List of kings of Uvea

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Map of Wallis Island, also called Uvea. The traditional kingdom comprises the entire island.
Flag of Uvea.

The King of Uvea is known as the Lavelua.[1]

This is a list of the rulers of the polity of Uvea, which is also known as Wallis Island of the Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands.

First Dynasty from Tu'i Tonga[edit]

  • Tauloko, 1st Hau of 'Uvea 1400-1426
  • Ga'asialili, 2nd Hau of 'Uvea ca1426/ca1456
  • Havea Fakahau, 3rd Hau of 'Uvea ca1456/ca1516
  • Talapili, joint 4th Hau of 'Uvea ca1516/-
  • Talamohe, joint 5th Hau of 'Uvea -/ca1565
  • Fakahega, 6th Hau of 'Uvea ca1565/1588
  • Siulano, 7th Hau of 'Uvea 1588/1600, died 1600.

First Takumasiva Dynasty[edit]

  • Takumasiva
  • Pou
  • Fatualoamanogi
  • Emmunimaufenua
  • Fakataulavelua
  • Filikekai

Vehi'ika Dynasty[edit]

  • Vehi'ika, 14th Hau of 'Uvea
  • Filisika, 15th Hau of 'Uvea
  • Kafoa Logologofolau, 16th Hau of 'Uvea
  • Munigoto, 17th Hau of 'Uvea
  • Galu Atuvaha, 18th Hau of 'Uvea -/1726
  • Galu Fanalua, 19th Hau of 'Uvea 1726/1756
  • Galu Vaivaikava, joint 20th Hau of 'Uvea 1756/1768 or 1756/1780
  • Kafoka Finekata, joint 21st Hau of 'Uvea 1768/1780 or 1756/1780

Second Takumasiva Dynasty[edit]

  • Manuka (1780–1810)
  • Tufele I (1810–1810) assassinated in 1810

Kulitea Dynasty[edit]

  • Kulitea (1810-1819)
  • Lavekava (joint 1819-1820)
  • Hiva (joint 1819-1820) assassinated in 1820

Third Takumasiva Dynasty[edit]

1820-present day

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