List of kings of Numidia

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Genealogy of Numidian Kings[citation needed]

Numidia was an ancient Berber kingdom located in the region of North Africa in what is now northern Algeria and parts of Tunisia and Libya. The Kingdom existed from the 3rd to 1st centuries BCE. The Kingdom of Numidia was established as a client kingdom by Rome following the Second Punic War. It was annexed by Rome in 46 BCE and, after a brief period of restored independence, again in 25 BCE.

List of kings[edit]

All dates are BCE.

Kings of the Massylii (Eastern Numidia)[edit]

The last ruler of the Massylii conquered the Masaesyli and created the unified Numidian kingdom.

Kings of the Masaesyli (Western Numidia)[edit]

Kings of Numidia[edit]

The three sons of Massinissa originally shared the kingdom, dividing responsibility. Micipsa later tried the same thing with his three heirs, but the result was a civil war. The Roman Republic defeated Numidia during the Jugurthine War. Gauda thus succeeded to a reduced Numidian kingdom. He divided the kingdom geographically between his two sons, establishing two different lines of Numidian kings. They were briefly displaced by a certain Hiarbas, but Roman intervention restored them.

Eastern Numidia[edit]

This was the main Numidian kingdom after 81.

Annexed to Rome as Africa Nova (46–30).

Western Numidia[edit]

This was a much smaller chiefdom than Eastern Numidia, roughly corresponding with today's Petite Kabylie. Towards the end, its capital was Cirta.