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List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States prior to 2009

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This is a list of people reported killed by non-military law enforcement officers in the United States prior to 2009, whether in the line of duty or not, and regardless of reason or method. The listing documents the occurrence of a death, making no implications regarding wrongdoing or justification on the part of the person killed or officer involved. Killings are arranged by date of the incident that caused death. Different death dates, if known, are noted in the description. This page lists 648 people.


The table below lists 61 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2008-12-28 Konaha, John (25) Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [1]
2008-12-27 Vaughn R. Sanderson Grants Pass, Oregon Shot after allegedly attempting following a chase. The trooper had attempted to pull Colbert over on suspicion of driving a stolen van when the chase began.[2]
2008-12-17 Kesler, Damany (23) Georgia (Stockbridge) Shot after shooting at police. Police were pursuing Kesler after he had allegedly stolen a motorcycle at gunpoint.[3]
2008-12-19 George, Pierre Georgia (Atlanta) Shot while attempting to run. Police were responding to citizen report of armed kidnapping by George. An officer cornered George in his vehicle at which point George attempted to flee on foot. George was not armed and the person making the report was jailed, accused of causing the killing by making a false report.[4]
2008‑11‑17 Allen, Lawrence (20) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Shot to death by off-duty officer Chauncey Ellison Sr. who was accompanied by his girlfriend, off-duty officer Robin Fortune. The officers had driven around Allen's neighborhood looking for a person who had stolen a pizza from their two sons. During an altercation in front of Allen's home, Ellison shot Allen in the back, leaving him paralyzed. He died three months later. Ellison and Fortune were fired in 2010, and in 2014 they were found guilty of reckless endangerment and sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison.[5][6]
2008-11-08 Hicks, Ahmad (28) Illinois (Chicago) [7]
2008‑11‑08 Dustin Willard (31) Washington (Everett) Shot after refusing to put down firearm. Police were responding to report of a burglary-in-progress.[8]
2008‑11‑08 Willingham, James Michigan (Detroit) Killed after a high-speed state trooper chase. According to reports, Troopers "violated their own high-speed chase regulations and should have been considered criminally liable for the deaths of the two Detroit men."[9] In addition, Troopers arrested a reporter on scene who was trying to cover the incident and claimed she "interfered at the scene of a fatal traffic accident that followed a police chase."[10]
Frazier, Jeffrey
2008-10-29 Alexander, Julian C. (20) California (Anaheim) Shot after mistaken identity. Police were chasing four burglary suspects in the neighborhood, Alexander came out of his home holding a broomstick to investigate a noise. Mistaken for one of the juvenile suspects and shot twice in the chest. Shooting officer was Kevin Flanagan.[11]
2008-10-27 Hull, Larnester (34) Illinois (Chicago) Shot in the back of the head by an off-duty officer who lived on the same block as Hull.[12][13]
2008-10-18 Taylor, Homer (39) Illinois (Chicago) After threatening officers with a "homemade knife", Taylor was tasered and stopped breathing soon after.[14]
2008-10-17 Berardi, Cole (10) Texas (Dallas) Sr. Cpl. Michael Vaughn hit Cole Berardi with his squad car[15]
2008-09-20 Roe, Shawn M. (36) Washington (Blyn) Shot during shootout with deputies. Roe was prime suspect in recent murder of a Forest Service officer and a civilian.[16]
2008-09-19 Dandridge, Tyrone (20) Illinois (Chicago) Officer Rene Duran and Kolodziejski shot and killed Dandridge. Dandridge's brother said he was restraining his brother on the couch when Duran and officer Kolodziejski entered the home. Duran said "step back" and then shot Dandridge in the back.[17]
2008-09-19 Bitterman, Gabriel (23) Nebraska (Lincoln) Died shortly after being tasered after officers responded to a domestic disturbance. Incidentally, an MTV camera crew was present during the incident.[18]
2008-09-16 Williams, Marvin (17) Illinois (Chicago) Police shot and killed Williams when he allegedly confronted them with a handgun. Williams' family refuted the police account and said the teen had his arms raised when he was shot.[19]
2008-09-15 Marchan, Anthony (9) Illinois (Chicago) Both were shot to death by off-duty cop Dannie Marchan, who then turned the gun on himself.[20]
Marchan, Alizay
2008-09-07 Sukow, Marcus U.S. Virgin Islands (Saint Thomas) An off-duty ATF agent shot Sukow during a disturbance at an apartment. The agent was charged with murder but the charges were dropped because prosecutors failed to prove Sukow was the one who died.[21]
2008-08-25 Miller, Jeffrey (37) Illinois (Chicago) [22]
2008-08-22 Winford, Martinez (16) Illinois (Chicago) Winford was shot dead by Officer Zachary Rubald when he allegedly aimed a gun at officers. A wrongful death lawsuit challenged the officers' account of the shooting, including their statement that Winford had the gun his right hand, even though he was left-handed.[23]
2008-08-17 Landrum, Marcus (18) Illinois (Chicago) [24]
2008-08-05 Teague, Brandon (25) Illinois (Chicago) SWAT officers shot and killed Brandon Teague after he allegedly shot at police on the South Side. Police said they'd approached Teague at about 10:30 p.m. because they thought he looked suspicious. According to police, Teague opened fire, hitting an officer's shoe. Teague then ran into a nearby gangway, and SWAT was summoned. Teague allegedly fired at officers and at a police helicopter. Police said a SWAT officer was hit in his protective vest. At about 12:30 a.m., the officers shot Teague.[25]
2008-08-04 Sullivan, Johnathan (34) Maine (Albion) Shot while wielding a shotgun during confrontation with police. Officers were responding to report of domestic violence disturbance.[26]
2008-07-30 unnamed male Washington (Mountlake Terrace) Shot after leaning out a window with a firearm. Officers were responding to report of gunshots.[27]
2008-07-18 Hill, Robert (35) Michigan (Detroit) According to reports, Hill "rode his bicycle to an

apartment building in Detroit and was rammed by a police car into another vehicle."[28]

2008-07-16 Spradling, William (24) Arkansas (Little Rock) Shot by officers after allegedly pointing a gun at them. They were investigating a burglary.[29]
2008-07-15 Clark, Montellis Georgia (Atlanta) Shot after shooting at police. Officers approached three burglary suspects in front of a home when one began shooting at them.[30][31]
2008-07-06 unidentified Hispanic male (25) Illinois (Chicago) Shot and killed when he allegedly shot at them.[32]
2008-07-01 Bell Jr., Shelton (16) Michigan (Detroit) According to reports, Bell was "shot to death by an off-duty cop after allegedly demanding the keys to the cop's car at a gas station on the west side, then running when the cop pulled his gun. The autopsy report shows that Bell, Jr. was shot ten times, five in the chest, three in the back, once in the head behind his right ear, and once in his left arm."[33]
2008-06-24 Wark, Kelly Utah (Lehi) Shot after shooting officer twice in head. Police had pulled her vehicle over after gas station attendant reported that she seemed generally impaired.[34]
2008-06-22 Colon, Luis (18) Illinois (Chicago) Witnesses said that Colon had a gun, but was attempting to surrender when he was shot.[35]
2008-06-22 Terrell, Shapell (39) Illinois (Chicago) According to police, the officers responded to a report of shots fired, but neighbors said all they heard were fireworks. According to witnesses, Terrell turned to go back inside his home at 1 a.m. Witness said the officers shined a spotlight on Terrell, told him to turn around and then opened fire when he didn't. Terrell was shot 14 times in the back.[36]
2008-06-22 Nicholson, Darius (49) Illinois (Chicago) Nicholson was shot dead in a bedroom. Police were responding to domestic report.[37]
2008-06-15 Knight, Reginald (26) Illinois (Chicago) Witnesses said that Knight had both hands on a fence and was talking to an officer in front of him when Brown opened fire from behind him. Witnesses also said that the officers gave high-fives to each other as they stood over Knight's body.[38]
2008-06-14 "D-Mack" Young, Devon (26) Illinois (Chicago) Neighbors said that Young was shot in the back execution style, while kneeling with his hands in the air shouting "don't shoot, don't shoot—I ain't got nothing." Witnesses said that officers "slapped palms" after killing Young and told each other "Good job."[39]
2008-06-14 Crosby, John R. Massachusetts (Dedham) Was shot by two police officers when, after a 45-minute standoff, he charged them with a knife.[40]
2008-06-09 Gonzalez, Leonel Maldonado Washington (Othello) Died after being struck by vehicle driven by deputy. The deputy was following two cars when one car swerved sharply to left into the lane of an oncoming vehicle. The deputy saw something dark in his lane but could not avoid hitting Gonzalez.[41]
2008-06-09 Yancey, Linda (44) Georgia (Stone Mountain) Shot by sheriff's Deputy Derrick Yancey who staged a murder-robbery of his wife and claimed to have killed the robber. Instead, the deputy was himself found guilty of murdering both his wife Yancey and the day laborer Cax-Puluc.[42]
2008-06-09 Cax-Puluc, Marcial (23) Georgia (Stone Mountain) Shot by sheriff's Deputy Derrick Yancey who staged a murder-robbery of his wife and claimed to have killed the robber. Instead, the deputy was himself found guilty of murdering both his wife Yancey and the day laborer Cax-Puluc.[42]
2008-06-05 Brown, Tyrone Maryland Brown, a former Marine, was shot by officer, Gahiji Tshamba, after he groped a woman's buttocks. Tshamba was found to be under the influence of alcohol during the shooting, and shot Brown because he was a much larger man. Tshamba never identified himself as an officer.[43]
2008-06 Staples Jr., Tommie Michigan (Detroit) Staples was unarmed and shot by Steven Kopp and Barron Townsend. Townsend was also involved in the killing of Dennis Crawford with another officer Laron York, in 2004 which had led to a federal settlement.[44] In the killing of Staples they "chased him down an alley in retaliation for the role he and his wife Jacquelyn Porter played as advocates for neighborhood children stopped by police."[45] The federal lawsuit was reported as "settled for $2.5 million" in 2010.[46]
2008-05-30 Culley, Alex J. California (San Diego) Shot by San Diego Police Officer Javier Carranza after brandishing what appeared to be a handgun following a domestic disturbance and attempted armed robbery. The gun was later identified as a Black Marksman Repeater BB gun.[47]
2008-05-19 Rosas, Sergio (41) California (Fresno) A Fresno County Sheriff's Deputy responding to a 911 hang-up call about 10 pm, went to the intersection of Cedar and Central Avenues. He approached a parked vehicle and Rosas exited with a knife and advanced toward the deputy. The deputy shot and killed Rosas.[48]
2008-05-18 Dampier, Antonio (26) Illinois (Chicago) [49]
2008-05-06 Gwinn, Aaren (21) Illinois (North Chicago) Gwinn was shot after he attempting to drive away from officers. Gwinn was unarmed.[50]
2008-04-26 Covington, Antoine (18) Illinois (Chicago) [51]
2008-04-26 Lopez, Rigoberto (24) Illinois (Chicago) Lopez died after he allegedly fired shots at officers, who fired back. Lopez died at the scene.[52]
2008-04-25 Clark, David Duncan Washington (Bellingham) Shot after brandishing what appeared to be a handgun. Police were responding to a report of disorderly conduct. The gun was found to be a toy.[53]
2008-04-16 Carrizales, Jesse (17) California (Fresno) At Roosevelt High School (Fresno, California) student Jesse Carrizales was shot and killed by a campus Police Officer.[54] Carrizales had hit the officer with a bat and was standing over him, yelling and threatening. When the officer fell he had lost his weapon, but while on the ground he pulled his backup weapon and fired once or twice, hitting Carrizales in the chest. Carrizales died at the scene.[55][56]
2008-03-28 Miller, Jesse Missouri (Marionville) Miller had his car break down and fatally shot a man who had apparently came to his help. As a police officer arrived at the scene, Miller opened fire on him, missing him, and was shot by the officer. Miller was the son of Frazier Glenn Cross, the Neo-Nazi perpetrator of the Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting.[57]
2008-02-12 Hunter, Nicholas (20) Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [58]
2008-02-02 Gonzalez, Roberto (37) Illinois (Chicago) Died after being tasered.[59]
2008-02-07 Cantrell, Antoine Georgia (College Park) Shot while being arrested. Police were responding to report of man making threats. Cantrell had fled from police who caught him after a foot chase. The officer reports that he was trying to arrest Cantrell when the gun fired.[60]
2008-02–06 Geoffrey, Schaub Florida Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff's Office were performing surveillance outside of Schaub's home because he was suspected of molesting a 7-year-old boy. He was shot after he pointed a flare gun covered in cloth at the deputies[61]
2008-02-03 unnamed male Washington (Tacoma) Shot after pointing gun at officers. Police were responding to report of domestic violence. During 6-hour standoff with SWAT team man threatened to shoot officers and himself.[62]
2008-02-02 Wilkins, Philmore (49) Illinois (Chicago) Wilkins was shot to death by three officers after a hostage situation.[63]
2008-01-04 Wilson, Tarika (26) Ohio (Lima) Killed during SWAT raid of her rented home. SWAT was there to apprehend Anthony Terry on suspicion of drug trafficking. Police opened fire killing Ms. Wilson and injuring her 14 month old son.[64][65]
2008-01-02 Poke, Kelvin Maryland (Laurel) Shot during shootout with police. Poke was an inmate who escaped from a hospital after overpowering guards and stealing two guns. He hijacked two cars and was cornered when the shootout occurred.[66]
2008 Lumpkin, Joseph Florida Lumpkin was being pursued by the Miami-Dade Police Department because of him being suspected in a shoplifting. Lumpkin struggled for the officer's gun and was shot.[67]


The table below lists 193 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2007‑12‑31 Cho, Michael (25) California (La Habra) Shooting of Michael Cho. Cho was brandishing a tire iron outside a liquor store and vandalizing cars. La Habra police responded to the scene, and within 40 seconds, two officers demanded Cho to drop the tire iron and the officers then fired 11 shots at Cho, killing him. The two police officers were cleared by the Orange County district attorney. Cho's family filed a lawsuit against the city of La Habra alleging wrongful death and negligence and received $250,000.
2007-12-31 Hosni, Corey (37) Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) After stabbing Tonya St. Clair to death, Hosni was fatally shot after he refused to drop the knife.[68]
2007-12-28 Hernandez, Ted (50) Illinois, (Chicago) [69]
2007-12-26 Cobb, Rose (47) Michigan, (Detroit) [70]
2007‑12‑25 Larson, Aaron Washington (Federal Way) Shot after attacking trooper with fists. Larson was acting erratically, had jumped out of a moving vehicle, had exposed himself and struck vehicles with his belt. Use of Taser was ineffective.[71]
2007‑12‑25 Burke, Allen (18) U.S. Virgin Islands (Christiansted) A police officer and another man shot six people at an apartment complex, killing two.[72]
2007-12-23 Howard, Dameon (22) Washington DC [73]
2007-12-13 Zazueta, Alvaro (28) California (Bakersfield) Zazueta was shot and killed by Bakersfield police who were responding to a home invasion robbery. When gunfire came from the suspects police responded, hitting and killing Zazueta. The other suspect was arrested.[74][75]
2007-12-12 Jones Jr, Timothy (18) Tennessee, (Memphis) Jones was killed by Officer Frank Hannah after he allegedly fired shots at officers.[76]
2007-12-04 Brown, Coby (23) Maryland (Baltimore) Brown allegedly robbed a Burger King & then fled. Brown allegedly shot at Officer Modesto Olivio, who then shot him.[77]
2007-11-28 Manuel, Donta (33) Florida (Belle Glade) Manuel and Jonathan Wallace were sheriff's deputies killed by a pursuing patrol car during a stolen car investigation.[78]
2007-11-28 Wallace, Jonathan Florida (Belle Glade) Wallace and Donta Manuel were sheriff's deputies killed by a pursuing patrol car during a stolen car investigation.[78]
2007-11-20 Mulero, Santos (57) New York (Bronx) [79]
2007-11-18 Kostovski, David (29) New York, (Brooklyn) Man shot to death by two officers after threatening officers with a broken wine bottle.[80]
2007-11-15 Jones, Ronald (21) Maryland (Baltimore) [81]
2007-11-13 Wilson, Freddie (34) Illinois, (Chicago) [82]
2007-11-12 Coppin, Khiel (18) New York (New York City) Coppin was shot and killed by officers who believed he was reaching for a gun. He did not have a gun on him, but rather a hairbrush.[83]
2007-11-08 Cooper, Christopher Eric (17) Missouri (Independence) Cooper was struck by Independence Police Officer Dale Daugherty during a high speed pursuit of drunk driver, Wilfedo Pujols. Pujols received 15 years. The officer was not charged.[84]
2007-11-05 Carmichael, Marvin (29) Tennessee, (Memphis) Shot to death by officer Corey Hentz after he allegedly fired shots at Hentz.[85]
2007-11-05 Smith, Michael (34) Tennessee, (Memphis) Smith, who escaped from the Desoto County jail, was shot dead by police after allegedly tried to run them over with a stolen van.[86]
2007-11-04 Riordan, Channing (31) Alabama, (Wilmer) Shot after allegedly welding a wooded chair leg.[87]
2007-11-01 Lucas, Robert (18) Alabama, (Mobile) Shot after allegedly pointing a gun at the officer during a foot pursuit.[88]
2007-10-28 Bembry, Lamar (21) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Shot in the chest after firing a gun into a crowd while he was leaving the club.[89][90][91]
2007-10-27 Stanfield, Sarah (30) Idaho, (Fruitland) [92]
2007-10-25 Hayes, Donald (48) Idaho, (Rugby) [93]
2007-10-21 Tirado, Jayson (25) New York, (Harlem) Shot to death by an off-duty NYPD officer.[94]
2007-10-14 Whitson, Jeremy (23) Alabama, (Tuscaloosa) Shot after fighting with the officer who killed him.[95]
2007-10-08 Timbers, Ronald (15) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [96][97]
2007-10-07 Murray, Jordanne Michele (18) Wisconsin (Crandon) Crandon shooting: Sheriff's deputy and police officer Tyler James Peterson shot and killed six people, including his former girlfriend, Murray, before taking his own life.
McCorkle, Katrina (17)
Thomas, Leanna (17)
Schultz, Bradley (20)
Smith, Aaron (20)
Stahl, Lindsey (14)
2007-10-05 Holmes, Samuel (33) Illinois, (Chicago) [98]
2007-10-05 Jin-Marie, Bryan (31) Georgia, (Atlanta) Shot & killed after a vehicle pursuit.[99]
2007-10-05 Ramos, Frank (49) California (Bakersfield) Ramos was shot while holding a replica handgun while standing in a street.[100]
2007-10-04 Baker, Samuel Georgia (Quitman) Died from a spinal cord fracture and dislocation Baker suffered when he fell to the ground after being "tased". Police were responding to report of man with knife. Upon being confronted by police, Baker "flashed the officers his knife", at which point the officers used the Taser on Baker.[101][102]
2007-09-29 Garcia, Sonia (28) New York, (Bay Shore) Shot to death by her NYPD fiancée.[103]
2007-09-28 Reeves, Damont (24) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Reeves was robbing a 7-Eleven when an off-duty cop shot him.[104]
2007-09-28 Battle, Ronald (25) New York, (Manhattan) [105]
2007-09-27 Recendez, Meliton (15) Illinois, (Chicago) [106]
2007-09-17 Rawlings, DeOnte (14) Washington DC Shot in the back of the head by an off-duty cop.[107][108]
2007-09-17 unknown Illinois, (Chicago) [93]
2007-09-17 unknown Maryland (Baltimore) Shot after allegedly trying to rob Officer Lawrence Armwood and his girlfriend.[109]
2007-09-08 Askew, Reora (38) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [110]
2007-09-09 Harcum, Darryl (45) Maryland (Baltimore) [111]
2007-09-07 Calves, Juan (51) New York, (Bronx) [112]
2007-09-01 Callan, Steven (57) Alaska, (Anchorage) [113]
2007-08-30 Thompson, Tony (21) Maryland (Baltimore) Killed after allegedly struggling for control over the officer's service weapon. The cop who shot Thompson had previously shot four other men.[114]
2007-08-27 Ray, Guy (44) Kentucky, (Louisville) [115]
2007-08-22 Goodwin, Johnny (21) Illinois, (Chicago) [116]
2007-08-22 Campbell, Thomas (50) Maryland (Baltimore) Died minutes after being tasered.[117]
2007-08-14 Adams, Lucky (37) Alaska (Fairbanks) [118]
2007-08-13 Ogletree, Christopher (47) Alabama, (Birmingham) Shot to death after confronting an officer with a knife.[119]
2007-08-06 Harrison, Aaron (18) Illinois, (Chicago) [120][121]
2007-08-05 Henry, Jason (20) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Allegedly tased then shot.[122]
2007-08-03 Taft, Jason (25) Washington DC [123]
2007-08-02 Patrick, Clyde (44) Alabama, (Birmingham) Died after getting tased 18 times.[124]
2007-07-29 Rivera, Julio (20) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Rivera was arguing with his girlfriend in a vehicle. His girlfriend got out and flagged down an officer. Rivera allegedly got out of the vehicle and shot at the officer, who then shot and killed him.[125]
2007-07-25 Leech, Jeremy (36) Idaho, (Orofino) [126]
2007-07-23 Fontanez, Shirley (18) New York, (Bronx) Shot to death by her 40-year-old NYPD boyfriend who then turned the gun on himself.[127]
2007-07-22 Larkin, Cpl Alexander (25) Maryland (Baltimore) Shot after allegedly firing a gun at an officer who was trying to break up a fight. Larkin was a member of the Army.[128]
2007-07-20 Duncan, Jimmy (23) Idaho, (Caldwell) [129]
2007-07-16 Snyder, Aaron Richard Colorado (Denver) Shot after advancing on police while exposing revolver in holster under tuxedo jacket. Snyder was at the State Capital and had declared himself "the emperor of Colorado".[130]
2007-07-15 Brandon, Ronald Wisconsin (Madison) Brandon had a realistic-looking pellet gun pointed at officer Matthew Kenny and another, in what investigators believe was a "suicide-by-cop". Officer Kenny shot and killed the man. His actions were later ruled justified and he received the Medal of Valor, the police department's top honor, for that shooting. Officer Kenny was later responsible for another ruled-justified police shooting of Tony Robinson.[131]
2007-07-09 Baldon, Deandre (17) New York, (Buffalo) Shot and killed because the officer thought Baldon's belt buckle was a gun.[132]
2007-07-08 Miller, Steven (30) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Miller, who was having a mental episode, was shot at by police between 80 and 85 times. Miller was hit 20 times.[133][134][135]
2007-07-08 Cobbs Jr, Nathaniel (25) New York, (Newburgh) Killed by a police dog and Taser[136]
2007-07-07 Gordon, Victor (23) New York, (Brooklyn) [137]
2007-07-07 Royall, Jevon (30) Michigan (Detroit) [138]
2007-06-30 Brizzee, Logan (19) Idaho, (Twin Falls) Killed after brandishing a gun.[139]
2007-06-24 Lopez, Cesar Wilfredo Georgia (Athens) Shot after pointing a gun at officers. Lopez and four other people in a group were suspects in a pair of shootings that occurred earlier that night.[140]
2007-06-23 Farrow, DeAunta (12) Arkansas (West Memphis) Farrow was carrying a replica BB handgun in his hand and was shot twice by a police officer outside an apartment complex. Prosecutors considered the shooting to be justified.
2007-06-18 McUmber, Steven (45) New York, (Potsdam) [141]
2007-06-14 Davis, Jessie Ohio (Lake Township) Davis's husband, Bobby Lee Cutts Jr., an officer with the nearby Canton police, killed her during a fight in their home, and then had a friend help him hide the body in a county park near Akron. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole the following year
2007-06-09 Skinner, Donald (49) Georgia, (Atlanta) Killed by 49-year-old Charles Alan Smith for life insurance.[142]
2007-06-05 Alvarez, Jose Ramos Washington (Yakima) Shot during fight with police during which Alvarez produced a pistol. Police were attempting to arrest Alvarez as the prime suspect of a recent murder.[143]
2007-05-30 Smashum, Anthony Georgia (Savannah) Shot while climbing fence to escape from police. Officers approached Smashum attempting to arrest him on a warrant. Smashum fought with officers before fleeing.[144]
2007-05-22 Bucholtz, Steve (54) Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) [93]
2007-05-19 Barber, Ernest (26) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Killed after allegedly raising his gun at officers.[93]
2007-05-18 Arzu, Fermin (41) New York, (Bronx) Aruz was unarmed.[145]
2007-05-14 Heath, Terrell (31) Maryland (Baltimore) Heath died after having a heart attack, which was caused by being tased.[146]
2007-05-13 Benitez, Ricardo (47) Idaho (Meridian) Officer Brian Lueddeke shot and killed Benitez inside his home after he allegedly jumped toward the officer with a bread knife. Police say Benitez threatened his family and violated a court order, and the county prosecutor found the shooting justified. His wife and two sons filed a claim against the city.[147]
2007-05-13 Castro-Carrillo, Anthony Puerto Rico (Carolina) Officer William Vazquez-Baez and several members of La ONU stormed the home of Castro-Carrillo dressed as police officers and killed him. Vazquez-Baez was also involved in the murders of two other men, who were killed by La ONU members.[148]
2007-05-10 Harpati, Guiatree (22) New York, (Queens) [149]
2007-04-30 Duong, Hay Nhat (25) New Jersey (Township of Hamilton Atlantic County) Police Officer Leo Rudolph shot Duong, after he came toward the officer and made a motion as if to reach for a gun after several warnings to drop to the ground. Duong had no weapon.[150][151]
2007-05-10 Monroe, Quinton (23) Maryland (Baltimore) Killed after pulling out a loaded gun from his car.[152]
2007-05-06 Walker, Bobby (15) Texas (Dallas) ref>"Officer fatally shoots teen at Dallas rail station". mrt.com. May 6, 2007.</ref>
2007-05-05 Diaz, Gerardo (46) Texas (Dallas) Shot and killed by FBI agents in the parking lot of a Walmart.[153]
2007-05-02 Harlow, Even (25) Kentucky, (Louisville) [154]
2007-05-01 Elam, Quinzell (34) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Killed after allegedly pointing a shotgun at the police.[155]
2007-04-30 Harlow, Even (16) Kentucky, (Louisville) [156]
2007-04-29 Perez, Rene (42) New York, (Mt. Kisco) Beaten to death.[157]
2007-04-28 unknown Maryland, (Baltimore) Killed after he drew a firearm.[158]
2007-04-26 Norwood, Willie (35) Tennessee, (Memphis) Norwood was suspected of brandishing a gun during a robbery at a university cafeteria. When campus police approached Norwood and ordered him to drop the gun and get on the ground, Norwood allegedly refused and pointed what appeared to be a chrome handgun at officers, who shot and killed him. It turned out to be a toy gun.[159]
2007-04-25 Trim, Travis (23) New York, (Margaretville) [160]
2007-04-24 Peterson, Uywanda (43) Maryland, (Baltimore) Died after being tased in the chest.[93]
2007-04-16 Bradley, Gilbert (54) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [161]
2007-04-15 Pettaway, Ron Georgia (Fulton County) Shot outside a bar. Police were responding to report of a fight.[162]
2007-04-11 Gomez, Mario Fernando Torres (34) Oklahoma (Tulsa) Gomez was unarmed and fleeing from police when he was shot at the I-44 & 169 interchange. The officer who shot Gomez was cleared in the shooting, but in 2010 the city paid $85,000 to settle a lawsuit by Gomez's family.[163]
2007-04-09 Gilliam, Eugene (22) Alabama, (Prattville) Died seven hours after being tased.[164]
2007-04-06 Wong, Edmund California (Downey) Wong was shot several times by officers with the Downey Police Department who were responding to reports of an armed man getting into a truck on the 9000 block of Pico Vista Street. Officers arrived at the scene and tried to stop the fleeing suspect. After crashing his silver Toyota into a patrol car and exiting the vehicle with what appeared to be a gun, the Downey patrol officers opened fire, striking Wong repeatedly. He was pronounced dead at 4:03 p.m. After his death, it was learned that Mr. Wong himself was the party who contacted the police, giving them a detailed description of his vehicle, his own physical description and a description of his weapons.[165]
2007-04-03 Wilcox, Milton Georgia (Candler County) Died from injuries sustained during motor vehicle accident. Wilcox was the passenger in a vehicle struck by a police cruiser just after the officer "looked down to adjust his computer and CD player."[166][167]
2007-04-13 Benitez, Ricardo (47) Idaho, (Meridian) Killed after brandishing a knife.[168]
2007-04-11 Salinas, Luis (23) California, (North Hills) [169]
2007-04-09 DeSantis, Richard (30) California, (Santa Rosa) Killed by rubber bullets when he didn't comply with the officers orders fast enough.[170]
2007-04-09 Goudeaux, John (45) California, (Van Nuys) [171]
2007-04-07 Yule, Jason (27) California, (Roseville) Killed after charging at an officer with a pipe.[172]
2007-04-06 Wong, Edmund (40) California, (Downey) [173]
2007-04-03 Williams, Charles (40) California, (Roseville) [174]
2007-04-02 Mendez, Cesar (20) California, (Ukiah) [175]
2007-04-02 Flores, Jamie (29) California, (Lennox) [176]
2007-03-24 West, Myron (25) Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) [177]
2007-03-24 Alford, Jerome Washington (Spokane) Shot in the chest during a confrontation[178] with police officer Dan Torok, who was also involved in the death of Otto Zehm the year prior.
2007-03-22 Washington, Brandon (22) Texas (Dallas) [179]
2007-03-21 Bosworth II, Anthony (30) Idaho, (Nampa) Shot after shooting at officers. Bosworth was wanted for the murder of "Joshua Schmidt".[180]
2007-03-20 Jenkins, Rahman (20) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [181]
2007-03-17 Mendoza, David (42) California, (West Covina) Died after being tased 14 times by officer Enrique Macias.[182]
2007-03-17 German, Marlon St. Mark Washington (Kennewick) Shot after threatening to kill his estranged girlfriend and striking her with a knife. Police were responding to report of domestic violence.[183]
2007-03-15 Escareal, Antonio (51) California, (Carson) Shot and killed after allegedly coming at officers with a knife. Escareal died May 1.[184]
2007-03-15 Kopp, Jason (20) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [185]
2007-03-14 Garvin, David (42) New York, (Manhattan) Shot to death after recently shooting and killing four people.[186]
2007-03-13 Weisman, David (34) California, (Los Angeles) Shot and killed after allegedly confronting officers with a knife.[187]
2007-03-13 Mickins, Corey (25) New York, Harlem [188]
2007-03-13 Sullivan, Michael Eugene (24) California (Bakersfield) Sullivan stole a knife from a cutlery store at Valley Plaza Mall in Bakersfield, California. He was pursued by a Bakersfield Police officer assigned to the mall. Outside the mall the pursuit was joined by Police officer Erick South and his K-9. Approaching Sullivan, South released his dog on Sullivan. Sullivan stabbed South in the arm. South shot Sullivan who was pronounced dead at a local hospital.[189][190]
2007-03-12 Chass, Jeremiah (16) California (Sebastopol) Jeremiah Chass was holding his 6-year-old brother hostage in his family's minivan outside their home, threatening to kill him with a pocket knife with a 2-inch blade. After Chass released his brother, two Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies pepper sprayed him, and then Chass started kicking one of the deputies in the face, and waving the knife around. The deputies fired 8 shots, killing Chass. Chass's family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the county of Sonoma and the deputies, alleging wrongful death and excessive force. In 2009, they received a $1.75 million settlement.[191]
2007-03-10 McKenzie, Kristen (21) New York, (Brooklyn) [192]
2007-03-08 Osceola, Dennis (46) Florida, (Hollywood) Osceola was found by officers sitting on his porch at 2 a.m. with an AR-15 in his lap. Osceola was tasered three times and when he allegedly continued to advance, was shot dead.[193]
2007-03-07 Vierow, Gary (43) Florida, (Jensen Beach) [194]
2007-03-07 Robinson, Rene (45) California, (San Francisco) [195]
2007-03-05 Dixon, Curtis (24) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [196]
2007-03-05 DeSa, Junior (31) Florida, (Pompano Beach) Desa was shot after dead after holding his roommate at knife-point and in a chokehold. The roommate was also wounded.[197]
2007-02-24 Wright, Marcellus (25) California, (Los Angeles) Shot and killed after allegedly brandishing a firearm.[198]
2007-02-24 Brown, Steven (50) Florida, (Ocala) Brown and a female companion pulled into a Walgreens drunk & acting erratically. His companion shoplifted a number of items. When police got to the scene they found brown and his companion uncooperative. After being tasered, Brown allegedly drew a gun and was fatally shot.[93]
2007-02-23 Thurston, Haki (22 California, (Santa Rosa) Thurston was wanted for killing his cousin. When Thurston tried to run, police shot at him 27 times, hitting him 13 times.[199]
2007-02-20 Perales, Joel (22) California, (Fresno) Shot after wounded three officers and a bystander at a Mardi Gras celebration.[200]
2007-02-14 Peracchi, James (34) California, (Tracy) [201]
2007-02-12 Mims, Carlton (22) Texas (Dallas) [202]
2007-02-12 Dickerson, Artrell (18) Michigan (Detroit) [138]
2007-02-12 Millsap, Berry Washington (Tacoma) Shot after pointing a cordless drill at police. Police were responding to report of a domestic disturbance. Millsap had met officers on porch of home and had threatened to shoot them if they went inside the house. Millsap ran into the house and hid behind couch, then stood up pointing a drill at officers.[203]
2007-02-11 Saucedo, Francisco Mondragon (24) California, (Los Angeles) [204]
2007-01-10 Pridgen, Raheem (27) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [205]
2007-02-10 Rojas-Godinez, Noe (17) California, (San Diego) [206]
2007-02-09 Caples, Lee (58) Tennessee, (Memphis) Lee was killed by two undercover cops when he allegedly fired a gun.[93]
2007-02-08 Hernandez, Jose (36) California, (Los Angeles) [207]
2007-02-03 Meza, Addiel (21) California, (Oakland) Meza fired a gun on a residential street. An officer who responded to the shooting fatally shot Meza.[208]
2007-02-03 Cornejo, Mauricio (31) California, (Los Angeles) Died after being chased and then restrained.[93]
2007-02-02 Weston, Ernest (41) Florida, (Fort Myers) Weston was shot after he allegedly pointed a gun at officers. Another person was also injured.[93]
2007-02-01 Merjil, Douglas (30) California, (Fresno) Shot after confronted officers with a shotgun.[209]
2007-01-30 Lionel Sands (60) Florida, (Marianna) Sands was killed by police along with Daniel Brown, after robbing a home and killing Mellie McDaniel and deputy Harold Michael Altman.[210]
2007-01-30 Brown, Daniel (54) Florida, (Marianna) Brown was killed by police along with Lionel Sands, after robbing a home and killing Mellie McDaniel and deputy Harold Michael Altman.[210]
2007-01-29 Lauda, Michael (19) Florida, (Kissimmee) [211]
2007-01-27 Singletary, Isaac (80) Florida, (Jacksonville) Singletary was known to carry a firearm to chase away drug dealers from his property. Singletary confronted two undercover officers on narcotics duty; they allegedly ordered him to drop his weapon, and when he allegedly refused, and he was shot. Singletary's family won a $200K wrongful death settlement.[212][213]
2007-01-30 Kane, Jeane New York, (Staten Island) [214]
2007-01-27 Singletary, Issac (27) California, (Garden Grove) Shot after allegedly threatening officers with a sledgehammer.[215]
2007-01-27 Woods III, Douglas (18) Florida, (Jacksonville) Woods was shot when he allegedly tried to rob an undercover cop. Woods allegedly fired at the officers & the officer returned fire.[93]
2007-01-26 White, James (33) Kentucky, (Louisville) [154]
2007-01-26 Vargas, Mario (36) California, (San Francisco) Shot after allegedly pulling a gun out on officers.[216]
2007-01-26 Gilmore, Anthony (23) Alabama, (Theodore) Gilmore exited his vehicle and then wounded an officer, before being killed by returned fire.[217]
2007-01-23 Watkins, Keith (41) California, (Riverside) Officers shot to death he allegedly drove toward them.[218]
2007-01-23 Wright, Joshua (16) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Shot and killed by his mother, who was a PPD cop.[219]
2007-01-22 Powell, Matthew (24) California, (Los Angeles) Killed after allegedly pointing a shotgun at an officer.[220]
2007-01-20 Sparks, Tyronn (16) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [220]
2007-01-20 Quinonez, Adam (19) Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) [221]
2007-01-18 Woods III, Douglas (18) Florida, (Jacksonville) Woods was shot when he allegedly tried to rob an undercover cop. Woods allegedly fired at the officers & the officer returned fire.[93]
2007-01-17 Sullivan, Robert Washington (Seattle) Shot after shooting at and injuring one officer. Police had confronted Sullivan when they saw him shooting at someone else.[222]
2007-01-15 Shuler, Harry (65) Florida, (Jacksonville) Shot after he came outside his house a firearm during a standoff.[93]
2007-01-14 Kelley, Charles (26) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [223]
2007-01-12 Boone, David (43) Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) [224]
2007-01-10 Miller, Phillip (43) California, (Los Angeles) Miller, who was unarmed, was shot after reaching into his waistband.[225]
2007-01-10 Berry, Joe (48) Alabama, (Montgomery) Shot after allegedly coming at deputies with a knife.[226]
2007-01-09 Lewis, Christopher (34) Texas (Dallas) Shot during a domestic disturbance.[227]
2007-01-09 Madrid, Pedro (44) California, (Fresno) Died after being tased numerous times.[228]
2007-01-08 McIntosh, Robert (23) Texas, (Houston) [229]
2007-01-08 Lowman Jr., Harry North Carolina, (Blowing Rock) [230]
2007-01-07 Pearson, Glenn (62) Arizona, (Green Valley) [231]
2007-01-07 Jackson, Chris (17) California, (San Bernardino) [232]
2007-01-07 Lassegue, Blondel New York, (Queens) [233]
2007-01-07 Esparza, Omar Texas, (Houston) [234]
2007-01-06 Ilten, Douglas (45) Florida, (Fort Pierce) [235]
2007-01-06 Wylczynski, Justin (21) Maryland, (Essex) [236]
2007-01-05 Kirk Jr., Marcus (3) Georgia, (Hampton) [237]
2007-01-05 Daniels, David (57) Minnesota, (Stillwater) [238]
2007-01-05 Thompson, Calvin (42) North Carolina, (Gastonia) [239]
2007-01-04 Cooke, Zachary California (Eureka) Eureka Police Department officers, Terry Liles and Steven Watson, ATF agent, Michael Medlin, and a detective of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, Marvin Kirkpatrick, were raiding a home. During a raid, a shotgun-like flash was seen momentarily, causing Liles to fire 15 shots. Medlin, believing Liles was shot, fired at the drywall of a room where Cooke was hiding. Cooke died with eleven gunshot wounds, and another wounded subject was discovered moments later.[240]
2007-01-03 Williams, Howard (37) California, (Richmond) [241]
2007-01-03 Rupard, Steven (22) Tennessee, (Johnson City) [242]
2007 White, Scott Maine (Rumford) Shot after a seven-hour standoff outside White's former wife's home.[243]
2007-01-01 Ariza, Ivan (37) Nevada (Las Vegas) [244]
2007-01-01 Warren, Michael (23) Georgia (Lawrenceville) [245]
2007-01-01 Johnson, James (28) Kansas (Great Bend) Shot after he allegedly drop a shotgun.[246]
2007-01-01 Jones, Bryan (20) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) [247]


The table below lists 56 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2006‑12‑25 Caywood, Adam Washington (Yakima) Shot after apparently attempting to run down officer with vehicle. Police were pursuing Caywood as a prime suspect in a recent home burglary. After crashing vehicle, and as officers were approaching on foot, Caywood reversed into police cruiser.[248]
2006-12-24 Lee, Sigmun (45) California (Bakersfield) Shot and killed by Kern County Sheriff deputies Sean Pratt and Jason Nelson. They had been called to a report of a man vandalizing the motel room and threatening guests. They found Lee holding a hammer and ordered him to drop it. Instead he moved toward the deputies. Feeling threatened, they shot and killed him.[249] A review board of Sheriffs Department officials determined that the shooting was within department policy.[250]
2006-12-15 Sargent, Willie Allen Jr Georgia (Snellville) Died of injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Sargent's vehicle was hit by an officer responding to a call for backup for a suspicious person. The officer was traveling approximately 80 mph without lights or siren.[251]
2006-12-08 Jackson, Joe (58) Illinois (Chicago) Jackson shot and killed three men and injured a woman at a Downtown Chicago office building. Jackson was later shot to death by SWAT officers Felipe Nunez and Charles Rhein.[252]
2006-12-07 Honda, Jonni Kiyoshi California (Eureka) On December 8, 2006, Honda, approached from a Super 8 motel in a prone position and reportedly aimed a handgun at police officers, causing his death. He was wanted in Trinity County for failing to appear in court as part of a case in which he was accused of molesting children. In November, Honda was pursued by the California Highway Patrol and temporarily hid in the woods. On December 7, detectives from the Eureka Police Department attempted to serve the arrest warrant on Honda after detectives from Trinity County gave a tip that he was staying at a Super 8 motel. When Honda was alerted to their presence, he locked a motel room door and a 32-hour standoff ensued.[253]
2006-11-30 Culosi, Salvatore Virginia (Fairfax) A SWAT team from Fairfax, Virginia showed up to Culosi's home as part of a sting operation set up by detective, David J. Baucom. While Culosi was exiting his house, SWAT officer, David Bullock, accidentally fired his MP5 as it was aimed at Culosi. The round entered through Culosi's side and exited through his heart, killing him instantly.[254]
2006-11-26 Moore, Brandon Martell (16) Michigan (Detroit) Moore was unarmed and "shot to death in the back by off duty police officer Eugene Williams."[255]
2006-11-25 Bell, Sean New York Sean Bell shooting incident. Sean Bell was shot to death, and two of his friends were wounded, after five NYPD undercover and plainclothes officers fired 50 shots on Bell's car. Three officers, Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora, and Michael Olive, were charged with crimes ranging from manslaughter to reckless endangerment, and were all found not guilty.
2006-11-21 Johnston, Kathryn Georgia Kathryn Johnston shooting
2006-11-18 Lloyd, Phillip (33) Illinois (Robbins) Lloyd was shot by the same cop who shot him in 2004.[256]
2006-11-18 Smith, Michael (22) Illinois (Chicago) Smith was shot and killed by a plainclothes officer who said Smith allegedly tried to grab his gun at a Woodlawn convenience store. However witnesses say that Smith did not reach for a gun or engage a struggle.[257]
2006-11-16 Banks, Willie Georgia (Moultrie) Shot after pulling out a pocket knife. Police were serving a bench warrant. Witness claim Banks was handing a box cutter to police.[258]
2006-11-12 Fender, Bruce Georgia (Savannah) Died from injuries after being struck by police cruiser. Witness report that Fender walked in front of the vehicle and was not using a designated crosswalk.[259]
2006-10-30 Thomas, Marcus (21) Illinois (Chicago) [260]
2006-10-30 Tyler, William (23) Illinois (Chicago) [260]
2006-10-29 Reyes, Wayne (42) Minnesota (Minneapolis) (42) Reyes had stabbed his girlfriend and a friend and then drove off. When police stopped him, Reyes allegedly swung a sawed-off shotgun toward them before they shot him multiple times. Reyes was killed by 23 gunshots from six police officers. Derek Chauvin, the man who would later go on to murder George Floyd, was involved in this shooting.
2006-10-28 Jolley, Isaac Georgia (Atlanta) Shot by an off-duty jail detention officer. During an argument with Jolley's brother, the officer struck the brother in the head using the officer's personal weapon. The weapon discharged, fatally striking Jolley in stomach.[261]
2006-10-13 Eugene Culp Washington (Shoreline) Shot while attempting to hit police officer with vehicle. Officers were responding to report of man knocking at front and back doors of a house.[262][263]
2006-10-03 Orrin Tack Hunnicutt Arizona (Catalina) Orrin Tack Hunnicutt, 30 was shot by Deputy Norman Baughman, 42, Bureau Chief Richard Kastigar said.[264]
2008-09-30 Felder, Dominic (27) Minnesota (Minneapolis) [265][266]
2006-09-29 Angilo Freeland (27) Florida (Polk County) Freeland killed a Polk County sheriff's deputy and injured another in a shooting at a traffic stop on September 28. On September 29, police discovered him hiding nearby and shot him 68 times when he pointed a gun at them. Sheriff Grady Judd said that "that’s all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more."[267]
2006-09-27 Cage, Eric (32) Illinois (Chicago) Cage was killed when he was hit by an unmarked squad car driving the wrong way of the street he was on.[268]
2006-09-17 Chasse, James Oregon James Chasse
2006-08-24 unnamed male Georgia (Decatur) Shot after lunging at police officer and attempting to grab officer's service revolver. Police were responding to report of trespassing in vacant apartment.[269]
2006-08-23 Christopher Lee Conte Georgia (Decatur) Died after being pepper sprayed and hit with batons.[269]
2006-08-04 Wilson, Ryan Colorado (Lafayette) Died of an irregular heartbeat after being shocked by a Taser. Police were investigating a report of marijuana plants growing in the area.[270]
2006-08-03 Figueroa, Joaquin (25) California (Fresno) Fresno Police officers suspected Figueroa was responsible for shooting and wounding one of their officers. When police confronted him and he did not show his hands as ordered, Police shot and killed him. He was unarmed.[271][272]
2006-07-22 Lee, Fong (19) Minneapolis, Minnesota Shooting of Fong Lee. Lee was chased and shot dead by police who "claimed that they were following Lee and his friends because he suspected they were dealing drugs, though no drugs were found on Fong Lee's body".[273][274]
2006-07-16 Parr, Qamont (22) Illinois (Chicago) [275]
2006-07-15 Griffin, Alan Georgia (Atlanta) Shot by an off-duty deputy. Griffin was the pimp for a prostitute that the deputy had attacked. The deputy shot Griffin when Griffin confronted him with a handgun. The deputy was found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.[276][277]
2006-06-14 Lofton, Malcolm (29) Illinois (Chicago) [278]
2006-06-07 Hernandez, Juan (45) Illinois (Chicago) [279]
2006-06-07 Cabrera, Santos Georgia (Atlanta) Shot after swinging a piece of metal at an officer. Police were responding to a report of a fatal ax attack on a child. When officers approached a man acting suspiciously, he threw a tire at one officer, breaking his arm.[280]
2006-06-03 King, James (47) Illinois (Chicago) [281]
2006-05-30 Zehm, Otto Washington (Spokane) Otto Zehm
2006-05-16 Walker, Jovan (24) Illinois (Chicago) Walker was shot and killed when he allegedly pointed gun at the officer. But witnesses say he had his hands up when he was shot by the officer.[282]
2006-05-03 Dunbar, Michael (30) Illinois (Chicago) [283]
2006-04-30 Betts, Dantwan (21) Illinois (Chicago) Betts was shot to death after he allegedly backed his car into the officer's car.[284]
2006-04-14 Burgess, Christopher California (Eureka) Officers from the Humboldt County Probation Department attempted to serve a warrant on Burgess for a probation violation. He then pulled out a 10-inch hunting knife. The probation officers maced him, but Burgess forced them out of the house. He then retreated through the yards of various neighbours and went into a gully. Eureka Police Department officer, Terry Liles, located Burgess and yelled at him to give up. Moments later, Burgess was shot two times by Liles after he allegedly threatened him with a knife.[285][286]
2006-04-14 Moore, Cheri Lynn California (Eureka) Moore, who was suicidal, was shot by SWAT after pointing a flare gun. The police chief and a lieutenant, who did not shoot Moore but ordered the SWAT raid, were indicted by a grand jury for involuntary manslaughter, but the case was dismissed by a judge.[287][288]
2006-04-12 Keller, Brian (30) Illinois (Chicago) [289]
2006-04-07 Elrod, Kenneth (31) Illinois (Chicago) [290]
2006-04-07 Centera, Demetri (31) Illinois (Chicago) [290]
2006-04-06 Nicholson, Paris (21) Illinois (Summit) [291]
2006-03-25 James, Sherett (22) U.S. Virgin Islands (Charlotte Amalie) An off-duty detective murdered his girlfriend and wounded another man. He was convicted of six out of eight charges and was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 40 years, which he is serving at Citrus County Detention Facility in Lecanto, Florida.[292]
2006-03-07 Hamley, Joseph Erin Arkansas Fatal police shooting of Joseph Erin Hamley
2006-02-28 Andrews, Eric James (18) California, Temecula Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department were responding to a 911 call about a suicidal man in an apartment complex. When they arrived at the apartment, they ordered all occupants to evacuate. An 18-year-old woman first came out with a knife and was temporarily detained by the deputies. She told them that Andrews was inside her apartment building. When they came into the apartment, they ordered anyone inside to show themselves to the deputies. After no response, they went upstairs and saw Andrews holding a knife. Andrews was ordered to drop the knife, but he charged at the deputies, resulting in his death.[293]
2006-02-28 Richardson, Walter Jr. (36) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Killed in a shootout with police and federal agents. Richardson had shot a police officer in New Hartford, New York the previous day during a jewelry store robbery.[294][295]
2006-02-25 Brown, Aaron Virginia (Alexandria) Killed by police officer shooting into the vehicle in which Brown was traveling with other teens who had left a restaurant without paying the bill.[296][297]
2006-02-15 Xi, Nan Guang (32) Northern Mariana Islands (San Antonio) After stabbing and killing three people at a bookstore, Xi attacked an officer and was shot and killed.[298]
2006-02-13 Angle, Everett (58) California (Atwater) A SWAT officer from the Merced County Sheriff's Department shot and killed Everett Angle after a two-hour standoff. Angle walked out of his house and fired a shot from a .22 caliber rifle. Angle had been facing health problems and was depressed according to his daughter-in-law.[299][300]
2006-02-04 Williams Jr., Jessie Lee Mississippi (Gulfport) Williams was beaten while being arrested for a misdemeanor charge at the Harrison County jail. He was kicked, tased, covered with a mask filled with pepper spray while being tied to a restraint chair, and he finally died on the chair when he was hit.[301][302]
2006-01-20 Walker, Clarence Georgia (Marshallville) Died of a sudden cardiac arrhythmia while being arrested and after being subdued with pepper spray. Officers were arresting Walker for probation and parole violations.[303][304]
2006-01-17 Jones, Cleon (32) Illinois (Chicago) [305]
2006-01-06 Anderson, Martin Florida Martin Anderson death controversy


The table below lists 39 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2005‑12-11 Suell, Donald Northern Mariana Islands (Gualo Rai) Suell, also known as Orin Tagabuel, was shot by an officer responding to a fight after he allegedly attacked the officer with a piece of wood.[306]
2005‑12-03 Ex, Harvey (53) Nevada (Stateline) Ex was killed in a shootout with two sheriff's deputies outside Harrah's Lake Tahoe casino.[307]
2005‑10‑16 Hodell, Robert (59) New Jersey (Galloway Township) Hodell was shot and killed by Galloway Township Police Corporal Sean Hackney after he armed himself with scissors and charged at the officer.[308]
2005-10-14 Garcia, Mario Perez (34) California (Atwater) About 7:40 pm Merced County sheriff deputies responded to a report of an intoxicated man trying to shoot himself. When deputies arrived at the home they found Garcia holding a handgun and they negotiated with him for fifteen to twenty minutes. When Garcia demanded they shoot him and pointed his gun at the deputies, one of the deputies shot and killed him.[309][310]
2005-09-23 Verdee, Virginia (12) New York (The Bronx) Verdee died after being struck and killed by an SVU being driven by an off-duty officer Michael Carlo on Grand Concourse.[311]
2005-09-08 Kaady, Fouad Sandy, Oregon Kaady shot to death by police after being injured in a car wreck and refusing to comply with officers.[312]
2005‑09‑04 Brissette, James Louisiana Danziger Bridge shootings
Madison, Ronald
2005-09-02 Glover, Henry Louisiana Death of Henry Glover
2005-08-11 Kim, Richard California (Dublin) Police shot Lee as he was wielding a knife, and one of the shots pierced through a door and struck Kim, killing him.[313]
Lee, Kwang Tae
2005-08-07 Stone, James A. Michigan (Detroit) James "Poppa" Stone, "died in [police] custody at the Second Precinct after pleading to go to the hospital for several days."[314]
2005-08-05 Erwin, Rodney Colorado (Colorado Springs) Shot after pointing gun at police who were attempting arrest for parole violation.[315]
2005-07-28 Walton, Shane (28) California (Bakersfield) Walton, as suspect in a carjacking and armed robbery, was pursued in a high speed chase by Bakersfield Police officers. When they stopped his vehicle and he tried to run away, two officers fired multiple times, killing him.[316]
2005-07-07 Ousa, Bounmy West Valley City, Utah Shot outside his home while undercover police were staking out a suspected drug house[317]
2005-07-06 Washington, Walter Jr. (38) Utica, New York Shot and killed outside Washington's ex-girlfriend's home. Utica Police officer Samuel Geddes and New York State Trooper Thomas Haver alleged that Washington pointed a handgun at them. Washington was later found to be in possession of a BB gun.[294]
2005-07-03 Scott, Anthony (25) Michigan (Detroit) Killed by police at a gas station. Police claim he had a knife in his hand but according to witnesses "he did not pull it or otherwise threaten the cops."[255] Scott's family sued the city of Detroit for a wrongful death. It was settled for $1.2 million.[318]
2005-06-20 Manley, Perry Washington (Seattle) Shot after attempting to enter courthouse with WWII-era grenade. Police spent 20 minutes attempting to convince Manly to surrender. Was shot after making a "furtive movement with the grenade" which was later found to be defused.[319]
2005-06-18 Mendoza, Daniel (21) California (Fresno) Daniel Mendoza, age 21, was shot and killed by Fresno Police officers.[320] He was a passenger in a car police had pulled over after a brief chase. He had been sought in connection with a shooting into his girlfriend's apartment on June 8.[321]
2005-05-10 McGowan, Chase (14) California (Garner Valley) District Attorney's Investigator David McGowan killed his three children, his wife, and his mother with his service weapon at their home before taking his own life.[322]
McGowan, Paige (10)
McGowan, Rayne (8)
McGowan, Karen (42)
McGowan, Angelia (75)
2005-05-07 Bryant, Jashon (18) Connecticut (Hartford) Hartford Police Department officer Robert Lawlor and an FBI agent were working for an anti-drug task force in Hartford's North End and were trying to apprehend two suspects, Jashon Bryant and 21-year-old Brandon Henry. According to Lawlor, Henry and Bryant were in their car and Henry sped towards the FBI agent. Lawlor then fired at the car, killing Bryant and wounding Henry. Lawlor was charged with manslaughter and assault, and was found not guilty in 2009.[323]
2005-04-23 Williams, Brandon Georgia (Atlanta) Shot after shooting and killing police officer. Williams was the driver of a vehicle that was pulled over by an anti-narcotics unit. As the officer approached the vehicle, Williams shot him through the closed window.[324]
2005-03-31 Good, Michael Douglas California (Bakersfield) Good was killed by Kern County Sheriffs deputy Sean Pratt when Good allegedly pointed a handgun toward the officer at a motel.[325][326] A Sheriff's Department shooting review board found the shooting to be within policy.[327]
2005‑03-07 Prado, Wilbert Milwaukee, Wisconsin [328]
2005-02-19 McClendon Jr, Arlin (36) Illinois (Calumet City) After Medina exited a vehicle,(that was just chased) he was shot.[329]
2005-02-12 Lightfoote-Powell, Allante (16) Michigan (Detroit) Killed by police in the basement of his home. Police claim he was armed and came out firing however according to reports "no gunshot residue tests were performed on his hands, according to records later obtained from DPD."[255]
2005-02-12 Shuaibi, Mohammed (17) Illinois (Orland Park) Killed when off-duty officer Jason Casper crashed into their car while DUI.[330]
2005-02-12 Shaban, Ahmad (16) Illinois (Orland Park) Killed when off-duty officer Jason Casper crashed into their car while DUI.[330]
2005-02-11 Medina, Herman (15) Illinois (Chicago) After Medina exited a vehicle,(that was just chased) he was shot.[331]
2005-02-10 Hasse, Ronald (54) Illinois (Chicago) Hasse died after an officer shocked him with a Taser for 57 seconds.[332]
2005-02-06 Lopez-Ochoa, Wilson "Alex" (21) Illinois (Waukegan) Lopez-Ochoa was killed when his car was struck by a squad car driven by officer Michael Newman on Super Bowl Sunday.[333]
2005-02-02 Burks, Wilbert (39) Michigan (Detroit) Killed by police in his home. According to eyewitnesses "It was overkill,” a neighbor told reporter Dianne Bukowski. “They had over 28 shots and he never shot off a round. The house was riddled with bullets. His girlfriend had two children in the house at the time. Her teenage daughter passed out, and they had to call EMS for her. Afterwards, the police were laughing in the street, like it was a party."[255]
2005-01-21 Yu, Hwan (39) Illinois (Chicago) [334]
2005-01-18 Balbontin, Arcelia (29) Illinois (Chicago) Balbontin was stabbed by her husband, off-duty officer Rafael Balbontin. At the time of Balbontin's murder, Rafael Balbontin was also being sued for the October 2002 fatal shooting of unarmed Juan Salazar.[335]
2005-01 "UNARMED MOTORIST" Michigan (Detroit) An unarmed and unnamed motorist, who according to reports is still unnamed to this day, was "shot to cops as he waited with his stalled vehicle."[255]


The table below lists 25 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
12-24-2004 Miller, Rodney Allen (45) Minnesota (Beauford) Shot by State patrolman while unarmed. Officer stated vehicle was in motion and shooting deemed justified.[336]
2004‑12‑28 Madonna, Michael Idaho (Hayden) Shot after shooting a policeman. Officers were questioning Madonna about an earlier hit-and-run accident when he fled into his house and retrieved a gun.[337]
2004-12-23 Herrera, Juan California (Buena Park) Herrera and another person were pulled over for a traffic violation. Herrera then drove away from the officers as they were going towards the driver's-side window, initiating a vehicle pursuit. After his Oldsmobile was blocked by a patrol car, Buena Park police officer, Ron Furtado, ran up to the driver's-side window and ordered Herrera to put his hands up. Furtado then shot Herrera in the head as he was allegedly leaning over the seat to grab a weapon.[338]
2004-11-24 O'Connor, Brian (42) Ilion, New York Ilion and Herkimer police were attempting to execute warrants for weapon possession. O'Connor opened fire on the police, and was shot to death in the ensuing shootout.[294]
2004-11-22 Feliciano, Jose (44) New York (Brooklyn) Shot when he didn't drop the metal casing of a light fixture he was holding.[339]
2004-11-11 Crawford, Dennis Michigan (Detroit) Crawford was unarmed and was killed by Laron York and Barron Townsend. According to reports "York shot him four times, once in the back, once in the head, and twice in the leg." The mother of Crawford's son claims that Crawford was shot 15 times in an online report.[340] In addition, the federal lawsuit was settled with the Crawford family for an undisclosed amount.[340]
2004-11-09 Bell, Michael E. (21) Wisconsin (Kenosha) Bell was tased four times and then shot in the head by officer Albert Gonzalez after a traffic stop. Four officers were involved. Gonzalez killed Bell after officer Erich Strausbaugh called out "He's got my gun!", referring to Bell, but his gun was actually caught on a car's side mirror. Bell was unarmed. The incident occurred in Bell's driveway while his mother and sister watched. Bell's family received a $1.75 million settlement in a civil suit in March 2010, and used the money to raise awareness about the case. Officer Strausbaugh killed himself in October 2010.[341] As of May 2013, the state of Wisconsin has filed no charges against the officers involved.[342]
2004-11-01 Walters, James Alan (40) California (Bakersfield) Walters was shot by Kern County Sheriffs deputies after a standoff outside his home.[343]
2004-10-21 Snelgrove, Victoria (21) Massachusetts (Boston) Shooting of Victoria Snelgrove: Following Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, in which the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees, police officer used crowd-control projectiles on a crowd. One projectile accidentally hit Snelgrove, who was not a part of the crowd, in the eye.
2004-10-09 Badovinac, David Michael Colorado (Colorado Springs) Shot after shooting at police.[344]
2004-10-09 Chavis, Gregory (19) New York (Bronx) While leaving a movie theater Chavis and his friends got into a verbal altercation with another group, and Chavis was shot by an unknown person. He was left bleeding on the sidewalk. His family and a witness contended that NYPD deliberately delayed medical attention for half an hour, with Lincoln Hospital only a block away, and caused Chavis's death. In a wrongful death proceeding the state's defense included the assertion that "Chavis had no constitutional right to medical treatment".
2004-09-27 Mota, Boangeres (37) New York (Manhattan) Shot and killed after pulling out a derringer pistol.[93]
2004-08-30 Moody, Rashawn (18) New York (Brooklyn) Officers in an unmarked car were parked at a car wash when a robbery unfolded. The officers were allegedly shot at. They then returned 26 rounds. At least five rounds struck and killed Moody. Three suspects were taken into custody.[345]
2004-07 LaRue, James Colorado (Colorado Springs) Shot after pointing gun at police and using officer's Taser on two officers.[344]
2004-06-20 Huerta, Juan (47) New York (Manhattan) Shot and killed in the subway system after robbing a 66-year-old man. No weapon was recovered from Huerta's body.[346]
2004-06-04 Kissel, Dennis (60) Connecticut (Seymour) Kissel, an Oxford-based optometrist, made an appointment at another optometrist's office under a fake name. When he met the other optometrist, Kissel shot him with a revolver. After the victim and his assistant wrestled the gun away from Kissel, they shut him in an exam room. When officers arrived, Kissel lunged at them holding a screwdriver, and officers fatally shot him.[347]
2004-04-14 Bochat, Donald (31) California (Farmersville) Wanted for shooting and wounding a California Highway Patrol Officer on April 10, Bochat was found in a Farmersville residence but he fled in a vehicle. Officers shot at the vehicle, disabling it. When he emerged from the vehicle, rifle in hand, he was shot and killed by officers.[348]
2004-03-28 Perez, James Jahar Akbar Oregon (Portland) Perez was pulled over for failure to signal a turn.[349]: 1669  After some kind of altercation (witnesses say he did not even take off his seatbelt, and he was unarmed), officer Jason Sery fired three rounds into his vehicle.[350] A grand jury found no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the officer.[351]
2004-03-10 Smalls, Leroy (41) New York (Manhattan) Shot to death in a housing project by two plainclothes detectives.[352]
2004-02-20 Jackson, Herman Georgia (Sylvester) Died from broken larynx suffered as a police officer wrapped his arm around Jackson's neck to subdue him during an arrest.[353]
2004-02-17 Cardenas, Rodolfo (43) California (San Jose) Cardenas was shot and killed by California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement agent Michael Walker in downtown San Jose. Walker mistook Cardenas for a wanted fugitive, and shot him during a foot chase. Cardenas engaged in a car chase with Walker before the foot chase, and Walker claimed Cardenas had a weapon on him and was pulling it out before he shot him. Walker was charged with voluntary manslaughter but was found not guilty.[354] In 2006, Cardenas' family received $1 million from a federal civil rights lawsuit.[355]
2004-02-08 Alba, Wilson (31) New York (Brooklyn) Shot & killed by off-duty Customs Service inspector Martin Carrington.[356]
2004-01-13 Chaney, Terry James Georgia (Lilburn) Shot after shooting at deputies. Officers were responding to a report of a home invasion where two people were killed. Officers chased the suspect into the woods where he shot at them.[357][358]
2004-01-09 Duncan, Joshua (27) California (Bakersfield) Two Bakersfield police officers were investigating a report of attempted burglary in a mobile home park. The officers said they fired their weapons when the suspect drove a car toward them. The passenger in the car was wounded by police gunfire.[359]
2004-01-04 Stansbury, Timothy New York Timothy Stansbury


The table below lists 36 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2003-12-31 Scaringe, David (26) New York (Albany) Killed by bullets meant for a drunk driver. The bullets also injured a bystander.[93]
2003‑12‑12 Walker, Kenneth Georgia (Columbus) Shot during traffic stop on suspicion of drug possession.[360]
2003-11-15 Cathcart, Desean (26) New York (Brooklyn) [361]
2003-11-03 Wimbush, Russell (43) New York (Staten Island) [362]
2003-10-29 Powell, Renardo (26) New York (Brooklyn) [93]
2003-10-24 Reed, Piarre California (Meiners Oaks) Shot in the head by a SWAT team sniper outside of his home. Police allege that Reed was armed, but no weapons were found.[363]
2003‑10‑11 Venable, Billye California (San Diego) Shot in the head while allegedly resisting arrest.[364]
2003-09-19 Seignious, Stephen (37) New York (Bronx) [365]
2003-08-27 Tapia, Salvador (36) Illinois (Chicago) Tapia entered his workplace and shot and killed six co-workers. He was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police officers.[366]
2003-08-24 Brunston, Deandre California (Compton) Shooting of Deandre Brunston
2003-08-08 Sylvester, Melvin (65) New York (Manhattan) Shot when he did not drop the knife he was holding.[367]
2003-08-05 Washington, Denise (30) Colorado (Aurora) Washington was shot when she struck a policeman with a candlestick. She was off her mental illness meds.[368]
2003-07-23 Askew, Othniel (31) New York (Manhattan) Shot and killed after he assassinated councilman James E. Davis.[369]
2003-07-14 McHugh, Joan (47) New York (Roslyn Heights) Killed by her NYPD boyfriend, who then killed himself.[370]
2003-06-18 Washington, Calvin (41) New York (Brooklyn) Died from a heart attack after his house was raided without warning.[371]
2003-07-20 Rivera Robles, Jose Antonio Puerto Rico (San Juan) Two officers punched and kicked Rivera Robles while arresting him, resulting in his death. In 2009 the officers were convicted and sentenced to 10 and six and a half years in prison, respectively.[372]
2003-06-29 Wilson, Sandra Florida (North Miami Beach) Shot by her police officer boyfriend on the same force. The boyfriend then killed himself.[373]
2003-05-22 Zongo, Ousmane New York Ousmane Zongo
2003-05-16 Spruill, Alberta Harlem (New York) Died of heart failure due to the use of stun grenades when police raided the wrong apartment looking for drugs after a tip from an unreliable informant[374]
2003-05-05 James, Kendra Oregon (Portland) Shot as a passenger in a car while trying to flee a traffic stop.[349]: 1669 
2003-05-02 Herring, Gregory Colorado (Colorado Springs) Died of "sudden cardiovascular collapse" during struggle with police. The police were responding to report of a naked and bleeding man in apartment parking lot who was yelling and banging on doors. City settled for $19,500 with Herring estate.[375]
2003‑05‑01 Lopez, Carlos (19) New York (Brooklyn) Lopez had allegedly just shot and killed a man and left in a van. Officers pulled him over & shot and killed him when he turned toward them.[376]
2003‑04‑30 Quinones, Floyd (28) New York (Brooklyn) Shot and killed after he fired 17 shots into the air to mark a friend's birthday.[377]
2003‑04‑26 Johnson, Charquissa (23) Washington DC Johnson was shot after she was ordered to drop the gun she was holding. But witnesses say Johnson was unarmed and had her hands raised when she was shot.[378]
2003-04-26 Brame, Crystal Washington (Tacoma) Wife of Tacoma Chief of Police David Brame, killed by her husband in a murder-suicide two months after she filed for divorce citing a long history of domestic abuse.[379]
2003‑04‑16 Faulkner, Etzel (43) New York (Queens) Shot and killed when he pulled out a pellet gun.[380]
2003‑03‑24 Smith, Odell (23) Washington DC Smith was killed when he allegedly turned around and pointed a gun at officers during a foot pursuit.[93]
2003-03-08 Pleasance, Michael Illinois (Chicago) Shot in a subway terminal. An officer had broken up a fight involving another man and Pleasance was standing nearby when the officer shot him in the head. Pleasance's family was awarded $3 million for his death. The officer was suspended for 30 days and later promoted.[381]
2003-03-02 Fields, Justin Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [382][383]
2003‑02‑09 Kanally, Jason (26) New York (Lockport) [384]
2003-02-03 Bauschek, Joseph Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [382]
2003-02-02 Bates, Stanley Georgia (DeKalb County) Shot after lunging at police with knife. Police were responding to report of a man attempting to enter his mother's home by force. The officer involved later lost a $7 million civil judgment in federal court for wrongful death in the incident.[385]
2003‑01‑04 Rodriguez, Ana (63) New York (Brooklyn) Hit and killed by a speeding officer.[386]
2003‑01‑02 Lagattuta, John (35) New York (Brooklyn) [387]
2003‑01‑01 Reid, Anthony (21) New York (Brooklyn) [388]
2003‑01‑01 Nixon, Jamal (19) New York (Brooklyn) [388]
2003‑01‑01 Newsome, Allen (17) New York City [389]


The table below lists 24 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2002‑12‑20 Weigel, Bruce James Wyoming (south of Cheyenne) Died of "mechanical asphyxiation" as a result of arresting state trooper putting weight on Weigel's back while handcuffing Weigel on the ground. The state of Wyoming settled a federal lawsuit for $500,000 in the case.[390][391]
2002-12-12 Ham III, James Lee Georgia (Tift County) Died from injuries following police use of a PIT maneuver on suspect's vehicle.[392][393]
2002-12-22 Pundsack, Edward Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [382]
2002-12-05 Taylor, James E. Kentucky (Louisville) Fifty-year-old African-American Taylor was shot multiple times in his apartment on St. Catherine Blvd. in Old Louisville, his hands cuffed behind his back. The two arresting LMPD officers alleged that he'd tried to cut them with a box-cutter he apparently had in his back pocket. Officers were acquitted of all charges.[394]
2002-11-23 Butler, Koron (24) Michigan (Detroit) [395]
2002-10-11 Nelson, Dawn Rae Arizona (Chandler) Nelson was shot by officer Dan Lovelace. According to Lovelace, Nelson was driving towards him with her car, but prosecutors said they believed that Lovelace's life was not in danger when he shot Nelson. Lovelace was charged with second-degree murder, and was not found not guilty. He was fired from the Chandler Police Department.[396]
2002-10-27 Torres, Everado (24) California (Madera) A Madera Police officer shot Torres as he sat, handcuffed, in the back of a police car. He had been arrested for resisting as police tried to quiet a loud party. The officer reported that she had intended to reach for her Taser but grabbed her firearm instead.[397]
2002-10-01 Boyce, Mark (37) Michigan (Detroit) [398]
2002-8-12 Arnold, Christopher "Winks" Pennsylvania (York) Arnold died of positional asphyxiation after being beaten by police in his front yard, hogtied, and placed face down in the police wagon. Officers were responding to a reports of Arnold, a schizophrenic, walking around and talking to himself.[399]
2002-08-05 Hardeman, Tessa (35) Georgia (Atlanta) Tessa Hardeman, who was an alleged prostitute, allegedly pepper-sprayed and stabbed the officer who was trying to arrest her for solicitation. She was shot and killed.[400]
2002-08-01 Donald, Martha (60) Minnesota (Minneapolis) Killed in a shootout with officer Melissa Jayne Schmidt, who also died.[401][402]
2002-07-28 ?(16) Michigan (Detroit) [403]
2002-06-11 King, Sophia (23) Texas (Austin) [404][405][406]
2002-05-31 Pineiro, Antonio (48) California (Long Beach) Pineiro entered a supermarket with firearms and opened fire at random, killing two people and wounding four others. Responding law enforcement officers fatally shot Pineiro.[407]
2002-05-29 Ball, Laron Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Ball was shot and killed in the Milwaukee safety building at his homicide trial. As the verdicts were read, Ball jumped over a table and the jury box to a window but failed to smash it open. Two sheriff's deputies tackled him, but he got hold of their guns, and one deputy, Mike Witkowski, was shot in the leg before a Milwaukee police detective shot and killed Ball.[408]
2002-05-25 Volpa, Mark Charles, Jr. (21) California (Auberry) A SWAT team from Fresno Police, Fresno County Sheriff's Office, and Clovis Police surrounded Volpa in his camper. They negotiated for several hours for his surrender. Officers say he was shot and killed when he exited the camper with an assault rifle. He had been sought for killing a Fresno County Sheriff's deputy May 19.[409][410]
2002-04-26 Heywood, Terrance U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix) An officer responded after reports of a naked man at a beach. When the officer confronted the man, Heywood, he approached the officer, who fell over before shooting Heywood. Heywood was unarmed.[411]
2002-03-27 Ruch, Nathan (20) Illinois (Normal) Shot and killed by Officer James Merica via shotgun. Merica exited his police vehicle with a shotgun as Ruch's pickup came around the house and "veered toward the officer", Merica fired four shots at the truck, which crossed the cul-de-sac and crashed into a garage. Ruch was unarmed "Settlement unsealed in Normal police shooting". daily-journal.com. October 14, 2013.</ref>
2002-03-18 Wolk, Henry (77) Illinois (Chicago) Killed in a shootout with officer Donald J. Marquez, who also died.[412]
2002-02-22 Hammick, Byro Oregon (Portland) Police were responding to a 911 call from a security guard that a man was assaulting a 3-year-old boy. The police were informed by the guard that the man could be armed with a handgun. When police arrived, they ordered Hammick to stop. The officers considered using their mace and batons to subdue Hammick, but decided that the motel room was small and that Hammick was too large. Police fired a shot through a broken window, wounding Hammick. Four shots in total were then fired, killing Hammick. He was found to be unarmed, but had PCP and Methamphetamine in his system. Before the incident, Hammick called 911 between 1:30 am and 2:00 am to report a noise complaint about a local dance club across the street from the motel. Later, Hammick called 911 at 3:05 am, threatening to kill the 3-year-old boy.[413][414]
2002-01-31 Turner, Guanda (41) California (Long Beach) Turner died a week later after officers put her in a chokehold.[415]
2002-01-24 Charles, Kerby U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix) An officer found Charles trespassing on his property after hearing his dog bark. After pursuing Charles, he and the officer fought over a gun, and it discharged, killing Charles. The officer faced administrative charges, as the Attorney General stated the officer should have called for backup and should not have approached Charles close enough to let him lunge for his weapon.[411]
2002-01-19 Byrd, Marcella (57) California (Long Beach) [416][417]
2002-?-? Rodriguez, Samuel Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [382]


The table below lists 25 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2001-12-23 Sharp, Richard California (San Jose) An advocate for worker's rights and known for his friendly personality, Richard's (53) demeanor changed suddenly after a hospital visit and then a car crash into a tree. A couple days later, a call to 911 from his wife reported that he had attacked her and was threatening the family with a hammer. After police arrived, Richard was in his front yard staring at the sky, slowly spinning, with wife and kids watching from the door. He was holding a knife and hammer up to the sky, talking to the sky, when he was shot about 10 times from the back by several officers. Richard's wife later initiated a lawsuit for inappropriate action by the police.[418]
2001-12-21 Jones, Melanie (22) Virginia (Newport News) Shot after she allegedly ignored orders to drop the gun she was holding.[419]
2001-11-23 Michalacos, Steven (67) New York (Brooklyn) Hit and killed by a NYPD car responding to another scene.[420]
2001-11-06 Hood, Timothy Georgia (Athens) Shot after placing a gun to officer's head.[421]
2001-10-09 Hatcher, Richard (19) New York (Brooklyn) [422]
2001-10-08 Vinson, Shannon (28) New York (Queens) [423]
2001-09-28 Medina Diaz, David Eric U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix) Following reports of gunshots, an officer shot Medina Diaz in the chest following a fight.[411]
2001-09-26 Maguadog, Peter Aguon Guam (Tamuning) Maguadog shot and killed his estranged wife and another woman and wounded four others at a clinic before being shot and killed by police.[424]
2001-09-21 Bostic, Stacy Rondell Georgia (Athens) Shot after shooting at officer. Police were responding to report of an armed robbery of a hotel. A man running from the scene matched suspects description and was commanded to stop.[425][426]
2001-09-20 Brodie, Gwendulina (34) New York (Suffolk) [427]
2001-08-22 Harris, Daniel (47) Ohio (Cleveland) Harris was shot while grabbing a police officer's gun and refusing to let go, after a car chase with police.
2001-08-08 Martinez, Nelson Bellevue, Washington Mike Hetle, a Bellevue, Washington police officer, confronted Martinez as he was driving away from the scene of an alleged domestic dispute with his cousin. Hetle was given erroneous information by a dispatcher who claimed that Martinez was known for being a repeat offender for domestic violence. Hetle ordered Martinez, in English, to get out of the car and, in Spanish, to put his hands up. Martinez did not comply and began to pull something from his waistband, which was later found out to be a wallet. Hetle then shot Martinez two times, believing he was in danger[428]
2001-08-04 Pena, Dilcia (16) New York (Brooklyn) Hit and killed by Joseph Gray.
Herrera, Maria (24)
Thomas, Leanna (17)
Herrera, Andy (4)
2001-07-14 Johnson, Tyron (30) California (Bakersfield) Johnson was killed by Bakersfield Police officers. They were investigating gunshots and chased Johnson. He fired at them several times, striking an officer and a woman. The wounded officer shot and killed Johnson.[429]
2001-06-30 Curtis, Scott Andrew Oklahoma (Washita County) Shot and killed after leading troopers on a car chase.[430]
2001-06-03 Rogers, Asie (17) U.S. Virgin Islands (St. John) Police responded to a domestic dispute and shot Rogers after he allegedly threatened his mother and officers with a knife.[431]
2001-05-16 Brown, Thomasina (44) Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) Shot by two officers after shooting and killing 37-year-old Carmen Collins.[432][433]
2001-04-10 Teklai, Michael (27) New Jersey (Kearny) Teklai returned to the post office where he formerly worked and stabbed three people with a knife. Officers shot and killed Teklai when he refused to drop his weapons, including three knives and a handgun.[434]
2001-03-20 Fields, Joseph (46) New York (Ridge) Shot after a standoff.[435]
2001-02-24 Venuti, Mark (36) New Jersey (Elizabeth) Officers killed Venuti after he charged at them holding a "dark object" above his head, which turned out to be a bible.[436]
2001-02-16 Baker, Gary (?) New York (Hornell) Shot after stabbing his wife to death.[437]
2001-01-16 Alexander, Juliette (29) New York (Brooklyn) [438]


The table below lists 57 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
2000-12-28 James, Samuel U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) Police were called after James's girlfriend reported he had attacked her. Police shot James after he tried to attack them with a machete, according to police.[411]
2000-12-24 Culberson, James New York (Brooklyn) Killed along with Jonathan Lynch[439]
2000-12-24 Lynch, Jonathan New York (Brooklyn) Killed along with James Culberson[440]
2000-12-12 Ross, Andrew (25) Illinois (Chicago) [441]
2000-11-30 Edwards, Luther New York (Syracuse) [442]
2000-11-03 Vega, Juan (56) Illinois (Chicago) [443]
2000-11-02 Cuccio, Janyce New York (Valley Cottage) [444]
2000-11-01 Sanders, Alfred Charles 'Abuka' Minneapolis, Minnesota Sanders was shot by police after a traffic stop.[445]
2000-10-28 Lee, Anthony Dwain California (Los Angeles) Anthony Dwain Lee was shot by police while carrying a rubber toy gun at a Halloween party.
2000-10-26 unidentified man Wisconsin (Milwaukee) [446]
2000-10-26 Easley, Christopher Wisconsin (Lake Geneva) [447]
2000-10-25 Polk, Brandon (18) Illinois (Chicago) [448]
2000-10-24 Penny, Kenyon California (Los Angeles) After crashing with a parked car, Penny shot at officers after exiting. Penny was killed when the officers returned fire.[449]
2000-10-23 Valentine, Carmen New York (Brooklyn) [450]
2000-10-22 Edwards, Samuel (42) Illinois (Chicago) Hit and killed by a police car while riding a bike.[451]
2000-10-20 Colon, Reynaldo New York (Brooklyn) [452]
2000-10-19 Graham Colorado (Cripple Creek) Shot after pointing a rifle at police. Graham had started a fire in the police parking lot and was spraying fuel on the fire.[453]
2000-10-18 Scott, Marsean (19) Ohio (Cleveland) Police confronted a man with a gun after responding to a call of shots being fired. Marsean Scott exchanged gunfire with police and died.[454]
2000-10-04 Adams, John Tennessee (Lebanon) Shot after shooting at police. Officers raided wrong house in drug raid. Adams' wife thought they were victims of a home invasion and called for Adams to get his gun.[455]
2000-09-20 Rodriguez, Ismael New York (Manhattan) [456]
2000-09-18 Terry, Ronald (37) Illinois (Chicago) [457]
2000-09-15 Sanchez, Daniel (22) California (Los Angeles) Shot dead by three police officers after crashing into a light pole. Sanchez was unarmed.[458]
2000-08-29 Errol Shaw Sr. (39) Michigan (Detroit) Graduated from Michigan School for the Deaf in 1979; Shot by police on August 29 during an evening confrontation. Shaw, who was deaf and mute, did not see any police flash siren. The police approached him with a flashlight on his face, and unable to hear their commands, he perceived it as a mugging attempt. In self-defense, he protected himself with a rake, but the police acted swiftly, resulting in his death. Relatives and neighbors, including Shaw's niece Katina Crumpton, pleaded with the police not to shoot, emphasizing that Shaw couldn't hear. Witnesses claim that despite the warnings, police fired multiple shots. Shaw's mother, Annie Shaw, also shouted at the officers not to shoot her son, but their pleas were ignored. After the shooting, witnesses criticized the police for not taking immediate action to transport Shaw to the hospital, leaving him bleeding at the scene. Detectives reportedly appeared nonchalant, and some officers were seen laughing and joking. The incident has raised concerns about police response, especially in cases involving individuals with disabilities.[459][460][461][462]
2000-08-26 Eady, Anthony California (Los Angeles) [463]
2000-08-17 Britton, James (34) Illinois (Chicago) [464]
2000-08-12 Alalouf, Arthur New York (Brooklyn) [465]
2000-08-03 Moore, Edward New York (Bronx) [466]
2000-08-01 Palacios, Alfredo Cerna (37) California (Bakersfield) Shot by a Bakersfield Police officer when, with a pair of scissors in his hand, he moved toward the two officers. He was within eight to twelve feet of the officers who were investigating a report of a man behaving strangely.[467][468]
2000-07-25 Lucas, Samuel (22) Illinois (Chicago) [469]
2000-07-20 Morales, Kevin (17) Illinois (Chicago) [470]
2000-07-07 Cisco, D'Andre New York (Queens) [471]
2000-06-30 Bymon, Lisa (26) Georgia (Hinesville) Stabbed to death, along with her two young children and her friend, by off-duty Ludowici Police Officer Calvin Williams. Williams was sentenced to four life sentences for the crimes.[472][473]
2000-06-30 Bymon, Desiree (7) Georgia (Hinesville) Stabbed to death by off-duty Ludowici Police Officer Calvin Williams.[472][473]
2000-06-30 Bymon, Juwan (6) Georgia (Hinesville) Stabbed to death by off-duty Ludowici Police Officer Calvin Williams.[472][473]
2000-06-30 Davis, Ponda (28) Georgia (Hinesville) Stabbed to death by off-duty Ludowici Police Officer Calvin Williams.[472][473]
2000-06-20 Austin, Daniel (44) Illinois (Chicago) [474]
2000-06-18 Washington, Robert (17) Illinois (Chicago) [475]
2000-05-12 Taylor, Michael (20) Illinois (Chicago) [476]
2000-05-04 Dieterle, Todd (37) California (Santa Rosa) Dieterle robbed a convenience store with a plastic squirt gun that was painted to look realistic, and was shot at least seven times by Santa Rosa Police Department and Santa Rosa Junior College Police officers.
2000-05-03 Zagar, Joseph (39) Illinois (Chicago) [477]
2000-05 Camacho, Robert Francisco California (Rohnert Park) Camacho was shot in his trailer park 5 times by police after they came there to respond to a mental health crisis. Camacho had a firearm and was firing it in the trailer park before being shot by police.
2000-04-26 Ramsey, Randall (17) California (Los Angeles) [478]
2000-04-22 Murphy Jr., James New York (Queens) [479]
2000-04-12 Burno, Malcolm New York (Brooklyn) [480]
2000-04-10 McDonald, Erin (31) California (Windsor) McDonald was shot by police officers after she pointed a BB gun at them. Police came to her residence in response to a psychotic episode.
2000-03-31 Bourne, Tysheen (19) New York (Brooklyn) Shot to death, along with Andre Fields, by undercover NYPD narcotics detectives after the teenagers allegedly attempted to rob the officers with a toy pistol and a pellet gun wrapped in black tape.[481]
2000-03-31 Chagolla, Felix (26) California (Los Angeles) Shot while threatening to explode a fake grenade.[482]
2000-03-31 Fields, Andre (17) New York (Brooklyn) Shot to death, along with Tysheen Bourne, by undercover NYPD narcotics detectives after the teenagers allegedly attempted to rob the officers with a toy pistol and a pellet gun wrapped in black tape.[481]
2000-03-16 Hutchinson, Arthur (40) Illinois (Chicago) [483]
2000-03-16 Dorismond, Patrick New York (New York) Patrick Dorismond
2000-03-01 Deen Raymond, Maliki Yawmi New York (New York) [484]
2000-02-05 Moore, Donald New York (Queens) [485]
2000-02-02 Fregoso, Edgar California (Los Angeles) Shot while speeding towards an officer.[486]
2000-02-29 Guy, Eugene (21) Illinois (Chicago) [487]
2000-01-28 Young, Cornel Jr. (29) Rhode Island (Providence) Young, an off-duty police officer, was killed by two fellow Providence police officers, when he tried to assist them during a violent arrest. The officers did not recognize Young in plainclothes and shot him after he refused to drop his weapon. Young had apparently not realized they were talking to him. The officers then realized they had shot a fellow police officer and transferred him to a hospital; Young was pronounced dead a short time later. His mother filed a civil rights suit against the city of Providence and against the police responsible for his shooting, but the suit was unsuccessful. The department posthumously promoted Young to the rank of sergeant.[488]
2000-01-17 Zelencic, Alan New York (Queens) [489]
2000-01-05 Pittman, John Edward (45) Alabama (Dothan) Pittman allegedly tried to run down an officer after a car chase, resulting in the officer shooting Pittman three times, killing him.[490]


The table below lists 110 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
1999-12-30 Mauro, Scott A Georgia (Martinez) Shot while pointing shotgun at officers while approaching them. Police were responding to a report of a domestic disturbance. They found Mauro on the porch of the home with a shotgun taped to his throat. A standoff ensued.[491]
1999-11-07 Barrett, Alfredo U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) An officer responded to a fight and shot Barrett after he failed to drop a weapon and attempted to grab the officer's gun.[411]
1999-09-29 Mena, Ismael (45) Colorado Ismael Mena was shot eight times and killed when 14 SWAT officers entered the wrong house while conducting a no-knock raid.[492]
1999-09 Butler, Antonio (19) Florida (Miami) Butler, an unarmed carjacking suspect, was shot dead by a Miami police Sergeant.[493]
1999-08-30 Busch, Gidone (31) New York (Brooklyn) Gidone Busch was a mentally disturbed male who was shot and killed with 12 bullets outside his apartment by four NYPD officers after he refused to drop a hammer which he had just used to both strike a sergeant in the arm, and threaten other officers.
1999-08-18 Scott D. Randell Utah (West Jordan) Scott D. Randell, 27, Sandy, UT., was shot multiple times by a West Valley City police officer in the cul-de-sac of a West Jordan neighborhood. The shooting happened about 2:30 a.m.. Police believe Randell was one of two men who fled from police several hours earlier after being stopped while driving a reported-stolen car. During the search of the area, Randell sped by police on a motorcycle and failed to stop when pursued by police. Randell allegedly pointed a gun at the two officers who had pursued him. One officer opened fire, striking Randell in the chest.[494]
1999-07-26 DuBose, Demetrius California (San Diego) Demetrius DuBose was shot while charging at officers while waving their nunchakus. Officers attempted to question DuBose outside a home that the owner thought had been burglarized; this was resolved before the police arrived as DuBose was a neighbor. Police wanted to handcuff him anyway and confirm his identification despite his roommate and also a neighbor confirming who he was. When DuBose fled officers caught him and they scuffled during which DuBose took nunchakis from two officers.[495]
1999-06-23 Gonzales, Simon Colorado (Castle Rock) Gonzales's estranged wife entered the Castle Rock Police Department to report her husband Simon had kidnapped their three daughters, but police declined to take action, as Gonzales said he was with the kids at an amusement park. On June 23, Gonzales entered the police station and opened fire before being killed by police. Officers later found the three daughters dead in Gonzales's vehicle. The case led to the Supreme Court case Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, which ruled that Castle Rock and its police department could not be sued for failing to enforce Jessica Lenahan-Gonzales's restraining order.[496]
1999-05-21 Mitchell, Margaret LaVerne California (Los Angeles) Mitchell, who was pushing a shopping cart along La Brea Avenue, 'lunged' at officers with a screwdriver and that one of the officers stumbled and then fired, killing her.[497][498][499]
1999-04-13 Salmon, Aquan (14) Connecticut (Hartford) Salmon was shot by officer Robert Allan, who thought that Salmon had a gun on him. Salmon was approached by police because he was sought in connection with an attempted robbery and assault of a woman, along with three other youths. Salmon had a cigarette lighter which the officer said he believed was a gun.[500]
1999-02-18 Shaw, James Georgia (Waycross) Shot while dragging officer with vehicle. Officers had approached Shaw to question him regarding reports of violent threats. The officer had reached inside Shaw's car to stop it.[501]
1999-02-12 White, Raynard Anthony Illinois (Chicago) CPD officers shot and killed White after he allegedly aimed a revolver at them.[502]
1999-02-04 Diallo, Amadou New York (Bronx) Amadou Diallo was shot and killed by four undercover and plainclothes NYPD officers in a housing complex during a search for a rape suspect. Diallo had a wallet in his hands, and the officers claimed they thought it was a gun. All four officers were charged with second-degree murder, and were later found not guilty by a jury in 2000.
1999-01-28 Meyer, Deborah Wisconsin (Kenosha) Meyer was shot to death after she allegedly pointed a pistol at them.[503]
1999-01-20 Seymour, Sheryl Sue Texas (Houston) w/f 40, mentally ill, shot and killed by Houston police officer J. G. Lopez after calling for ambulance to take her to hospital. Police claim she lunged at them with a butcher knife. Sheryl was barely 5 ft. tall and weighed about 100 pounds. Lopez was no-billed.
1999-01-22 Miller, Darren (33) Michigan (Detroit) One on three people shot to death by officer Eugene Brown.[504]
1999-01-18 Bayer, Stephen California (Simi Valley) According to the Los Angeles Times, "A man described as depressed over business reversals led authorities on a three-county auto chase that ended Monday morning, when police fatally shot him after he pointed a loaded handgun at them, authorities said."[505][506][507]
1999-01-17 Landrum JR, Irvin California (Claremont) Died six days after being shot multiple times during a routine traffic stop. Allegedly pulled a firearm and fired upon officers, who responded in kind.[508]
1998-12-28 Miller, Tyisha California (Riverside) Shot dead by police officers called by family members who could not wake her as she lay unconscious in a car.[509]
1998-12-27 Reid, Franklyn (19) Connecticut (New Milford) Officer Scott Smith shot Franklyn Reid to death during a foot chase. The following month, Smith was charged with murder in Reid's death, and was sentenced to 6 years of prison in 2000. The conviction was appealed, and Smith pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of criminally negligent homicide, and received two years of probation.[510]
1998-05-13 Salazar, Jair Florida (Delray Beach) Officer Peter Cagnina fired three shots and killed Mr. Salazar while he "had an object in his hand".[511]
1998-04-21 Federman, Lyle California (Sand Canyon) Federman was shot 19 times and killed by Kern County Sheriff's Department deputies responding to a 911 call. The Kern County Board of Supervisors approved a $1 million settlement to the family.[512]
1998-03-07 Amaya, Chila California (San Francisco) [513]
1998-02-14 Montoya, Abelino (18) New Mexico (Las Vegas) Las Vegas Officer Joseph Mantelli shot Abelino Montoya after a car chase resulting from a traffic violation stop. Sergeant Steve Marquez fired a shot that did not hit Montoya. Both officers were charged with murder, and Marquez was acquitted by a judge and Mantelli was found guilty of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 13 years of prison, but a state court appeals threw out the conviction and Mantelli served three years after pleading no contest to manslaughter. Montoya's family filed a lawsuit against the City of Las Vegas and were settled with $4 million.[514]
1998-02-12 Fowler, David Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Police were responded to a domestic dispute. When Fowler fled, a struggle occurred, and Fowler was shot, apparently by one of the officers.[515]
1997-11-01 Guerrero, James Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Police said Guerrero's death was accidental. However, witnesses say the officer intentionally shot Guerrero in the head, killing him.[516]
1997-10-31 Bailey, Patrick (22) New York (New York City) .[517][518]
1997-09-02 Atkinson, James Justin Idaho (Boise) Shot while dragging a police officer with car. The officer had reached into Atkinson's car to turn off ignition when Atkinson sped off.[519]
1997-08-17 Wood, Donald Georgia (Brunswick) Shot after shooting at police. Wood had abducted his estranged wife and led police on a 3.5 hour car chase in a vehicle Wood had stolen at gunpoint.[520]
1997-07-02 Hernandez, Fernando California, (Azusa) [521]
1997-04-29 Kao, Kuan Chung California (Rohnert Park) Shooting of Kuanchung Kao. Kao was waving a 6' wooden stick in the driveway of his home while he was drunk. After police arrived, Kao struck a police car with the stick, and one of two officers on the scene fired once at Kao.
1997-04-21 Harrington Jr., Calvin Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) Harrington was shot to death by an undercover cop during a drug sale. Police say it may have been accidental.[522]
1997-03-21 Wing, Timothy Wisconsin, (Madison) [523]
1997-03-11 Griffin Jr., Allen Lane Michigan (Detroit) 1997 Detroit shootings: Shot multiple times moments after shooting and killing a man.
1997-02-28 Phillips Jr, Larry California (Los Angeles) North Hollywood shootout
1997-02-28 Mătăsăreanu, Emil California (Los Angeles) North Hollywood shootout
1997-02-15 Hernandez, Salomon (28) California (Santa Rosa) Hernandez did not pay at the Coddingtown Exxon gas station, and police were called. Police say Hernandez tried to attack an officer with a screwdriver. Three shots were fired at Hernandez.[524]
1996-12-27 Mendoza, Daniel (21) Nevada (Las Vegas) Officer Ron Mortensen and another officer were drinking off-duty to celebrate Mortensen's birthday when they decided to "harass dopers and bangers". Mortensen and the other officer drove near a crowd of people and Mortensen fired at them, hitting Daniel Mendoza. Mortensen was convicted of murder charges, while the other officer was never charged and testified against Mortensen.[525]
1996-10-25 Milstead, Mark Virginia (Maurertown) Mark Milstead was fatally shot by Shenandoah County deputy sheriff Chad Kibler as Milstead attempted to flee from an attack by Steven Ramey, the former boyfriend of Milstead's pregnant fiancé, Jill S. Cardwell. Ramey had fatally shot Cardwell and wounded Milstead, then left the scene following a gunfight with the injured Milstead, only to return while Milstead was in the middle of calling 911 for help.[526][527]
1996-09 Gallegos, Joseph (18) Colorado (Bayfield) Gallegos shot three of his friends to death and engaged in a shootout with police, being shot dead by them.[528][529][530]
1996-09-21 Grable, Lamer (20) Michigan (Detroit) One on three people shot to death by officer Eugene Brown.[504]
1996-08-29 Saunders, Kevin (37) California (Santa Rosa) Saunders had police called on him after a domestic disturbance at his home. Police say Saunders was reaching for a gun in his waistband area, and was unarmed.[524]
1996-08-10 Wren, James Bradley (35) Washington (Fall City) Police Sergeant Mathias Bachmeier killed Wren, then blamed him for a fire at Bachmeier's house. Bachmeier was convicted of setting the fire and killing Wren.[531]
1996-08-03 Thurman III, Clarence Wisconsin, (Milwaukee) Thurman was attempting to take an off-duty officer's lawn mower and was shot to death.[532]
1996-07-04 Gaines, Nathaniel Levi New York Nathaniel Levi Gaines
1996-06-10 Cruz, Thomas (32) Wyoming, (Laramie) Died after he was hog-tied by police.[533]
1996-01-12 Arzuaga, Frankie New York, (New York City) [534]
1995-10-12 Gammage, Johnny Pennsylvania Johnny Gammage
1995-07-30 Carter, James Jr. Iowa (Princeton) James Carter Jr., 41, was fatally shot by law enforcement officers in the aftermath of an early-morning disturbance at Carter's home. Carter's sister was having a fight with her boyfriend when Carter retrieved a shotgun and attempted to get the boyfriend to leave. Police were contacted and ordered Carter to drop the gun. According to reports, Carter pointed the gun at LeClaire police officer Charles Miller, who began firing his gun, and one of the bullets fatally wounded Carter. An investigation by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation later cleared Miller of wrongdoing in the incident.[535][536]
1995-07-18 Boyles, Tyler Lee California (Garden Grove) Tyler Lee Boyles, 20, was fatally shot by Garden Grove, California police after pointing a pellet gun at police officers in the dark. Boyles had called police at 11:02 pm stating he was planning to rob a local convenience store, that he had a handgun, and wanted police to shoot him. Police fired more than 20 shots at Boyles. According to family friends, Boyles may have been suicidal and potentially suffering from a mental illness at the time of his death.[537]
1995-07-15 Allen, Travis Texas, (Bellaire) Shot in the back.[538]
1995-03-25 Huang, Yong Xin (16) New York (New York City) Huang was shot by police after having a pellet gun in his possession in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The officer claimed that he accidentally fired the shot. Huang's family received $400,000 in a lawsuit settlement against the city.[539][540]
1995-03-04 Williams, Ronald (25) Louisiana (New Orleans) New Orleans Police officer Antoinette Frank and drug dealer Rogers Lacaze killed fellow NOPD officer Ronald Williams and two workers at a Vietnamese restaurant during a robbery.[541]
Vu, Cuong (17)
Vu, Ha (24)
1995-02-08 Carrington, Roderick (30) Michigan (Detroit) One on three people shot to death by officer Eugene Brown.[504]
1995-01-22 Carrasquillo, Anibal (21) New York (Brooklyn) Carrasquillo, who was reportedly looing into vehicles, died after being shot in the back by a NYPD while running way. Carrasquillo was unarmed.[542]
1994-12-22 Baez, Anthony New York (New York City) Anthony Baez
1994-12 Kennedy, Paul (40) Utica, New York Shot six times and killed by Utica Police Officer Alban Uryniak and Sergeant Thaddeus Kaczor. Kennedy was firing a movie prop gun.[294]
1994-10-10 McCormick, Deborah (44) Texas (Houston) Despite locked doors, former police officer Mike Griffith entered a wedding chapel/flower shop where he had previously purchased flowers and forced McCormick (who co-owned the flower shop with her mother) into a back room where he forced her to perform sex acts, then he repeatedly stabbed her with a butcher knife, robbed her, and left. Griffith was convicted and executed by lethal injection on June 6, 2007, for his crimes against McCormick. A few days after killing McCormick, Griffith robbed a bank, forcing the sole employee to walk to a back restroom where he shot her in the back of the head (she survived). Two weeks later, he robbed a bridal salon and sexually assaulted a salesperson.[543][544]
1994-10-04 Grove, Kim (32) Louisiana (New Orleans) Groves filed a complaint against Officer Len Davis after she witnessed him beating a young man Davis mistook for a suspect who shot a police officer. In response, Davis hired a hit man to kill Grove.[545]
1994-08-21 Smith, Janet M. Oregon (Gresham) Gresham cat hostage taking incident
1994-04-04 Chavez Gaona, Catarino Virginia (Harrisonburg) Chavez Gaona set fire to his rental apartment, and sat in a tree with a shotgun. Firemen responded to the call, then called police, who first attempted to negotiate, but then shot him in order to battle the fire.[546]
1993-12-02 Winterbourne, Alan California (Oxnard) Winterbourne went to an Employment Development Department branch in Oxnard and opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun at the employees. When the shotgun jammed, he pulled out a .44 magnum pistol and continued shooting. He then walked out through a side door, where he exchanged gunfire with four police officers. Two rounds entered Winterbourne's shoulder and chest, respectively, wounding him. A vehicle pursuit ensued, where Winterbourne took out a Browning .300 rifle and fired at a police car. The bullet ricocheted through a spotlight, killing James O'Brien, a sergeant and detective with the Oxnard Police Department. The police held their fire for the safety of passing motorists, and the pursuit continued. Winterbourne then parked at a local EDD branch in Ventura, with six police cars forming a perimeter. He got out of his car, brandishing a Ruger Mini-14 loaded with a 30-round magazine. He finally moved towards an adjoining office, where he was shot nine times by six officers as he was 40 feet away from the door.[547][548]
1993-10-11 Christopher Keys (21) Illinois, (Chicago) [549]
1993-07-30 Myrick, Don (53) California (Santa Monica) Myrick, a saxophonist and former member of Earth, Wind & Fire, was fatally shot by a Santa Monica policeman during a narcotics investigation. While attempting to serve a search warrant, an officer mistook a butane lighter in Myrick's hand for a weapon. He fired a single bullet that hit Myrick in the chest. Myrick died in the hospital shortly afterwards.[550]
1993-04-16 Thompson, Emogene Georgia (Duluth) Gwinnett County Police Department Ofc. Michael Harold Chapel shot to death a woman outside a muffler shop (demolished, now entrance to Sugar Hill) for cash hoarded by victim. Extra security was ordered in transporting Chapel due to rumors of a possible planned prison-break ambush.[551]
1993-04-15 Monroe, Paul Texas (Austin) Paul was shot in the abdomen by Austin Police Department (APD) Ofc. Steven Deaton after being told to drop a duffel bag he was holding and get on the ground.[552] Deaton would work for APD for 26 years before taking a position in the Williamson County Sheriff's Office (WCSO). Deaton would ultimately resign from his post at WCSO in September, 2019 after sharing racist and insensitive posts on Facebook.[553]
1993-01-07 unidentified male Alabama (Trussville) A theft suspect armed with a handgun was shot and killed during a confrontation with police.[554]
1993-01-05 Ferrentino, Vincent (27) New York (New York) Ferrentino and an accomplice were both shot as they attempted to carjack an off-duty narcotics officer. The officer opened fire, killing Ferrentino and wounding his partner.[555]
1993-01-05 Bacs, Vince (55) Tennessee (Nashville) Bacs, a mentally ill Vietnam veteran, charged an officer with an ax and was shot and killed.[556]
1993-01-03 Williams, Roosevelt (81) West Virginia (Logan) Williams engaged in a 14-hour standoff with police. He was killed in an exchange of gunfire with officers.[557]
1993-01-03 Stills, Calvin (35) Louisiana (Shreveport) Stills shot an officer in the arm while the officer was investigating a homicide; the officer returned fire, killing Stills.[558]
1993-01-02 Ervin Sr., John (54) New York (New York) Ervin Sr. allegedly threatened his son and his son's girlfriend with a gun. When officers arrived to conduct a search, Ervin Sr. allegedly pointed a gun at police, causing them to shoot him.[559]
1993-01-02 Perry, Amos (15) Texas (Houston) Perry was shot by police after wielding a machete and advancing towards them. He died at a hospital of his injuries.[560]
1993-01-02 Cox III, James (23) Florida (Jacksonville) Cox III opened fire at a battered women's shelter with a shotgun, having abducted his ex-girlfriend's mother and forced her to drive him to the shelter. An officer shot and killed Cox when the suspect allegedly pointed the gun at him.[561]
1993-01-01 Orsini, Michael (42) Maine (Augusta) Orsini exchanged gunfire with an Augusta police officer when the officer attempted a traffic stop. Orsini was shot several times and died at a hospital later that day.[562]
1992-12-30 Stewart, David (23) Pennsylvania (Penn Township) Stewart stabbed two family members before brandishing a knife at officers, causing them to shoot him.[563]
1992-12-24 Alva, Joseph (27) South Carolina (Columbia) Alva, a Richland County's sheriff's deputy, was accidentally shot by another deputy during an arrest.[564]
1992-12-15 Marthaller, Stephen (36) Washington (Redmond) Marthaller and two women robbed a video store. As they fled the scene, responding officers shot Marthaller, who died of his injuries on December 30.[565]
1992-12-12 unidentified male Tennessee (Nashville) A burglary suspect was shot and killed by police after allegedly punching an officer in the face and lunging at him.[566]
1992-11-05 Green, Malice Michigan Malice Green
1992-11-02 Blackmon, Tryna Lavette (24) California (Rialto) Blackmon, a robbery suspect, allegedly pointed a gun at officers and was shot.[567]
1992-10-20 Andrews, Odell (27) California (Rialto) Andrews was shot after allegedly pointing a gun at officers following a police chase.[567]
1992-10-02 Scott, Donald P. California (Malibu) Donald P. Scott
1992-08-25 White, Susan (42) Texas (Houston) Shot multiple times by officer Joseph Kent McGowan after he falsely obtained a warrant for her arrest. He was later found guilty of murder after he claimed she was holding a weapon, but she was hanging up the phone with 911. She had anticipated the killing from this particular officer.[568] He was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison.[569]
1992-08-25 Denovo, Rosebud California (Berkeley) Shot while threatening officers with a machete, after breaking into the UC Berkeley chancellor's home
1992-08-21 Weaver, Sammy Idaho Ruby Ridge
1992-08-22 Weaver, Vicki Idaho Ruby Ridge
1992-07-03 Garcia, Jose New York Garcia allegedly pulled out a revolver and was wounded by gunshots from the officer's sidearm. He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced "dead on arrival".[570]
1992-05-02 Rivas, Martin A. (25) California (Los Angeles) Rivas was killed by National Guard troops after he allegedly tried to drive through a barricade.[571]
1992-05-01 Martin, Howard Eugene (22) California (Pasadena) Police attempted to disperse party-goers when gunshots were fired. Police returned fire, striking Martin, an uninvolved bystander watching from his friend's apartment balcony.[571]
1992-05-01 Orebo, Charles William (31) California (Los Angeles) While driving to a home Orebo cut off another driver, who was an LAPD officer commuting to work. After the officer honked and pulled up next to Orebo, the passenger of Orebo's vehicle pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officer, who shot and killed Orebo. Orebo himself was unarmed. The passenger and a third occupant were arrested and the passenger was charged with Orebo's death, while the third occupant was not charged.[571]
1992-04-30 Aguilar, Cesar (18) California (Los Angeles) Police shot and killed Aguilar after he allegedly pulled out a weapon on officers during looting. It was later determined that Aguilar had a brown-and-black plastic toy gun.[571]
1992-04-30 Benavidez, Franklin (27) California (Los Angeles) Benavidez and another man were shot by police after a robbery at a gas station. Police say Benavidez was pointing a shotgun and the other man was holding a beer can. The other man survived.[571]
1992-04-30 Garcia, Mark (15) California (Lennox) Following a looting at a jewelry store a shootout occurred between police and looters, during which police shot and killed Garcia. Police initially stated that Garcia had been fleeing in a car but other occupants of the vehicle denied this. Witnesses stated that Garcia was scaling a fence when he was shot and that deputies didn't give any verbal warning before firing. Witnesses also disputed the police account that the youths had fired at police.[571]
1992-04-30 Andrew, Brian Edmund (30) California (Compton) Andrew was seen running from a shoe store with a bottle of beer and pairs of shoes. After Andrew dropped the shoes an officer caught up to him in an alley and shot Andrew in the face during a fight.[571]
1992-04-29 Jackson, Dennis Ray (38) California (Los Angeles) Jackson and Taylor were killed by a police officer during a shootout with a man wielding a rifle, who police believed was Jackson. Police were unable to recover their bodies for more than an hour.[571]
Taylor, Anthony (31)
1992-04-29 Harrison, DeAndre (17) California (Los Angeles) During the 1992 Los Angeles riots officers were fired on outside a business. Police fired back, killing Harrison, although it is not known if he was the one who fired at police.[571]
1992-03-13 Foster, Charles E. Tennessee (Antioch) Foster allegedly pointed a rifle at police when they raided his apartment to look for drugs. Officers shot him dead.[566]
1992-02-01 Dickerson, Joel Tennessee (Woodbine) Dickerson fired a gun from his porch during an argument with his girlfriend. Officers arrived and immediately shot him dead when he walked onto his porch, alleging he pointed a gun at them.[566]
1991-07-03 Garrett, Bobby S. Tennessee (Nashville) Garrett was shot dead by an officer after allegedly attempting to break into a vehicle. Police said the officer's gun went off when he tried to handcuff Garrett.[566]
1991-04-21 Sevier, Gregory (22) Kansas (Lawrence) Sevier, a Native American, was shot and killed by Officers Ted Bordman and James Phillips in his parents' home after Sevier allegedly lunged at Bordman with a knife. The officers were responding to a 911 call from Sevier's mother, who was concerned for her son's welfare after he allegedly locked himself in his bedroom with a knife.[572]
1990-09-27 Dashti, Mehrdad California (Berkeley) Dashti took 33 people hostage at a bar near the UC Berkeley campus for seven hours, armed with a MAC 10 handgun, a semiautomatic handgun, and a revolver. At the end of the hostage situation, Dashti killed one hostage and wounded seven other people. Dashti was killed by several police officers.[573]
1990-04-10 Phillip Pannell New Jersey (Teaneck) Pannell was fatally shot by police while fleeing. An officer was charged with manslaughter but acquitted.[574]
1990-03-24 Brooks, Jacques (26) Tennessee (Nashville) Brooks allegedly brandished a knife while advancing towards an officer's patrol car, causing the officer to shoot him four times.[566]
1990-03-22 Archie, Adolph Louisiana (New Orleans) Adolph Archie was beaten to death by police officers. His killing took place at the police precinct station house of Officer Earl Hauck, who Archie had allegedly killed during a shootout earlier that evening. Archie had been shot in the arm before being taken into custody and was first driven to a hospital, but did not enter it, before being taken to station house and beaten to death. Some of Archie's injuries included a fractured skull, kicked in teeth, a fractured larynx, and severely hemorrhaged testicles.[575][576]
1990-03-01 Cotto, David New York (Brooklyn) Cotto, 20 years old, was shot when he raised two knives and "rushed the officers". Police had been called to Cotto's apartment because of a fight with a neighbor. Cotto's family said that he was not attacking the police officers, but was "staggering blindly" due to the effects of the mace with which he had been sprayed.[577]
1990-02-19 Booker, Anthony (19) Florida (Miami) Booker, a half-brother of Bob Marley, fired a shotgun once at an officer in a mall parking lot and an officer returned fire.[493]


The table below lists 36 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
1984-05-04 Baker, Antoine Newark, New Jersey William Bill Green was killed during a standoff with Hampton Va police officers after they were called to the residence for domestic violence. They found Green barricaded in his home. After many tense hours and the use of tear gas Green walked outside with his hands up at which time police officers opened fire striking Green over 89 times.He was pronounced dead at the scene.
1989-01 Burnett, Marvin (34) Utica, New York A robbery suspect, Burnett was shot and killed during an exchange of gunfire with Utica Police.[294]
1988-03-07 Lee, Hong Pyo California (Long Beach) Lee was shot by several deputies, including future Los Angeles County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, following a car chase. Deputies claimed Lee backed into a vehicle before he was shot.[578]
1987-12-29 Sanders Alfred (39) New York (Queens) Sanders was shot when he allegedly lunged a knife at officers. Officers fired 11 shots at him.[579]
1986-09-16 Graham, John P. Wisconsin (Sauk Prairie) John P. Graham was shot by Sauk Prairie officer John Mueller. Graham was handcuffed. Mueller would be found guilty of first degree murder.
1985-06-12 Perry, Edmund New York (Manhattan) Perry, a returning, newly graduated honors student from Phillips Exeter Academy was shot to death by undercover NYPD detective Lee Van Houten whom Edmund tried to rob while in the company of his brother, Jonah. Both Van Houten and Jonah were acquitted of criminal wrongdoing.
1985-05-13 Africa, John Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Africa and 10 others, including 5 children aged 7 to 13, were killed in the bombing of their rowhouse during an armed standoff with the Philadelphia police. The fire resulting from the bombs destroyed 65 homes and left 250 homeless. Gunfire was also flying as people tried to escape the fire. One of the two survivors maintains that police were shooting at the fleeing people, while the police stated that the people had been firing at police. A city investigative commission called the bombing "unconscionable" in their March 1986 report, but nobody from the city was criminally charged. In 1996, a federal jury awarded million civil judgment for excessive force and violation of 4th amendment protections.
Africa, Rhonda
Africa, Theresa
Africa, Frank
Africa, Conrad
Africa, Tree
Africa, Delisha
Africa, Netta
Africa, Little Phil
Africa, Tomaso
Africa, Raymond
1986-02-24 Rasmussen, Sherri California (Van Nuys) Rasmussen was killed in her home by off-duty Los Angeles police officer Stephanie Lazarus, who had dated her husband before their marriage. Lazarus staged the killing to appear as if it were a burglary attempt Rasmussen had walked in on; the two scuffled slightly in the process. The case was indeed investigated initially as if it had been a burglary; Lazarus's DNA left behind in a bite on Rasmussen's body helped convict her when the case was reopened over 20 years later.
1984-10-29 Bumpurs, Eleanor New York (New York City)
1984-07-18 Huberty, James California (San Ysidro) Shot by police sniper after injuring 19 and killing 22 in the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre
1984-05-19 Silka, Michael Alaska
1983-09-28 Stewart, Michael New York (New York City) Death of Michael Stewart
1983-01-13 Sanders, Lindberg (49) Tennessee (Memphis) Shot and killed by police during a raid on a home where the group had allegedly been holding Patrolman R. S. Hester hostage for 30 hours.[580] This incident is referred to as the "Shannon Street Massacre."[581]
Sanders, Larnell (26)
Coleman, Michael Delane (18)
Thomas, Earl (20)
Houston, Andrew (JuJu) (18)
Harris, Cassell
unnamed male
1982-12-28 Johnson Jr., Nevelle Florida (Overtown) Overtown, Florida police officers, Luis Alvarez and Louis Cruz, were conducting a business check on an arcade. They then spotted a suspicious bulge in Johnson's waistband. Although what happened next is disputed, Alvarez held on to Johnson and his service revolver was fired, killing Johnson.[582]
1982-10-05 Drumgoole, Willie Lee California Drumgoole, who was arrested on burglary charges, attempted to escape from a jail cell in Richmond as another inmate was being transferred to his cell. When he refused to follow orders to get back in the cell, he was placed in a chokehold and was sprayed with mace. A few minutes later, he had trouble breathing and died from a neck injury as a result of the chokehold.[583]
1982-07-23 Bordonaro, Vincent (54) Massachusetts (Chelsea) Bordonaro was beaten by police officers during a brawl at King Arthur's Motel and Lounge, a strip club in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and died a week later due to head injuries. Officers John W. McLeod and Richard P. Aiello were found guilty of second-degree murder, while officer John T. Macauda was found guilty of manslaughter.[584]
1981-08-11 Grandstaff, James (31) Texas (Borger) After Borger police chased a fugitive's vehicle onto the ranch where Grandstaff, the foreman, lived with his family, he saw the situation and drove out to assist police. Officers fired at Grandstaff's truck from both sides, believing him to be the fugitive, killing him. His family successfully sued the city and the officers involved for gross negligence.[585]
1981-02-15 Wolanski, Joseph New York (Brooklyn) A woman called police and reported that her boyfriend was threatening her and her family. When they responded, Wolanski, who was on the fire escape, broke the kitchen window. One of the officers fired four shots, killing the unarmed Wolanski.[586]
1980-08-29 Brown, Dorothy Mississippi (Jackson) Officer Gary King shot Dorothy Brown, a pregnant Black woman, during a street disturbance, alleging that she had pointed a gun at him. Neighbors agreed that she had a gun but disputed that she had raised it or aimed it at anyone. The killing sparked protests in Jackson throughout the fall.[587]
1980-05-26 Busha, Michelle (18) Minnesota (Blue Earth) While on duty, Minnesota state trooper Robert Leroy Nelson picked up a hitchhiker along Interstate 90. He raped, tortured and strangled the victim, whose body remained unidentified until March 2015. Nelson was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and is serving a life sentence in Texas for other crimes.[588]


The table below lists 20 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (city) Description
1979-12-17 McDuffie, Arthur (33) Florida Arthur McDuffie was beaten to death by four police officers after a traffic stop.[589]
1979-08-22 Baez, Luis (26) New York (New York City) Baez, a man with a history of psychological problems, was shot by five officers of the New York City Police Department in his Brooklyn apartment when he lunged at them with a pair of scissors.[590]
1979-01-03 Love, Eula (39) California (Los Angeles) [591]
1978-06-14 Miller, Arthur Brooklyn, New York Crown Heights community leader and businessman Arthur Miller was killed by police chokehold.[592]
1978-02-02 Maggiore, Brian California (Rancho Cordova) Shot by off-duty police officer and serial killer Joseph James DeAngelo.
Maggiore, Katie
1977-10-11 League, Jimmy Georgia (Monroe) Shot after leading City officers on a high-speed chase during which he killed two Monroe police officerd, until he was killed by Officer Mike Head.[593]
1977-05-05 Torres, Joe Campos Texas Joe Campos Torres
1976-07-25 Plummer, Chester Washington, D.C. Plummer was shot and killed by a Secret Service officer at the White House after ignoring the orders to drop a piece of pipe.
1976-02-08 Edwards, Larry (19) Michigan (Ann Arbor) Shot fleeing scene of convenience-store robbery.[594] City Council voted not to dismiss two shooting officers but department paid Edwards's mother $15,000 in 1978.[595]
1976-01-05 Evans, Mal California (Los Angeles) The former road manager and personal assistant for The Beatles, Evans was shot by police at his home in Los Angeles. Officers were called when his girlfriend phoned the police and told them that Evans was confused and had a gun. The police mistook the air rifle Evans was holding for a rifle and shot him dead.[596]
1975-12-02 Whitehurst, Bernard Alabama (Montgomery) Bernard Whitehurst was shot in the back and killed on December 2, 1975, by Donald Foster, a Montgomery, Alabama police officer who mistakenly thought Whitehurst was the suspect in the robbery of a neighborhood grocery store.[597] There was a police cover-up that included police officers planting a gun on him from the police evidence room.[597][598]
1975-09-11 Snelling, Claude California (Visalia) Shot by off-duty police officer and serial killer Joseph James DeAngelo.
1975-05-26 Fitzgerald, Patrick William Illinois (Crystal Lake) Fitzgerald and two other teenagers in McHenry County, Illinois initiated a foot pursuit after police were responding to a report of them attempting to break into a bowling alley. Fitzgerald charged at an officer after he fired a warning shot over his head, and a knife with a stiletto blade was found near Fitzgerald's body after he was shot.[599]
1974-07-08 Metz, Dan M. Louisiana (Covington) COVINGTON, La. (AP) – The father of a 17-year-old youth shot to death by a Covington policeman after an automobile chase on July 8 says 'his attorney will file a suit for the "honor and memory of my son". Clyde Metz of Covington, whose son Dan was lulled by a shotgun blast, announced his plans to sue in the wake of a grand jury report exonerating the policeman of any criminal' wrongdoing. Asst. Dist. Atty. Julian Rodrigue of St. Tammany Parish said the jury heard from about 18 witnesses before making its report. Covington police said the Metz youth's car crashed into a roadblock in a Covington subdivision after a chase through back roads of two parishes.[600]
1973-07-24 Rodriguez, Santos Texas (Dallas) Murder of Santos Rodriguez
1973-01-07 Essex, Mark Louisiana (New Orleans) Essex was fatally shot over 200 times by policeman abroad a CH-46 helicopter and police sharpshooters after he killed multiple people at a Howard Johnson's hotel in Downtown New Orleans.
1971-11-20 Rosario, Filemino New York (Manhattan) Two foot patrolmen met Rosario near Lexington Avenue and East 122nd Street running and waving a gun. After they identified themselves as police officers, Rosario pointed his gun at them and pulled the trigger twice. The gun misfired both times. One of the officers then shot Rosario five times in the chest.[601]
1970-05-14 Gibbs, Phillip Lafayette Mississippi Jackson State killings
1970-05-14 Green, James Earl Mississippi Jackson State killings

Prior to 1970[edit]

The table below lists 124 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State/Territory (city) Description
1969-12-04 Hampton, Fred (21) Illinois (Chicago) Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party killed while sleeping in a raid by Chicago policemen
1969-12-04 Clark, Mark (22) Illinois (Chicago) Member of the Black Panther Party killed with Fred Hampton by Chicago policemen
1969-09-30 Thomas, Johnny Lee (26) Texas (Dallas) Thomas opened fire from his home on pedestrians, killing one person and wounding seven others, including four police officers. He was shot dead by police.[602]
1968-05-23 Dumas, Henry (33) New York (Manhattan) Dumas, a writer, allegedly assaulted a police officer with a knife and was shot and killed.[603]
1968-04-06 Hutton, Bobby (17) California (Oakland) Hutton, a member of the Black Panthers, was shot dead by officers in unclear circumstances.[604]
1968-02-9 Unidentified male California (Los Angeles) A male aged 15–20 was allegedly involved in a robbery and confronted by police. Upon an attempt to escape, two officers opened fire, killing him.[605]
1968-02-08 Hammond Jr., Samuel (18) South Carolina (Orangeburg) Orangeburg massacre
1968-02-08 Middleton, Delano Herman (17) South Carolina (Orangeburg) Orangeburg massacre
1968-02-08 Smith, Henry Ezekial (19) South Carolina (Orangeburg) Orangeburg massacre
1967-07-29 Roquemore, Ernest (19) Michigan (Detroit) Police and paratroopers opened fire on a crowd of people while searching for looters, killing Roquemore and wounding three others. Police said they fired because of a person holding a gun, but it was a transistor radio.[606]
1967-07-28 Gray, Palmer (21) Michigan (Detroit) Police were called to Palmer Gray Jr.'s home after he threatened to kill his father at their home. Officer David Senak shot him after he refused to drop his weapon. Senak had previously killed Joseph Chandler on July 24 and was suspected of killing Carl Cooper on July 26.[606]
1967-07-28 Dalton, William (19) Michigan (Detroit) Dalton was shot by police who detained him for a curfew violation. Police said he was shot when he was fleeing, but witnesses said officers took him to an alley and shot him.[606]
1967-07-26 LeRoy, John (30) Michigan (Detroit) LeRoy and four friends went to check on the pregnant wife of one of the friends. They passed a National Guard checkpoint and received permission to proceed. Later in the route, they passed a National Guard Jeep, where Guardsmen opened fire, hitting LeRoy and two of his friends, including the one whose wife they were visiting. LeRoy died in the hospital three days later.[606]
1967-07-26 Cooper, Carl (17) Michigan (Detroit) Algiers Motel incident: Police shot three people during the 1967 Detroit riots in the Algiers Motel. The officers who shot Pollard and Temple were prosecuted for murder, but their charges were either dismissed or they were acquitted. The officer believed to have shot Cooper was prosecuted for conspiracy, but his case was dismissed.[606]
Pollard, Aubrey (19)
Temple, Fred (18)
1967-07-26 Hall, Helen (51) Michigan (Detroit) Hall, a white woman from Connecticut on a business trip in Detroit, was looking out a hotel window with other guests when she was killed by a National Guard bullet fired through the window.[606]
1967-07-26 Post, Larry (30) Michigan (Detroit) Post, a white National Guard member, was mistakenly shot by other Guardsmen after a vehicle drove through a roadblock. There were no weapons in the vehicle. The three men in the vehicle were charged with assault with intent to murder, but the prosecutor reduced their charges to a curfew violation.[606]
1967-07-26 Talbert, George (20) Michigan (Detroit) Talbert and a friend were shot by a National Guard Specialist. The specialist claimed Talbert had charged at him and threatened to cut his throat, but a Detroit Free Press investigation determined Talbert was unarmed. He died of his injuries ten days after the shooting.[606]
1967-07-26 Lust, Julius (26) Michigan (Detroit) Police shot Lust at a junkyard after he made "some sort of motion" with his left hand.[606]
1967-07-26 Robinson, Albert (38) Michigan (Detroit) Robinson was taking out the trash when National Guardsmen hit him with a bayonette and shot him. Police stated Robinson was a sniper who was trying to escape, but no weapons were found in Robinson's apartment.[606]
1967-07-25 Denson, Henry (27) Michigan (Detroit) National Guardsmen shot at a car driving around five miles per hour near a checkpoint, killing Denson, a passenger. Two Newsweek reporters on the scene stated that one of the Guardsmen has yelled "Get 'em" as the vehicle neared. The driver of the vehicle was charged with assault but was acquitted. The Guardsmen were not charged.[606]
1967-07-25 Dorsey, Julius (55) Michigan (Detroit) Dorsey, a black security guard, was guarding a store from looters. After firing his pistol to frighten off looters, Dorsey was shot by either Detroit Police or National Guardsmen firing at a group of fleeing looters.[606]
1967-07-25 Cosbey, Emanuel (26) Michigan (Detroit) Officers responding to a looting called fired at a group of fleeing suspects, killing Cosbey.[606]
1967-07-25 Evans, Ronald (24) Michigan (Detroit) Police arrested Evans and Jones for stealing beer from a corner store. At some point Evans started to run, and officers shot at him 14 times. Witnesses claimed officers had forced Evans to run before they shot at him. Police then shot Jones as he also attempted to run.[606]
Jones, William (23)
1967-07-25 Banks, Roy (46) Michigan (Detroit) National Guardsmen shot Banks, a deaf man, as he walked to catch a bus to his job. He died of his wounds on August 14. Police stated Banks was a suspected looter, but the owner of the tavern he was suspected of looting disputed this.[606]
1967-07-25 Johnson, Arthur (36) Michigan (Detroit) Police shot Johnson and Williams inside a looted pawn shop. The officers claimed they shot the men after Johnson wielded a club, although officers did not produce it.[606]
Williams, Perry (33)
1967-07-25 Sydnor, Jack (38) Michigan (Detroit) Police were called after Sydnor fired a .32 caliber pistol out of his apartment window. When police and National Guardsmen entered, Sydnor shot and wounded one of them. Police fired back and launched tear gas; Sydnor jumped out of his window, dying from either the fall or his gunshot wounds.[606]
1967-07-25 Blanding, Tonia (4) Michigan (Detroit) Following false reports of snipers, a National Guard tank was sent to Blanding's neighborhood. When someone lit a cigarette in her apartment building, National Guardsmen opened fired, hitting Blanding.[606]
1967-07-24 Pryor, Clifton (23) Michigan (Detroit) During the 1967 Detroit riot, Pryor, a white man, climbed onto the roof of his apartment building with some neighbors to watch the riots and look for arson. Their apartment manager advised them to get down, as they could be mistaken for snipers since one of them had a shotgun. As the men went down, a National Guardsman shot Pryor on a landing. The Guardsmen said that Pryor was holding the shotgun, but another man present insisted that he was the one with the shotgun.[606]
1967-07-24 Beal, Robert (49) Michigan (Detroit) A patrolman shot Beal inside a looted drug store. The initial report said that Beal had been shot from a vehicle while fleeing, but the later report said he was shot after he "made a sudden move" towards the officers.[606]
1967-07-24 Chandler, Joseph (34) Michigan (Detroit) Two police officers chased Chandler for looting and shot him as he ran down an alley and climbed a fence. The officers left the scene, believing they had missed.[606]
1967-07-24 Canty, Herman (46) Michigan (Detroit) A police officer shot Canty as he drove away from a supermarket, which a witness said he had looted.[606]
1967-07-24 Peachlum, Alfred (36) Michigan (Detroit) Police saw Peachlum and another man inside a grocery store and opened fired after seeing something shiny in his hand. Peachlum was holding beef wrapped in tin foil. Police bullets also wounded two women across the street from the store.[606]
1967-07-24 Smith, Alphonso (35) Michigan (Detroit) A patrolman shot Smith inside a looted supermarket. The officer claimed he had slipped on debris and accidentally shot Smith, who had thrown a can at him, while witnesses said that the officer fired through a window.[606]
1967-07-24 Williams, Mike (16) Michigan (Detroit) A state trooper shot two black men who had looted a warehouse because they did not stop on command. Williams died on the scene, while the other man was hospitalized.[606]
1967-07-24 Kemp, Edward (35) Michigan (Detroit) A patrolman shot Kemp from a car as he fled holding stolen cigars.[606]
1967-07-24 Sims, Richard (35) Michigan (Detroit) Four police officers chased Sims after he allegedly tried to break into a bar. After surrounding him in front of a locked door, several officers shot him.[606]
1967-07-24 Tanner, Frank (19) Michigan (Detroit) Police and National Guardsmen fired at a group of youths stealing alcohol from a store, hitting Tanner, who was holding a cardboard box.[606]
1967-07-24 Smith, Carl (30) Michigan (Detroit) Smith, a frefighter, was working when he was shot in the head. A police investigation and media investigations concluded that Smith was most likely shot by a National Guardsman, as the shot came from ground level, whereas snipers were located on roofs.[606]
1967-07-17 Gilmer, Raymond (20) New Jersey (Newark) A detective in a vehicle shot Gilmer as he ran away.[607][608]
1967-07-16 Pugh, Michael (12) New Jersey (Newark) National Guardsmen shot Pugh as he took out his family's garbage.[607][609]
1967-07-16 Rutledge, James (19) New Jersey (Newark) State police encountered Rutledge in a vandalized liquor store. When he got up to surrender, officers shot him 39 times.[607]
1967-07-15 Spellman, Eloise (42) New Jersey (Newark) During the 1967 Newark riots National Guardsmen and state troopers fired at Spellman as she closed her apartment's window after she was mistaken for a sniper. Brown, 29, and Gainer, 53, were also shot.[607][610]
Brown, Rebecca (29)
Gainer, Hattie (53)
1967-07-15 Furr, William (25) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Furr as he fled a burglarized liquor store.[607]
1967-07-15 Hawk, Raymond (24) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Hawk after he ran towards them holding a pipe.[607]
1967-07-14 Abraham, Rose (45) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Abraham as they cleared a crowd. Abraham was the first person to be killed during the 1967 Newark riots.[607]
1967-07-14 Moss, Eddie (10) New Jersey (Newark) National Guardsmen fired at a vehicle as it slowly approached a checkpoint. After the vehicle drove through several more checkpoints, other Guardsmen fired, killing 10-year-old Moss sitting in the backseat.[607]
1967-07-14 Martin, Robert Lee (23) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Martin as he walked home from the grocery store.[607][611]
1967-07-14 Harrison, Isaac (73) New Jersey (Newark) Police fired at a crowd following reported sniper fire, which may have actually been from other officers shooting Robert Lee Martin nearby. Harrison, a 73-year-old man from Jamaica, was shot and killed.[607][612]
1967-07-14 Mersier, Albert (20) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Mersier in the back as he fled an electric motor store.[607][613]
1967-07-14 Council, Rufus (35) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Council from a vehicle as he stood in the doorframe of a restaurant.[607][614]
1967-07-14 Bell, Tedock (28) New Jersey (Newark) Bell and his family were walking to the tavern Bell worked at to check on it when an unidentified officer shot him.[607]
1967-07-14 Boyd, Leroy (34) New Jersey (Newark) Boyd died after an officer shot him in the back. A grand jury report said the officer mistakenly fired his gun.[607]
1967-07-14 Murray, Cornelius (29) New Jersey (Newark) Murray was shot by police while standing with friends.[607]
1967-07-14 Hill, Oscar (50) New Jersey (Newark) Hill was shot while walking to work. According to a witness and friend of Hill, a police officer shot Hill.[607]
1967-07-14 Taliaferro, Richard (25) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Taliaferro as he fled.[607][615]
1967-07-14 Sanders, James (16) New Jersey (Newark) Police shot Sanders as he fled a looted liquor store.[607]
1966-09-27 Johnson, Matthew 'Peanut' (16) California (San Francisco) 16 year-old shot in the back by patrolman Alvin Johnson (no relation); his death led to the Hunters Point social uprising (1966)
1966-08-01 Whitman, Charles Joseph (25) Texas (Austin) University of Texas tower shooting[616][617][618][619]
1961-07-20 Shackleford, Robert (26) Missouri (St. Louis, Missouri) Shackleford, a former mental patient, opened fire with a revolver in the receiving room of a hospital. Two police officers were shot and wounded before Shackleford was shot dead by police.[620]
1957-12-23 Pickett, Clarence Horatious Columbus (Georgia) Pickett was beaten by a police officer while in a jail cell and died from his injuries two days later.[621]
1957-10-01 Taylor, Ralph Walker (36) Indiana Taylor and his compatriot, Victor Wayne Whitley, ran a police roadblock and were fired on by police. Taylor was killed by officer Lester Kenan. Whitley escaped and was captured the next day.[622]
1957-02-23 Nader, Nickey (49) Ohio (Forestville) Nader was killed with Michael Burke during a police ambush of a supermarket burglary. Burke and Nader, whom police had suspected of "safecracking" in the area, broke into the supermarket, encountered police, and ran. Police opened fire and killed Burke immediately. Nader returned police fire and was shot to death by police. Over 100 shots were fired in the exchange.[623]
1957-02-23 Burke, Michael (33) Ohio (Forestville) Burke was shot to death while running from police during an ambush of a supermarket burglary.[623]
1956-07-02 Wilson, Alfred Ohio (Leavittsburg) Wilson killed his two sisters-in-law and another woman in June 1956. He was sought by police for 11 days until a tip alerted them to his location. He refused to surrender when ordered to by police and was subsequently shot twice in the head by patrolman Russell Duffy.[624]
1955-08-28 Rollins, Charles Luther (44) Michigan (Detroit) Rollins was held under siege by over 200 police officers in the home of his nephew, Bernard Smith. After a tear gas bomb set the house on fire Rollins ran out firing a shotgun and was killed as ten officers fired over 40 shots at him. Smith later said of Rollins that "He read the Bible some, but mostly he rode a bicycle up and down the sidewalk when he wasn't working. He never talked to adults in the family. He only smiled."[625]
1952-11-03 Noel, Carlyle (30) Ohio (Columbus) Noel was one of 1,600 prisoners rioting in an Ohio penitentiary. Twenty-one Ohio highway patrolmen were trapped inside the prison and opened fire with shotguns on a crowd of prisoners. Four, including Noel, were wounded, and Noel died of his wounds.[626]
1952-06-28 Kauffman, Gary F. (30) California (Costa Mesa) Kauffman abducted his own two-year-old son, another man, and the man's two-year-old son after shooting his estranged wife in the arm. He drove himself and his three hostages to his own house. When he was forced outside by tear gas, he attempted to flee in his car but was fired on by officers. When Kauffman returned fire he was shot to death by police, whose gunfire also wounded Kauffman's son in the head.[627]
1951-11-06 Shepherd, Samuel (22) Florida (Lake County) Shot and killed by county sheriff Willis V. McCall while being transported from the Florida State Prison in Raiford. Shepherd was handcuffed to Walter Irvin. McCall claimed that the prisoners attacked him when he had to stop the car to change a flat tire, although Irvin's testimony and voluminous evidence made McCall's version implausible.[628]
1949-04-17 McIntyre, George Washington (Pullman) McIntyre was wanted for questioning by Pullman police concerning an assault. He shot and killed officer Ross Klaar when Klaar attempted to arrest him. McIntyre ran away from the scene but was later found by other officers. A gun battle ensued, during which three law enforcement officers and McIntyre died.[629]
1947-02-19 Pierce, Elmer Henry (37) Illinois (Chicago) Nine Chicago policemen ambushed Pierce, whom they described as "a dangerous maniac". According to detective Joseph McCabe, Pierce ignored an order to surrender and reached for a gun, at which point McCabe killed him with ten shots from a machine gun.[630]
1947-01-01 Rocco, Alphonse New York (Gilboa) Rocco's ex-wife Olga was shot with a shotgun by a woman who had been duped into thinking that she was merely taking a photograph. Rocco was wanted by the NYPD for questioning in connection with the shooting. Detectives tracked him to Gilboa, where he was shot nine times.[631]
1946-02-05 Charles and Alphonso Ferguson (20s) New York (Freeport) On February 5, 1946, Charles and Alphonso Ferguson, two African-American men in their 20s, were killed by Joseph Romeika, a 26-year-old white police officer.[632][633][634]
1943-01-23 Hall, Robert Georgia (Newton) Robert Hall, a black man, was beaten to death by Baker County Sheriff M. Claude Screws, Policeman Jones, and Special Deputy Kelley (all white). The officers arrested Hall late at night at his home for the theft of a tire, handcuffed him, drove him to the courthouse, and beat him (still handcuffed) on the courthouse steps with their fists and an eight-inch solid-bar blackjack for between 15 and 30 minutes until he reached unconsciousness. They then dragged his body to the jail and called an ambulance. Hall was taken to a hospital where he died within the hour. The officers claimed Hall had reached for a gun and used insulting language when arriving at the courthouse. Screws was indicted on federal charges of violating Hall's civil rights, but Supreme Court case Screws v. United States was decided in Screws' favor.[635][636]
1941-07-26 Ware, Harrison (49) Missouri (Kansas City) Two white police officers, Charles LaBaugh and Dewey Ellis, shot and killed Ware, a Black man, at a club, before taking money from his pockets. The officers were indicted for second-degree murder but were found not guilty in 1942.[637]
1939-12-10 Virgil, Childers (38) North Carolina (Shelby) Childers was shot and killed while trying to escape from an officer.
1939-11-15 Edwards, Louis F. (47) New York (Long Beach) Edwards, the mayor of Long Beach, was assassinated by an officer who was the former head of the police union and a member of his own security detail.[638]
1937-05-30 1937 Memorial Day massacre Illinois (Chicago) 10 unarmed demonstrators were shot and killed by members of the Chicago Police Department. 67 or more were injured.
1937-03-21 Cotal Nieves, Juan Delgado Puerto Rico (Ponce) About 18 unarmed civilians peacefully protesting the U.S. government were killed by police in the Ponce massacre.[639][640] Two policemen were killed by friendly fire, and hundreds of civilians were wounded in this terrorist attack.[641][642]
Hernández del Rosario, Maria
Jimenez Morales, Luis
Loyola Pérez, Ceferino
Maldonado, Georgina
Márquez Telechea, Bolivar
Ortiz Toro, Ramon
Perea, Ulpiano
Pietrantoni, Juan Antonio
Reyes Rivera, Juan
Rivera Lopez, Conrado
Rodriguez Figueras, Iván G.
Rodriguez Mendez, Jenaro
Rodriguez Rivera, Pedro Juan
Rosario, Obdulio
Sánchez Pérez, Eusebio
Santos Ortiz, Juan
Torres Gregory, Juan
Velez Torres, Teodoro
1934-05-08 Pojman, Frank (55) Ohio (Cleveland) Pojman was arrested by two Cleveland Police patrolmen for alleged intoxication (which the coroner later disproved). En route to the police station, the patrolmen assaulted Pojman and he suffered a fractured skull and later died from his injuries.[643]
1927-01-05 Brooks, Oscar (45) Alabama (Brantley) Policemen entered Brooks' house on his farm searching for liquor after he had asked them for a warrant, which they refused. After they obtained a gallon of alcohol, they confronted him on his yard, opening fire upon him. He was unarmed.[644]
1913-11-19 Gaines, John (50) Texas (Austin) Gaines, the only Black officer in the Austin Police Department, was shot and killed by a deputy constable while calling for other officers. The constable had been reported for making a disturbance, and at the time Black officers were not allowed to arrest White subjects.[645]
1909-12-26 McCormack, Andrew (44) California (San Francisco) McCormack shot at a bartender and wounded a patron while drinking at a saloon. He fled and shot and wounded a pursuing patrolman before the officer returned fire, killing him.[646]
1909-12-25 Cota, Alonzo California (Santa Barbara) Cota allegedly assaulted an officer at a Christmas Eve dance. The officer fired a warning shot, then shot Cota in the abdomen. He died at hospital.[647]
1909-05-30 Menard, Joseph Illinois (Chicago) Menard was shot in an instance of mistaken identity by a policeman who was pursuing two suspects. The suspects had shot and wounded another officer.[648]
1908-11-01 Dalaney, J.V. Oregon (Portland) Dalaney was shot by a policeman as he brandished a revolver while attempting to escape arrest.[649]
1908-08-06 Pounds, Scott (21) California (San Francisco) Pounds and 18-year-old Ray Baird were pursued by police officers after they robbed a saloon. Pounds was shot once as he fled, while Baird was apprehended.[650]
1907-11-08 unidentified male Nevada (Reno) Policeman Charles Brown attempted to apprehend three men complicit in an armed robbery. One of the men was shot dead by Brown when the suspect attempted to shoot the policeman. Brown and a bystander were also injured during the resulting gunfight.[651]
1906-03-19 Murphy, Thomas Missouri (Springfield) Murphy and his companion, M.J. Curtis, were pursued by police. Murphy attempted to shoot a policeman and was shot, while Curtis surrendered.[652]
1905-05-13 Nevills, Andrew (23) California (Stockton) Nevills, a suspect in an armed robbery, was shot in the leg by a detective as he fled arrest. He died of his injury on May 24.[653]
1904-09-28 Meyers, Alexander G. (18) California (Bakersfield) Meyers shot at a policeman who encountered him burglarizing a saloon. The policeman shot him to death.[654]
1904-04-24 Thorndyke, Albert California (San Jose) Thorndyke committed an armed robbery and was chased by officers, who shot him three times.[655]
1903-10-07 Dodson, Charles A. California (San Francisco) Dodson was shot in the back as he fled from Officer John Smithson, who attempted to arrest him after a street fight. He died of his injuries on October 8. Smithson said that the shooting was accidental and that he fired shots to scare Dodson.[656]
1900-10-15 Bernal, Francisco Arizona (Phoenix) Bernal was shot and killed and his brother wounded by a policeman when they fired guns at him.[657]
1900-09-23 Brown, Myron (28) California (Alameda) Brown was shot by Policeman George N. MacRae as he fled arrest with two accomplices.[658] Brown died of pneumonia resulting from his wounds on September 27.[659] MacRae was charged with manslaughter.[660]
1900-09-16 Morse, Edward (37) Washington (Seattle) Morse and two accomplices exchanged gunfire with police after an attempted burglary. Morse was killed, and another robber, Harry Austin, was wounded.[661]
1900-07-27 Charles, Robert (34–35) Louisiana (New Orleans) Charles was shot by a special policeman and riddled with the bullets by a white mob. The mob then mutilated Charles' body.
1900-06-16 Farley, Patrick New York (New York City) Farley was shot by police as he attempted to escape arrest after he assaulted his wife.[662]
1900-05-31 Koenig, Albert Missouri (St. Louis) Koenig was shot by an officer after he shot another policeman with a shotgun.[663]
1900-01-27 Dennis, Charles Illinois (Quincy) Dennis and Monaghan, two bank robbers, brandished firearms during a police raid and were shot. Another suspect was wounded by police gunfire and arrested.[664]
Monaghan, Thomas

19th century[edit]

The table below lists 18 people.

Date Name (age) of deceased State (political subdivision) Description
1899-12-25 Dodd, Harvey Missouri (Jefferson City) As an officer arrested a woman, Dodd shot at the officer, but missed. The officer shot him twice.[665]
1899-12-25 Thomas, William Alabama (Birmingham) Thomas assaulted an officer responding to a disturbance. The officer shot him five times.[666]
1899-10-29 Wyatt, Henderson Georgia (Columbus) Wyatt assaulted an officer responding to a burglary. The officer fatally shot him.[667]
1899-10-08 unidentified male California (Alameda) Police responding to a burglary were shot at by three men. Two officers were wounded before one officer shot and killed one of the suspects. Another was arrested, while a third escaped.[668]
1899-08-21 Birch, James Indiana (Indianapolis) Birch was shot by an officer after he shot and injured the policeman.[669]
1899-07-22 O'Donnell, Michael Illinois (Chicago) O'Donnell was shot by an officer when he and a friend refused to alight from a train they were freighthopping.[670]
1899-06-28 Gerah, Hugh Oklahoma (Tecumseh) Gerah was shot and killed by a policeman, who was arrested.[671]
1899-05-17 unidentified male Illinois (Chicago) A policeman was assaulted by several Italian men on Polk Street. The officer fired into the crowd, killing a man and wounding two others.[672]
1899-02-10 Leach, Edward Illinois (Chicago) Leach, a police officer, was fatally shot by Patrick Furlong, another officer, after a political quarrel.[673]
1897-03-09 Sullivan, Henry California (San Francisco) Sullivan was shot two times by Policeman George Dougherty, who then attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head.[674]
1894-12-25 Gallagher, Charles Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Gallagher, along with John Morell and William Slaar, assaulted an officer attempting to arrest a friend named William Brown. The officer opened fire, killing Gallagher.[675]
1894-06-28 Schmidt, Elmer California (Sacramento) Schmidt was shot as he fled arrest.[676]
1892-06-29 Kirlin, Robert California (San Francisco) Kirlin attempted to stab an officer with a cheese knife and was shot dead.[677]
1891-11-27 surname Parker Utah (Salt Lake City) Parker, a police captain, disputed with another officer, Albright. Parker attempted to shoot Albright with a revolver, and Albright shot Parker dead.[678]
1891-02-11 May, John California (San Francisco) May was shot in the back and killed as he ran away from police. The officer responsible said that he only meant to scare May.[679]
1890-11-03 Edwards, James Tennessee (Kingston) Edwards and town marshal John M. Webster Jr. fatally shot each other as Webster attempted to arrest Edwards.[680]
1889‑08‑14 Terry, David S. (66) California (Lathrop) Chief Justice of California David S. Terry attempted to assault U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Johnson Field at a train station in Lathrop, California. Field's bodyguard, U.S. Marshal David Neagle, shot and killed Terry. This event led to the U.S. Supreme Court decision In re Neagle.[681]
1858‑11‑10 Hollis, John New York (Manhattan) Longshoreman Hollis allegedly threatened to kill ship captain Thomas Conway for not giving him a job on his crew. Conway called police. Officer Robert Cairnes responded, and Hollis ran away. Cairnes pursued, firing his pistol after him. Two shots missed, before a cartman grabbed Hollis's collar and held him. Cairnes ran up exclaiming, "You will get away from me, will you?" and shot directly into Hollis's back, so close that his coat caught fire. A coroner's jury ruled the fatal shooting was not justifiable, but a grand jury declined to indict the officer.[682]

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