List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, June 2014

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This is a list of people reported killed by non-military law enforcement officers in the United States in June 2014, whether in the line of duty or not, and regardless of reason or method. The listing documents the occurrence of a death, making no implications regarding wrongdoing or justification on the part of the person killed or officer involved. Killings are arranged by date of the incident that caused death. Different death dates, if known, are noted in the description.

For lists of killings from other years, see: List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States.

The table below lists 45 individuals. (This number should update automatically when changes are saved.)

June 2014[edit]

Date Name (Age) of Deceased State (City) Description
2014-06-29 DelValle, John Omar (44) New Jersey (Elizabeth) DelValle was allegedly threatening a woman with a knife outside an apartment building and shot dead by officers.[1]


Paul M. Edmunson (43) Washington


Edmunson suspected of stealing from restaurant nearby attempted to pull gun on officer with his K-9 partner, K-9 subdued Edmunson allowing the officer to draw first on him, eventually Edmunson was able to pull a pistol from his coat and was fatally shot by the officer. [2]
2014-06-27 Kemp, Paul Ray Jr. (40) California (Inglewood) An unarmed black man was fatally shot and/or tasered several times in the back. A lawsuit alleges he was not a threat to officers.[3]
2014-06-27 Andres Morales (27) New York (Bay Shore) Jumped out of a stopped car from the passenger side in a traffic stop. Initiated a foot pursuit with officers, and was later shot after pulling out a revolver.[4]
2014-06-26 Michael Berry (50) Texas (Sweetwater) Police were attempting to serve a warrant on Berry for allegedly stealing a loader from a scrap recycling business. Berry locked himself in his mobile home, and waved a firearm in a threatening manner from the back door. A SWAT team and bomb squad from Abilene were called in to assist. Tear gas was launched into the trailer, but Berry opened fire. The SWAT officers returned fire, killing him.[5]
2014-06-26 Rodney Hodge (33) Texas (Dallas) Police responded to numerous 911 calls about a man firing a gun in a neighborhood. Hodge was ordered to drop the weapon, but he kept walking forward and pointed the gun at officers. [6]
2014-06-25 Mimi Goldberg (49) Nevada (Las Vegas) LVMPD officers responded to reports of a disturbance at a hotel. Police found Goldberg stabbing another woman She was ordered to drop the knife, but she slashed one of the police car's windows. Several shots were fired. [7]
2014-06-25 Sameul Johnson California (Los Angeles) Johnson was approached by a security guard who accused him of shoplifting. Johnson then pulled out a pistol, and fired at the guard. LAPD began searching around the neighborhood for Johnson. They eventually found him, but he ran to a home. Johnson died of a gunshot wound as the officers attempted to take him into custody. The circumstances of the shooting are unknown. [8] [9]
2014-06-24 King, Lavon (20) New Jersey (Jersey City) King started an altercation with a police officer and the officer shot him. The circumstances of this struggle are unknown. [10] [11]
2014-06-24 Antoine Hunter (24) California (Compton) LASD deputies attempted to pull over a vehicle that was driving recklessly. A short pursuit ensued, and the driver attempted to run over one of the deputies while they were both out of their patrol car. The other deputy opened fire after witnessing the driver pull out a handgun. [12]
2014-06-22 Marcus Rael (24) Idaho (Post Falls) Shot at a dozen officers, who fired back at him. [13]
2014-06-21 Unknown Male Michigan (Sterling Heights) Police responded to a 911 call of an assault at a residence. The man was holding his wife hostage with a rifle. Officers ordered him to drop the gun, but he turned around and pointed it at an officer.[14]
2014-06-21 Douglas Seaton (35) Kentucky (Madisonville) Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Seaton drove away, and a vehicle pursuit followed. Seaton then exited the car with a gun in his hand. He was ordered to drop the gun, but refused. He was shot as he was approaching the officers. [15]
2014-06-21 Jose Cardenas (22) California (Sacramento) Police responded to a 911 call about Cardenas threatening his brother with a knife. Officers ordered him to drop the knife, but he refused. A taser was initially deployed with no avail. Officers opened fire after being threatened with the knife. [16]
2014-06-21 James Moala Kofu (22) California (San Bernardino) Went up with another armed man to a police vehicle with four officers inside of it, and allegedly pointed a rifle at them.[17]
2014-06-20 Jason Van Buskirk (32) Nebraska (Columbus) Columbus Police Department officers and Nebraska state troopers responded to a domestic disturbance. The officers spotted a Dodge RAM that matched the description of the suspect's vehicle. As a felony stop was being performed, Buskirk shot at a trooper as he was approaching the passenger's side. Although shots were fired, the pickup initially sped away. The pursuit ended in Colfax County after Buskirk was shot due to him ramming three police vehicles.[18]
2014-06-20 Scholfield, Ray Dakota (23) California (Redding) Redding Police Department officers Jason Rhoads, Josh Tracy and Russ Veilleaux shot and killed Ray Dakota Scholfield, when he brandished a butcher’s knife at them. Scholfield had just killed his cousin, Christen Clark.[19][20]
2014-06-20 Unknown Male Georgia (Atlanta) Police responded to reports of a man banging on various doors of an apartment and yelling. As the officers were about to confront him, he pulled out a fake gun and pointed it at the officers. [21]
2014-06-19 Darrell Haymon (53) North Carolina (Hope Mills) Police responded to reports of an assault with a deadly weapon at a bank. Officers confronted Haymon, who had a knife. His wife appeared bloody and had wounds on her body. Haymon was ordered to drop the knife and to release his wife. He then raised the knife, which caused officers to open fire. [22]
2014-06-19 Carlos Hernandez (45) Texas (San Antonio) Hernandez, a wheelchair-bound man, allegedly pointed a gun at officers who were responding to a call of a 39 year old man being shot. [23]
2014-06-19 Thomas Rogers (36) Washington (Port Orchard) Rogers was reportedly armed with a knife and lunged at officers, injuring two of them. [24]
2014-06-19 William Workman Jr. (32) South Carolina (Horry County) Officers were dispatched to 4365 Bayberry Drive to serve an arrest warrant to William Lee Workman, Jr., for third degree criminal sexual conduct. Investigators say the officer-involved shooting was reported to dispatch at 10:39 a.m. There are no other details at this time.[25]
2014-06-19 Jason Carulla (17) Florida (Coral Gables) Police open fired on Carulla, a 17-year-old runaway, when he rammed the stolen SUV he was picking up into an unmarked police car.[26]
2014-06-16 Devaron Ricardo Wilburn (21) North Carolina (Charlotte) Police say 21-year-old Wilburn, who was being sought as a suspect in a previous night's shooting at police officers, refused to surrender and presented a weapon before being shot.[27]
2014-06-16 Jonathon Whitehead (33) Washington (Seattle) Whitehead was shot by Washington State Patrol troopers after apparently setting his truck on fire and brandishing a knife on I-5.[28][29]
2014-06-15 Anthony Lynn Skyles (34) Florida (Altamonte Springs) 34-year-old Anthony Lynn Skyles, was shot by the first officer at the scene after investigators said he confronted the officer with a knife.[30]
2014-06-14 Jason Harrison (38) Texas (Oak Cliff) Police say Jason Harrison walked out of the door Saturday armed with a screwdriver. The two responding officers said they fired at the 38-year-old mentally ill man when he refused to drop the screwdriver despite orders to do so and then charged at them.[31] The family filed a lawsuit which was dismissed which claimed Harrison's civil rights were violated and he posed no threat to police, and a grand jury declined to charge the police with a crime. [32]
2014-06-14 Victor Hernandez (21) Colorado (Greeley) Victor Daniel Hernandez pointed a handgun at the officers as they responded to a report of a "crazy guy with a gun" at a Greeley hotel in the early morning hours of June 14. Hernandez was shot three times by the officers. Hernandez earlier that morning had fled a disturbance at a Greeley bar before police arrived. Just before he was shot, the office says Hernandez assaulted his girlfriend. Before he was shot, Hernandez told one of the officers, "I am out on bond and I am not going back to jail."[33]
2014-06-13 Frank Rhodes (61) Mississippi (Gulfport) Gulfport Police officers were responding to a shots fired call in the 12400 block of Holliman Circle in Gulfport just after 10 p.m. when they found

61-year-old Frank Rhodes standing outside on the driveway of the house. A preliminary investigation shows Rhodes fired shots at the officers and the officers returned fire.[34]

2014-06-13 Anthony Gustave Nelson (40) Nevada (Reno) A suspect in a Tucson homicide was shot to death by deputies in Nevada after he killed two women near Reno, law enforcement officials said. Anthony Gustave Nelson, 40, was killed June 13 in a shootout with officers in Nevada.[35]
2014-06-12 Timothy Hill (18) West Virginia (Princeton) A West Virginia state trooper says he caught teenagers in his driveway tampering with his cruiser. When he found them and confronted them, he says Hill became combative and attempted to disarm him. The trooper shot Hill twice, killing him on the scene.[36] Hill's mother said the trooper had a personal history with her son and targeted him.[37]
2014-06-12 Larry Allen Jerrils (58) Louisiana (Bossier) Police responded to a silent alarm at a Payless Shoe Source store. They say that when they arrived they found 58-year-old Larry Allen Jerrils, who had just robbed the store. Jerrils ran from officers and went behind a building. He then turned and brandished a firearm when they approached. The officers opened fire, killing Jerrils. He was pronounced dead at the scene.[38]
2014-06-11 Miguel Moreno Torrez (22) California (Fresno) On June 11, 2014, Miguel Moreno Torrez and his brother got into a fight at their Fresno home and a roommate called 911. The responding Fresno Police officers say Miguel Torrez had a knife. Some witnesses say neither brother had a knife. When Miguel Moreno Torrez did not comply with officers' commands, he was shot about fifteen times, killing him.[39] The family has filed a lawsuit.[40][41]
2014-06-10 Broderick Johnson (21) Georgia (Chamblee) Police said 21-year-old Broderick Johnson barged into the Autozone brandishing a weapon and ordered the manager to tie up the workers and to open the safe. One worker escaped and call 911. SWAT was called in but Johnson came out of the building as they were setting up a perimeter. Police gave him verbal commands to get on the ground which he refused. A struggle ensued and an officer shot and fatally wounded Johnson.[42]
2014-06-09 Roc LaRue (33) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Police pursued individual in stolen vehicle who repeatedly ignored commands to pull-over, finally stopping near NW 61st and Shawnee. That's when police said LaRue got out with a large knife in his hands. Oklahoma City Police said he ignored commands to put down his weapon and surrender so they used Tasers on him. They said they were ineffective and they then used a bean bag shotgun to try and slow him down. It also proved ineffective and they said LaRue was getting closer to officers. That's when they pulled their firearms. Police say two of their officers and one Warr Acres officer fired their guns to stop LaRue. He was taken to a local hospital where he later died.[43]
2014-06-09 Miller, Jerad (31) Nevada (Las Vegas) Jerad Miller shot three people (including two law enforcement officers) dead before an officer gunned down Jerad Miller. His partner and wife, Amanda Miller, committed suicide by gunshot.[44]
2014-06-09 Victor Villalpando (16) New Mexico (Espanola) Possible "suicide by cop". Police say Villalpando called 911 about a suspicious person, then gave them a description of the clothes he was wearing and said the person was armed.[45]
2014-06-07 Angela Beatrice Randolph (38) Maryland (Glen Burnie) An MTA officer was called over to a bus shelter at the Cromwell light rail station Saturday evening for a disruptive woman. Investigators say the woman began assaulting the officer, choking a female officer and pulling her hair. Several witnesses tried to intervene. The officer was able to remove her gun and fired one shot striking the suspect in the upper leg area. The suspect and the officer were taken to hospitals, and the suspect was pronounced dead.[46]
2014-06-06 David Latham (32) Virginia (Norfolk) When police arrived at the scene of a domestic situation call, an officer encountered Latham, who allegedly threatened the officer with a knife. The officer discharged his firearm and hit Latham [47] Latham was shot nine times, with two hitting his back. On June 12, 2015, Officer Michael Edington, Jr. was indicted on the charge of voluntary manslaughter.
2014-06-06 Thomas L. White (28) Idaho (Coeur d'Alene) Officers responding to a domestic dispute call were allegedly fired upon by White. Three officers returned fire.[48]
2014-06-05 Glen Griggs (53) California (Sunnyvale) Sunnyvale police intended to confront Griggs regarding the disappearance of his roommate and the possible connection to three other women he had known and who had died under unusual circumstances. He brandished a BB gun and officers killed him.[49][50]
2014-06-04 Harold Murphy (35) South Dakota (Rapid City) The suspect attempted to run from the officer after being stopped for illegal use of an ATV, and a second officer who was on scene pursued him at a short distance. As the second officer tackled the suspect, Harold Murphy began firing a handgun he had in his possession.[51]
2014-06-03 Serrano-Garcia, Yanira (18) California (Half Moon Bay) Serrano was shot in the chest at least once outside her home by a San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy, Menh Trieu, after she charged at him with a kitchen knife in her hand. Serrano's relatives called the police on her because she was suffering from a schizophrenic episode. In August 2014, the San Mateo County district attorney decided to not file charges against Trieu.
2014-06-02 McCollum, Deborah (52) South Carolina (Aiken) Officers were responding to a call of someone threatening suicide, when McCollum allegedly came to the door with a gun. Deputy Christopher Salley pulled out his gun and fatally shot her. Neighbors said that McCollum's husband had recently died.[52]
2014-06-01 Kleinbeck, Michael (52) Kansas (Fredonia) Two Montgomery County officers were responding to a report of an armed individual when they shot and killed Kleinback. Police say they believe Kleinbeck was living on the property in a camper or trailer.[53]

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