List of koryū schools of martial arts

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This is an incomplete list of koryū (lit. "traditional schools", or "old schools"). Koryū are schools of martial arts that originated in Japan, and were founded prior to 1876, when the act prohibiting the wearing of swords (Haitōrei) came into effect after the Meiji Restoration.[1]

Alphabetical listing[edit]

Comprehensive systems[edit]

Grappling/close-quarters ryu (armoured, unarmoured)[edit]

Sword-drawing ryu (Batto, iai, etc.)[edit]

Sword-fighting ryu (kenjutsu, tojutsu)[edit]

Spear/polearm-fighting ryu (sojutsu, naginatajutsu)[edit]

Stick/Staff ryu (jo, bo)[edit]

Various weaponry[edit]


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