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This page lists the kings of Urartu (Ararat or Kingdom of Van), an Iron Age kingdom centered on Lake Van in eastern Asia Minor.

Early kings[edit]

Rise to power[edit]

  • Sarduri I (also Sarduris I) 834 BC–828 BC; moved the capital to Tushpa, expanded the fortress of Van.
  • Ishpuini the Establisher 828 BC–810 BC; expanded the empire and conquered Mushashir.
  • Menua the Conqueror 810 BC–785 BC; greatly expanded the kingdom, organized the centralized administrative structure, fortified a number of cities and founded fortresses, developed a national canal and irrigation system.
  • Argishti I (also Argishtish I) 785–763 BC; fortified the empire's frontier, founded Erebuni (modern-day Yerevan).
  • Sarduri II 763 BC–735 BC; maximum expansion; zenith of Urartian power.
  • Rusa I 735 BC–714 BC; Assyrian and Cimmerian attacks.
  • Argishti II 714–680 BC
  • Rusa II 680 BC–639 BC
  • Sarduri III 639 BC–635 BC


Defeat and destruction[edit]

The Orontid Dynasty begins with King Orontes I Sakavakyats (570 BC–560 BC), after the last king of Urartu.

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