crashed his vehicle and fled on foot into an apartment complex.[98]
2011-07-18 Ashley, Alonzo Colorado (Denver) Died of "Physiologic stresses involved in subduing and restraining the decedent". Police were responding to reports of a domestic violence incident at the Denver Zoo.[99]
2011-07-17 Husband, Niko Illinois (Chicago) Shot after struggle with police and reaching for gun in waistband. Police were responding to report of man with gun outside bar.[100]
2011-07-16 Hawkins, Lynell Illinois (Chicago) Shot after shooting at police. Police were pursuing suspect after reports of gunshots in the area.[101]
2011-07-16 Gaswint, Justin Washington (Lynnwood) Shot after charging deputy and threatening to kill him. The deputy had stopped on an overpass to talk to a pedestrian. As the deputy exited his vehicle Gaswint attacked and the two fought.[102]
2011-07-16 Harding, Kenneth California (San Francisco Bay View District) Shot after shooting at police who were attempting to cite Harding for light-rail fare evasion.[103][104]
2011-07-15 unnamed male Georgia (Avondale) Shot during struggle with officer when officer thought man was reaching for a gun. The officer was responding to a report of a man acting strangely. The man ran from the officer into the woods were the struggle ensued. The unnamed male's .38 caliber handgun was located at the scene.[105]
2011-07-14 Olivas, Rafael Alonso Nevada (Las Vegas) Officers were responding to a report of a "man acting erratically" and found Olivas walking down a street with a knife. After Olivas refused to drop the knife and continued advancing toward officers despite being shot with beanbags, officers shot the man to death.[106]
2011-07-11 Pearce, John Georgia (Gainesville) Shot after charging at deputies. Officer were responding to a report of a man attacking two women, one of whom died, at the Harbour Point Yacht Club subdivision. When the officers arrived Pearce was walking outside the home naked and covered in blood and described his demeanor as "deranged."[107][108]
2011-07-10 Brown, Brandon Ray Washington (Bothell) Shot while advancing on deputy while holding a cane overhead. Deputies were responding to a report of a domestic disturbance.[109]
2011-07-10 Turner, David Lee California (Bakersfield) Shot after striking deputy in back of head with bag containing two 24-ounce cans of beer. Turner was being questioned regarding purchase of alcohol for minors at a store. After initially complying with officers an altercation ensued when Turner attempted to leave.[110][111]
2011-07-05 Thomas, Kelly California (Fullerton) Died from blunt force injuries after altercation with police. See Death of Kelly Thomas. Two police officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, were charged with second degree murder but were later acquitted. Charges of excessive force and involuntary manslaughter against a third officer, Joseph Wolfe, were dropped after the acquittals of the other two officers.
2011-07-04 Silva, Luis Nevada (Las Vegas) Shot to death by officers after allegedly pointing a gun at them. Police had responded to the home to find Silva with a gun to his head.[106]
2011-06-30 Hampton, Maurice Georgia (Atlanta) Shot during altercation with police. The officer was conducting a traffic stop when Hampton fled on foot. The altercation and shooting followed. Hampton was not armed.[112]
2011-06-29 Ararao, Bernardo D. California (Suisun City) Killed in a senior center after showing a gun a woman there and telling her he was "going on assignment." Officers shot the 55-year-old man to death when he refused to drop his weapon.[113]
2011-06-29 Newland, Kevin Wayne Washington (Clallam Bay) Shot during attempted prison escape. Drove a forklift through one set of doors then into the prison's perimeter fences.[114]
2011-06-28 Christopher Seksinsky (39) New Hampshire (Winchester) Shot after threatening police with a knife. Police were responding to report of armed suicidal person and attempted to disarm man with Taser.[115]
2011-06-26 Haynes, Michael R Tennessee (Memphis) Shot after shooting at officers. Police were responding to reported of armed mentally ill person.[116]
2011-06-25 Brennan, Carl Torrance Georgia (Jacksonville Beach) Shot after refusing to drop weapon. Brennan was approached as the prime suspect in the recent robbery of several people in a hotel parking lot.[117]
2011-06-20 Steven V. Petersen Washington (Napavine) Shot after refusing to take hands out of pockets and while charging at deputy. Police were responding to report of man armed with knife attempting to break into a home.[118]
2011-06-15 Papineau, Brooks Washington (Gig Harbor) Shot during a traffic stop. Police say he pointed a gun at the officer.[119]
2011-06-09 O'Loughlin, Ryan Rhode Island (Westerly) Fatally beaten in an alley by Westerly police Officer Greg Barna, Officer Terence Malaghan, and/or Sgt. David E. Turano while passively resisting arrest. O'Loughlin, age 34, of Mystic CT died 16 hours after being arrested. The Connecticut medical examiner ruled the death a homicide due to blunt abdominal trauma.[120]
2011-06-08 Duenez, Ernest California (Manteca) Shot by John Moody who was watching and waiting down the street for Ernest to arrive home while riding in a pickup. Video can be seen at [121] Moody was cleared of criminal charges by San Joaquin County district attorney James Willett,[122] but the Duenez family pursued a civil case against him. The case was to go to trial in April 2014, but the Duenez family settled the lawsuit for $2.2 million, claiming they had lost faith in the system after the acquittals of the officers in the death of Kelly Thomas and Nick Bennallack in the death of Manuel Diaz in Anaheim.[123] Although Moody was cleared of criminal wrongding, the Duenez family and their supporters have maintained that Moody is a murderer.[124]

In January 2013, a supporter of the Duenez family was charged with "threatening" Moody in a Facebook post.[125]

2011-06-07 Farmer, Flint Illinois (Chicago) Shot after fleeing police responding to report of domestic violence.[126]
2011-06-05 Schultz, James Dean Washington (Richland) Shot during confrontation with police who were responding to report of a suspicious person.[127][128]
2011-06-03 Oliver, Phillip (28) California (Galt) Shot to death by officers after assaulting his mother, carrying a knife, and threatening officers, police say.[129]
2011-06-01 Hortter, Adam (32) California (Bakersfield) Kern County Sheriffs Deputy Mike Blue was trying to detain Hortter as a suspected car burglar. They struggled and went to the ground. Deputy Blue pulled his weapon and shot Hortter who died at a local hospital.[130][131]
2011-05-30 Carter, Byron (20) Texas (Austin) Carter was a passenger in a car that police say sped toward and hit an officer. Another officer fired at the car, injuring the driver and killing Carter. A civil suit filed by Carter's family was still in the courts as of May 2013.[132][133]
2011-05-30 Herisse, Raymond Florida (Miami Beach) Shot in vehicle after striking multiple officers and other vehicles with vehicle. Police were in the area due to annual Urban Beach Week celebration.[134]
2011-05-29 Medrano, Rodolfo "Rudy" (35) California (Bakersfield) About 9:30 p.m. Madrano called 911 from his motel room, threatening suicide. He claimed to have several guns. Four deputies from the Kern County Sheriff's Department responded. The deputies negotiated with Medrano for about 45 minutes while he was in his wheelchair in the motel parking lot and holding a large knife. When he charged the deputies, in his wheelchair, with the knife in his hand, the four deputies shot and killed him.[135][136] In June 2011, the Kern County Sheriff's Incident Review Board ruled the shooting justified.[137]
2011-05-27 Castillo, Alberto Nevada (Las Vegas) Police responded to a 911 call and found Castillo holding a silver object to his wife's neck. Castillo allegedly kicked an officer and grabbed his Taser, and the officer shot Castillo to death.[106]
2011-05-27 Taylor, Roxanne Georgia (DeKalb) Shot after car chase and firing a shot. Police were pursuing Taylor as the prime suspect in recent armed robberies of stores.[138][139]
2011-05-19 Murdock, Matthew R Georgia (Mableton) Shot after scuffling with police officer and when it appeared Murdock was reaching for a weapon. Police had stopped Murdock as a "suspicious person".[140]
2011-05-18 Morris, Timothy Steven Georgia (Newton County) Shot after threatening to kill officer while having his hands in his pockets. A state trooper had attempted to stop Morris for speeding. Morris abandoned his vehicle and fled into a heavily wooded area where the trooper cornered him. Knives were found on Morris.[141]
2011-05-18 Nager, Ross Washington (Selah) Shot after exiting vehicle with shotgun or rifle in hand. Police were responding to report that Nager was making threats to people inside a home and firing his weapon. After SWAT team arrive Nager attempted to leave in a vehicle but was blocked.[142]
2011-05-16 Reeves, Bert South Carolina (Cottageville) Shot during an aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.[143]
2011-05-13 Bueno, Manuel Florida (Miami-Dade) Shot after brandishing a knife.[144]
2011-05-11 Wilson, Jeff Illinois (Chicago) Shot during armed robbery of store and after shooting at police.[145][146]
2011-05-10 Garrett, Dale California (Los Angeles) Shot twice in the back by Los Angeles Police Department Detective Arthur Gamboa. Det. Gamboa claimed that Garrett pulled a knife and threatened to kill him during an attempted drug bust. The Los Angeles Police Commission ruled that the shooting violated the LAPD's policy on lethal force.[147]
2011-05-10 Allen Kephart Lake Arrowhead California After allegedly running a stop sign, Allen Kephart was beaten and tasered two dozen times by three San Bernardino County Sheriff Deputies in a parking lot in the unincorporated area of the San Bernardino Mountains near Lake Arrowhead.[148]
2011-05-09 Adrian Perez (26) California (Bakersfield) Bakersfield police officers, responding to a residence for a report of trespassing found Adrian Perez. During the encounter Perez drew a handgun from his pocket and fired on the officers. Three officers returned fire, killing Perez.[149][150]
2011-05-05 Guerena, Jose Arizona (Tucson) Marine and Iraq war veteran shot by SWAT team conducting forced-entry search of home involving a marijuana smuggling investigation. No drugs nor anything illegal was found and widow and children received $3.4 million settlement from agencies involved in raid.
2011-05-04 Raucci, Robert Washington (Kent) Shot while pulling a long gun out of a taxi cab at a transit center. Police were responding to a report from the cab driver that his passenger had a shotgun or rifle across his knees.[151]
2011-05-03 Tyler, Antonio Georgia (Marietta) Shot after refusing to drop weapon. Police had confronted Tyler regarding the two people Tyler and two other men had forced into their home at gunpoint.[152]
2011-04-30 Campuzano, Jose Carlos Washington (Sunnyside) Shot after pulling out a gun and shooting at officers. Police has pulled over a vehicle containing three people, including Campuzano, as suspects in a recent nearby shooting.[153]
2011-05-02 Bailey, Bernard (54) South Carolina (Eutawville) A police chief for the town of Eutawville shot and killed Bernard Bailey who came to Town Hall to complain about his daughter's traffic ticket. Police chief Richard Combs tried to arrest Bailey for a charge of obstruction of justice, and Bailey walked towards his truck and they both briefly fought each other. Combs then shot Bailey twice in the chest in Bailey's truck. On December 4, 2014, prosecutors charged Combs with murder.[154]
2011-04-23 Denyakin, Kirill Virginia (Portsmouth) Shot outside of an apartment building where he was staying with friends; was intoxicated and did not respond to police commands to lie down on the ground. A 9-1-1 call had erroneously reported a burglary in progress at that address after Denyakin pounded on the door and asked to be let back into the building.[155]
2011-04-18 Ourada, Anthony Washington (Kent) Shot after ramming into several cars while attempting to elude deputies. Deputies were pursuing Ourada for several instances of reckless driving and eluding police over the previous week.[156][157]
2011-04-18 Williams, Jerome Illinois (Chicago) Shot during armed robbery of store and after shooting at police.[158]
2011-04-18 Hebert, David Ohio (Cincinnati) Shot after a report of an armed robbery with a sword. Hebert had a small knife but no sword. Acting against their training, officers got dangerously close and failed to have a plan before approaching Hebert, precipitating the use of deadly force. A wrongful death lawsuit by his estate alleges Hebert was complying with orders when he was shot.[159]
2011-04-16 Parks, Horace Lorenzo Georgia (Morgan County) Shot after pointing gun at state trooper. Parks was being chased for driving a vehicle which matched the description from a recent shooting at a restaurant. The chase ended when Parks rammed a police vehicle.[160]
2011-04-07 Denton, Albert Maryland (Glenn Dale) Shot after lunging at officers with axe. Police were responding to report of disturbance at child daycare facility.[161]
2011-04-06 Fuller, Darryl Georgia (Norcross) Shot after pointing a handgun at officers. Police were patrolling an area known for gang activity and approached a group of three men when Fuller drew a weapon.[162][163]
2011-04-03 Woods, Timothy Georgia (Fairburn) Shot went a gun, not in the officers possession, "went off" while the officer and Woods struggled over a gun.[164]
2011-03-27 Paulson, Katherine Maine (Kennebunk) Shot after advancing on police with knife in hand and refusing commands to drop weapon. Officers were responding to report of a domestic disturbance in which Paulson's mother reported she was afraid for her own well-being regarding daughter with history of psychiatric illness.[165]
2011-03-20 Gidenko, Oleg Colorado (Aurora) Shot while fleeing in vehicle from police who were investigating report of stolen vehicle. City settled with Gidenko's family for $150,000[166][167]
2011-03-19 Sampson, Eric G. Washington (Ravensdale) Shot after refusing to lay down a machete Sampson had used to strike an officer's cart. Sampson was pulled over in a routine traffic stop then fled in vehicle. Sampson was found near registration address of vehicle. Use of Tasers was ineffective.[168]
2011-03-17 Williams, Aaron Colorado (Aurora) Shot after firing on police, wounding officer and taking a family of four hostage. Police had chased the man into an apartment complex following a traffic stop. The police released gas into the apartment and the man climbed out of a window holding a gun. Was shot by SWAT team at that point.[169][170]
2011-03-17 Gardner, Marvin California (Fresno) Fresno Police responded to reported burglary at a quick cash store. There were employees in the store and the two suspects were reported to be armed. An officer pursued Gardner who climbed over a fence back of the store before stopping at the officer's orders. Gardner began to lift his coat using both his hands. The officer, thinking Gardner was going for a weapon, shot and killed him.[171]
2011-03-16 unnamed male Idaho (Bonners Ferry-area) Died due to an "unknown medical event" after deputy used a Taser while attempting to subdue the man. Deputy was responding to a report of a naked man and his vehicle blocking a road.[172]
2011-03-15 Garcia, Daniel Colorado (Aurora) Shot in vehicle after shooting at police to include one shot to police officer's arm. Police were approaching vehicle in which Garcia had taken two hostages.[167]
2011-03-12 Breitkopf, Geoffrey New York (Massapequa Park) Nassau County Police officer, accidentally shot by MTA Police officer who mistook Breitkopf for an armed suspect.[173]
2011-03-12 DiGeronimo, Anthony New York (Massapequa Park) Shot by two Nassau County Police officers when he lunged at them with knives.[173]
2011-03-09 Hammond, Michael Georgia (Buckhead) Shot after producing a weapon. Police had followed Hammond in his vehicle as the prime suspect in a recent bank robbery.[174]
2011-03-08 Rowton, William Wayne Washington (Kelso) Shot from a distance of about 200 ft after pointing revolver out a sliding glass door towards police. Police were responding to report of a suicidal person.[175]
2011-03-03 Le, Van Dinh (47) California (Escondido) Le was shot once in the forehead by an Escondid Police Department officer, after police came to his home to respond to Le being suicidal and mentally unstable. According to officers, Le was in a bathroom and had a pair of 8-inch scissors, and refused to drop it when demanded to by police, and then advanced towards the officers with the scissors.[176][177]
2011-02-28 Martinez, Alejandro P Washington (Lynden) Shot after striking deputy in head with a hammer. Officers were responding to a report of a man with mental health issues damaging a home.[178]
2011-02-24 Elmore, Danny Colorado (Pueblo) Shot after answering door with gun in hand and pointing it at officer. Police were responding to report of a loud disturbance at Elmore's home.[179]
2011-02-19 Amos, Shelley
Blount-Burton, Cheryl
Georgia (Avondale Estates) Died from injuries sustained during motor vehicle accident. Police officer was estimated to be driving at twice the speed limit while not on an emergency call when she collided with another vehicle. The officer was later indicted on two counts of vehicular homicide and reckless driving.[180][181]
2011-02-14 Montgomery Jr., Chastain Tennessee (Mason) Shot after firing on police with two pistols. Police were pursuing Montgomery in relation to a carjacking in Nashville.[182]
2011-02-14 Moran-Hernandez, Carolyn Washington (Lakewood) Shot after raising gun at officers. Police were responding to a report of domestic violence. Moran told the police "shoot me, shoot me" then raised what turned out to be a BB pistol that looked like a handgun.[183]
2011-02-10 Arreola, Richard Colorado (Aurora) Shot while walking "with purpose" with handgun and rifle towards undercover police officer. Officer was performing surveillance on Arreola in an undercover police vehicle prior to serving of warrant for drug distribution.[184]
2011-02-10 Dawkins, David Anthony Georgia (Augusta) Shot after point a handgun at officer. Police had pulled over Dawkins' vehicle on suspicion of being stolen.[185]
2011-02-08 Giddens, Brian Keith Georgia (Barnesville) Shot after confronting deputy with a shotgun. Officer was responding to a report of domestic dispute.[186]
2011-02-08 Little, Christine Ann Idaho (Kootenai) Shot as passenger in vehicle that was approaching trooper following chase. The driver had rammed a police cruiser during a chase. Their vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation, then fled.[187][188]
2011-02-08 Johnson, Daniell Washington (Lakewood) Shot in vehicle by SWAT team after "seeing movement in the car". Police had stopped Johnson in relation to a report of domestic violence when a shot was fired inside the vehicle. Police report the first shot was self-inflicted. The medical examiner later determined that the fatal shot was fired by the SWAT team.[189][190]
2011-01-30 Curler, John A Washington (Spokane) Died from injuries after being struck by police cruiser. Curler was cross an intersection on foot as the officer was responding to a "trouble unknown" report with lights and siren off.[191][192]
2011-01-30 Cisneros, Yueri Acevedo Washington (Yakima) Shot after refusing to stop stabbing another man on the ground. The victim was stabbed 159 times with a pocketknife.[193]
2011-01-28 O'Connell, Robert David Washington (Tacoma) Shot after shooting three times at police. Officers were approaching man for acting suspiciously at a gas station.[194]
2011-01-24 Lacy Jr., Hydra Florida (St. Petersburg Shot after fatally shooting two police officers, Thomas John "Tom" Baitinger and Jeffrey Adam Yaslowitz, who were serving an arrest warrant for aggravated battery and two other felony charges.[195]
2011-01-24 Robert Kendrick Chambers Georgia (Warner Robins) Shot while attempting to pull a weapon out of a coat pocket. The man was approached as a possible suspect in a recent burglary. When the man was ordered to remove his hands from his pockets a scuffle ensued.[196]
2011-01-23 Fuller, Norman Tennessee (Memphis) Shot after pointing gun at police. Police were responding to report of a shooting and encountered the armed Fuller walking down the street.[197]
2011-01-22 Sloan, Latricka Georgia (Decatur County) Died from injuries following police use of a PIT maneuver on Sloan's vehicle. Sloan had made a U-turn after approaching a police safety check point. Witness report Sloan was not driving fast. Police later determined that Sloan was not licensed to drive in Georgia.[198]
2011-01-20 Simms, Johnny[199] Miami-Dade County, Florida Died in a shootout that also killed two Miami-Dade Police Department detectives, Amanda Lynn Haworth and Roger Castillo.
2011-01-16 Dennis, Kenneth Washington (Spokane) Shot during investigation of report of domestic violence. Police report Dennis was armed with a knife.[200]
2011-01-15 Landry, Andrew Maine (Lyman) Shot after brandishing two knives. Officers were responding to a call for assistance and first attempted to disarm Landry with a Taser.[201]
2011-01-14 Doucet, Reggie California (Los Angeles) Shot after repeatedgly striking police officers and attempting to take their guns. Police were responding to a disturbing the peace call after Doucet had removed his clothes and was running around naked.[202] In December 2016 the City of Los Angeles settled with Doucet's family for $1.65 million.[203]
2011-01-13 Perez, Enrique (21) California (Malaga) Thursday, about 8 AM, an officer of the California Highway Patrol was investigating the theft of a dump truck near Malaga. The officer found the truck in a citrus grove. The suspect came out of the grove and fought with the officer. The officer was able to pull his weapon and shot the suspect, who was later identified as Enrique Perez of Fresno.[204]
2011-01-11 Stamps, Eurie (68) Massachusetts (Framingham) Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone testified Officer Paul Duncan's rifle went off accidentally, killing Stamps who was handcuffed and lying facedown in his home during a midnight SWAT raid. Police were searching for his stepson and Stamps was not a suspect.[205]
2011-01-07 Pinex, Darius L. Illinois (Chicago) Shot in vehicle after dragging police officer with vehicle. Police had stopped Pinex because he was driving a vehicle similar to one implicated in earlier gunfire.[126]
2011-01-06 Fox, Andrew Washington (Bellevue) Shot as approaching officer with knife raised in overhand grip. Police were responding to report of a hostage taking at a gas station.[206]
2011-01-01 Ferryman, Michael (57) Ohio (Enon) Shot during a shootout with police, prior to which he had shot and killed Deputy Suzanne Hopper.[207]
2011-01-01 Weatherspoon. Lynn Florida (Miami) Shot after fleeing SWAT team and reportedly pointing gun at them. The SWAT team was inside a black SUV and noted that Weatherspoon was armed with a handgun. Witnesses report that men jumped out of the SUV and opened fire as Weatherspoon ran away.[208]

Known erroneous reports[edit]

This section includes deaths which were initially reported as police killings but later turned out not to be.

Date Name State (City) Initial reports Later reports
2011-01-23 Martinez, Anthony Washington (Port Orchard) Shot after shooting at and wounding two deputies. The deputies were responding to report of suspicious man with a gun outside a store. Astrid Valdivia died from gunshot wound received in crossfire between deputies and Martinez.[209] All three deputies and Martinez were firing .40 caliber hollow-point rounds from Glock handguns, which led to confusion over who shot whom and multiple erroneous reports that a deputy had killed Martinez. Later forensics determined that Martinez killed Valdivia and then himself.[210]

See also[edit]


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