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Leinster about the year 900

The following is a provisional list of the kings of Leinster who ruled the Irish kingdom of Leinster (or Laigin) up to 1632 with the death of Domhnall Spainneach Mac Murrough Caomhanach, the last legitimately inaugurated head of the MacMurrough Kavanagh royal line. Today's province of Leinster is considerably larger than the former kingdom.


Early medieval kings[edit]

Uí Cheinnselaig, 5th century[edit]

Main article: Uí Cheinnselaig
Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Bressal Bélach mac Fiacha Baicheda
Blason Beaufort bis.svg Son of Fiacha Baicheda mac Cathair Mór unknown 436
Énnae Cennsalach mac Labhradh

Blason Beaufort bis.svg Son of Labhradh mac Bressal Bélach unknown unknown

Uí Bairrche, 5th century[edit]

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Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Muiredach Mo Sníthech mac Dáire Barrach

O'Gorman.png Son of Dáire Barrach mac Cathair Mór unknown unknown
Móenach mac Muiredach Mo Sníthech

O'Gorman.png Son of Muiredach Mo Sníthech mac Dáire Barrach unknown unknown


High medieval kings[edit]

Late medieval kings[edit]

  • Muiris mac Muirchertach MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1282–c. 1314
  • Domhnall, c. 1314–1317
  • MacMurrough, 1317–c. 1323
  • Domhnall mac Art MacMurrough-Kavanagh, c. 1323–c. 1338
  • Domhnall mac Domhnall MacMurrough-Kavanagh, c. 1338–1347
  • Muircheartach mac Muiris MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1347–1354
  • Art mac Muircheartach MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1354–1362
  • Diarmait mac Domhnall MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1362–1369
  • Donnchadh mac Muircheartach MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1369–1375
  • Art mac Art MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 13751417
  • Donnchadh mac Art MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1417–1478
  • Domhnall mac Gerald MacMurrough-Kavanagh (a.k.a. Donal Reagh), 1476
  • Muircheartach mac Donnchadh MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1478–1512
  • Art Buidhe mac Domhnall MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1512–1517
  • Gerald mac Domhnall MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1517–1523
  • Muiris mac Domhnall MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1523–1531
  • Muircheartach mac Art Buidhe MacMurrough-Kavanagh, 1531–1547
  • Murchadh mac Muriris Mac Murrough Caomhanach, ?–1557
  • Criomthann mac Murchadha Mac Murrough Caomhanach, 1557–1582
  • Domhnall Spainneach Mac Murrough Caomhanach, c. 1595–1632 (last ruling King of Leinster)

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