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The list of lake and river monsters attested in worldwide folklore.

The list[edit]

Body of water Area Nation Continent Name(s) Description First and last reported sightings Notes
Alkali Lake  Nebraska  USA North America Alkali Lake Monster 40-foot-long (12 m) alligator-like creature with rough, grayish-brown skin and a horn-like appendage located between its eyes and nostrils.
Altamaha River  Georgia (U.S. state)  USA North America Altamaha-ha 30-foot (9 m) long with a snake-like head and flippers like a seal[1]
Memaloose Lake  Oregon  USA North America Amhuluk Serpentine with horns[2] Kalapuya Legend
Fulk Lake  Indiana  USA North America Beast of 'Busco, Oscar the Turtle Giant Snapping Turtle 1898–1948
Lake Erie  Ohio  USA North America Bessie, South Bay Bessie Snake-like and 30 to 40 ft (9-12 m) long, at least a foot (30 cm) in diameter, with a grayish color.[3]
Black River  New York  USA North America Black River Monster Dark-colored serpentine body with flippers and large bulging eyes[4] 1951–
Lake Dillon  Colorado  USA North America Blue Dilly Manta ray like creature
Lake Mendota  Wisconsin  USA North America Bozho Serpentine creature, sometimes taken for a log until it moves. circa 1860–???? Said to play 'pranks' such as chasing boats and tickling bathers' feet.[5] Namesake of local arts & culture news website.[6]
Brosno Lake  Tver Oblast  Russia Europe Brosno Dragon, Brosnya [citation needed]
Lake Khaiyr  Sakha  Russia Asia Lake Khaiyr Monster
Labynkyr Lake  Sakha  Russia Asia Labynkyr Devil or Labynkyrsky Chert Various descriptions - possibly 26 feet (7.9 m) long
Various swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds and waterholes across Australia  Victoria  Australia Australia Bunyip Variously described as having a round head, an elongated neck, and a body resembling that of an ox, hippopotamus, or manatee.[7] Part of traditional Aboriginal beliefs and stories throughout Australia
Lake Champlain  New York


North America Champ A reptilian creature with slimy gray skin, 20 to 40 feet (6 to 12 m) in length, with a long neck, a horselike head, and four flippers.[4]
Charles Mill Lake  Ohio  USA North America Charles Mill Lake Monster Armless Reptilian with luminous green skin and glowing green eyes[4] 1959–1963
Chesapeake Bay  Maryland



 USA North America Chessie Dark-colored snakelike body with flippers.[4]
Crescent Lake  Newfoundland and Labrador  Canada North America Cressie Eel-Like Lake Monster[8] 1950s–present
Devil's Lake  Wisconsin  USA North America Devil's Lake Monster Fresh Water Octopus[9]
Lake Tota  Boyacá  Colombia South America Diablo Ballena (Devil Whale), Monster of Lake Tota A huge blackfish, bigger than a whale, with the head of a bull.[10] 1652–
Lake Elsinore  California  USA North America Elsie, Hamlet, Lake Elsinore Monster Cross between a plesiosaur and a sea serpent[11] 1884–1994
Flathead Lake  Montana  USA North America Flossie,[12] Flathead Lake Monster, Either a 20 to 40 feet (6 to 12 m) long eel-like creature; round, brown to blue-black in color and possesses steel-black eyes and undulating hips or a large-sized fish from 6 to 10 feet (2 to 3 m) in length.[12]
Lake Ontario  Ontario New York  Canada USA North America Gaasyendietha Dragon that dwells in rivers and lakes of Canada, especially Lake Ontario. This dragon flies on a trail of fire, and can also spew fire. Seneca Legend
Lake Thunderbird

Lake Oolagah

Lake Tenkiller

 Oklahoma  USA North America The Giant Freshwater Octopus A 20-foot long (6 m) giant octopus, reddish-brown with leathery skin[4][13] Thought to be responsible for Oklahoma lake drownings[13]
Gryttjen  Hälsingland  Sweden Europe Gryttie Long, serpentine, and potentially horned.[14] 1980s–
Herrington Lake  Kentucky  USA North America Harry, Eel-Pig Roughly 15 ft (4.6 m) long with a body like that of an eel and a skin tone/pattern reminiscent of a speckled fish. It is said to be as fast as a boat at times, and also possess a stubby pig-like snout and a somewhat curly tail.[15] 1925-1972
Hawkesbury River  New South Wales  Australia Australia Hawkesbury River Monster, Moolyewonk, Mirreeular 25 to 30-foot (7.6 to 9 m) grayish-black plesiosaur with a snake-like head.[16]
Lake Hodges  California  USA North America Hodgee Plesiosaurs or Loch Ness Monster-like creature[17]
Devil's Lake  Wisconsin  USA North America Hokuwa A long neck and small head, plesiosaur-like.[4]
Lake Simcoe  Ontario  Canada North America Igopogo, Kempenfelt Kelly Seal-like animal. Length, 12–70 feet (3.6-21 m). Charcoal-gray color. Dog- or horse-like face. Prominent eyes. Gaping mouth. Neck is like a stovepipe. Several dorsal fins. Fishlike tail.[18] Also known as Kempenfelt Kelly.
Iliamna Lake  Alaska  USA North America Illie, Iliamna Lake Monsters Monstrous fish with blunt heads used to smash through boat bottoms. Said to resemble a barracuda, silvery in color with black stripes.[4] First reported by the Aleut people
Lake Edward North Kivu  Democratic Republic of the Congo,  Uganda Africa Irizima Gigantic hippopotamus with the horns of a rhinoceros upon its head, or a marsh monster with a hippo's legs, an elephant' trunk, a lizard's head, and an aardvark's tail.[19]
Bear Lake  Idaho


 USA North America Isabella, Bear Lake Monster Head variously described as being similar to that of a cow, otter, crocodile, or a walrus (minus the tusks). Its size was reported to be at least fifty feet (15 m) long, and light cream in color.[20] The creature can supposedly crawl onto the shore.
Lake Ikeda  Kagoshima  Japan Asia Issie A huge saurian creature with black humps.[21] 1978
Lake Ontario  Ontario New York  Canada USA North America Kingstie The descriptions over the years have been inconsistent, with color ranging from blue to brown, a large head or no head at all, bristled or bald, teeth like an alligator or toothless.[22]
Hudson River  New York  USA North America Kipsy, Hudson River Monster Sea Serpent, shark, or manatee[23]
Lake Kussharo  Hokkaido  Japan Asia Kusshii 30 to 60 ft (9-18 m) long with humps on its back, a long neck and a pair of horns on its head.[24]
Lagarfljót  Iceland Europe Lagarfljót Worm Sometimes said to resemble large islands, but at other times to rise out of the water in arches, spanning hundreds of fathoms. People were unsure what sort of monster this was because neither its head nor tail was visible from Skálholtsannáll.[25] 1345[26]-Present
Lake Leelanau  Michigan  USA North America Lake Leelanau Monster A log with eyes[27] 1910
Lake Tianchi Jilin, Ryanggang  China North Korea Asia Lake Tianchi Monster A large turtle-like animal, or a long black creature, some 20–30 meters long with a small head shaped like that of a horse.[28] Lake Tianchi is also known as Lake Chonji, and is partly located in North Korea.
Lake Van Van, Bitlis  Turkey Asia Lake Van Monster Said to resemble ancient marine reptiles such as a plesiosaur.
Lake Worth  Texas  USA North America Lake Worth Monster Fishy man-goat, humanoid torso with goat legs, covered in white fur and scales[29] 1969
Lake Como  Lombardy  Italy Europe Lariosauro, Larry Nothosaur[30] 1949–1957
Lake Victoria  Kenya Uganda


Africa Lukwata 20–30 feet (6-9 m) long, with dark smooth skin and a rounded head[31]
Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis  Manitoba  Canada North America Manipogo, Winnipogo A long muddy-brown body with humps that show above the water, and a sheep-like head. 1908–1962 Manipogo also known as the Winnipogo as the Lake Monster is reported to live in Lake Manitoba which is connected to Lake Winnipegosis, Canada. The creature was dubbed Manipogo in 1957, the name echoing British Columbia's Ogopogo.
Gudgerama Creek  Northern Territory  Australia Australia Mannie, Maningrida monster 60 feet (18 m) long, dark, scaly, and three-headed.[32] 1972
Lake Memphrémagog  Vermont


North America Memphré Plesiosaurs or Loch Ness Monster-like creature[33] Lake Memphrémagog lies partly in the USA.
Lake Manitou  Indiana  USA North America Meshekenabek Thirty feet (9 m) long, dark in color, possesses a long neck with a horse-like head.[34]
Missouri River  Missouri  USA North America Mi-ni-wa-tu An amphibious creature with a body like that of a buffalo, covered with red hair. It has a single horn in its forehead, and a single eye. Its back is notched like a saw or gear.[35] From Lakota peoples' mythology
Lake Superior  Ontario  Canada North America Mishipeshu Has the head and claws of a panther, but with scales and spines.
Congo River Basin  Republic of the Congo Africa Mokele-mbembe Apatosaurus-like creature[36]
Elizabeth Lake  California  USA North America The Monster of Elizabeth Lake Bat wings, the neck of a giraffe, the head of a bulldog, six legs, a length of at least fifty feet (15 m), and emit a horrible nauseating stench.[37] 1830–1886
Loch Morar  Scotland  United Kingdom Europe Morag 20-ft (6 m) serpent-like creature.[38]
Lakes of Killarney  Munster  Ireland Europe Muckie 27-ft (8.2 m) snake-like creature[39] 2003
Loch Maree  Scotland  United Kingdom Europe Muc-sheilch Physically identical to Nessie
Lake Temiskaming  Ontario  Canada North America Mugwump Approximately 20 ft (6 m) long, a black, glistening head with protruding eyeballs
Lake Alexandrina  South Australia  Australia Australia Muldjewangk Sometimes portrayed as evil merfolk (half man half fish), or times as a gargantuan monster. It is also inconsistent whether there are many of the creatures, or a single "The Muldjewangk".[40]
Muskrat Lake  Ontario  Canada North America Mussie Variously described as a walrus, a sturgeon, or as a three-eyed Loch Ness Monster-like creature[41]

Lake Nahuel Huapi

 Río Negro Province and  Neuquén Province  Argentina South America Nahuelito Plesiosaurs or Loch Ness Monster-like creature.[42]
Loch Ness  Scotland  United Kingdom Europe Nessie Plesiosaurs-like
Lake Norman  North Carolina  USA North America Normie, Lake Norman Monster Long and serpentine with scaly fins and flippers, a dog-like head, and red eyes.[4] 1967–
Great Salt Lake  Utah  USA North America North Shore Monster, Great Brine Shrimp, Old Briney Monster crocodilian or monstrous shrimp-like crustacean 1840–
Bangweulu Swamp  Zambia Africa Nsanga Crocodile-like animal with smooth skin and hooked claws.[43]
Lake Kariba  Zimbabwe Africa Nyami Nyami Dragon-like creature with a snake's torso and the head of a fish.[44] Season 4 episode 3 of River Monsters reveals that Nyaminyami was inspired by the Vundu Catfish, southern Africa's largest fish.
East Okoboji Lake  Iowa  USA North America Obojoki A large dark greenish-brown animal with a head the size of a bowling ball.[45] 1903–2001
Onondaga Lake  New York  USA North America Oggie Giant salamander[4]
Okanagan Lake  British Columbia  Canada North America Ogopogo Green in color, three humps in the water and a horse-like bearded head. 1926–2011
Finger Lakes  New York  USA North America Old Greeny Green Eel-like serpent[4]
Turtle Lake  Saskatchewan  Canada North America Turtle Lake Monster Large ancient looking fish-like creature similar to a River Sturgeon; could in fact be trapped River Sturgeon. There might be up to three of them. 1923–Present
Lake Utopia  New Brunswick  Canada North America Old Ned Approximately 20 feet (6 m) in length, having a large head, being reddish-brown or dark red in color, Eel-like[46] 1867–present
Great Slave Lake  Northwest Territories  Canada North America Ol' Slavey[citation needed]
Lake Pend Oreille  Idaho  USA North America The Pend Orielle Paddler Plesiosaurs or Loch Ness Monster-like creature[47] 1940s–1996
Lake Pepin  Minnesota  USA North America Pepie Large Serpent Like Creature[48]
Bueng Khong Long  Bueng Kan  Thailand Asia Phaya Naga Serpent-like creature Ancient times–Present. Scientists and researchers at the Faculty of Science of Chulalongkorn University have attributed these seemingly preternatural phenomena to standing waves in water, and posit that the existence of Phaya Nak is similar to belief in Loch Ness Monster in Scotland or Ogopogo in Canada.[49]
Pocomoonshine Lake  Maine  USA North America Poco 30–60-foot-long (9-18 m) snake[50][51]
Lake Pohenegamook  Quebec  Canada North America Ponik Dark Serpentine body and a horse-like head with catfish-like whiskers[4] 1874–present
Lake Superior  Ontario  Canada North America Pressie Dark serpentine body with a long neck, a whale-like tail, and whiskers.[4]
Seljordsvatnet  Telemark  Norway Europe Seljordsormen, Selma 30 to 45-foot (9 to 14 m) serpent-like creature, resembling a large anaconda; some reports even include several humps on its back. 1750[52]- Present
Tasik Chini  Pahang  Malaysia Asia Seri Gumum Legendary dragon-like creature mentioned in old folklore, and other literary works
Payette Lake  Idaho  USA North America Sharlie, Slimy Slim, The Twilight Dragon Serpent
Lake Powell  Arizona  USA North America Skin Fin Possesses a large dorsal fin like that of a shark, a body built like an elephant, the flat wide tail of a manatee, and a head and neck like a miniature brontosaurus. Its skin is described as being a dark oily black and smooth like that of an eel.[53]
Lake De Smet  Wyoming  USA North America Smetty Head like a horse, a bony ridge down its back, and about 40 feet (12 m) long.[54]
Storsjön  Jämtland  Sweden Europe Storsjöodjuret Humped back and a long neck and tail. It has grayish-brown skin with a yellow underbelly, a dog-like head, and a body anywhere between 10 and 42 feet (3-13 m) in length.[55] 1635–
Lake Tahoe  California Nevada  USA North America Tahoe Tessie Large, serpent-like creature.[56]
Rivers, Lakes, and Caves throughout New Zealand[57]  New Zealand Australia Taniwha Resembles a shark, dragon, or whale, or a shapeshifter that can appear like any of those animals.[58] Creatures from Māori folklore
Bala Lake  Wales  United Kingdom Europe Teggie[citation needed]
Thetis Lake  British Columbia  Canada North America Thetis Lake Monster Creature with "silvery scaled skin, sharp claws, and spikes on its head. 1972
Lake Lepel  Vitebsk  Belarus Europe Tsmok Behemoths with the head of a deer or snake and the body of a seal.[59]
Wallowa Lake  Oregon  USA North America Wally, Wallowa Lake Monster A long, serpent-like creature, often compared in appearance to the Chinese Dragon, with multiple humps on its back which can be seen when the creature swims along the surface of the water, some accounts also include horns atop the beasts head.[60] Originated in Nez Pearce Legend
White River  Arkansas  USA North America Whitey, White River Monster A gray fish-like creature with a horn sticking out from its forehead sometimes described as having a spiny back twenty feet (6 m) long.[61] This monster is said to have been responsible for overturning a Confederate munitions boat during the civil war.
Arenal Lagoon[62][63]  Alajuela  Costa Rica North America Cow-headed, horned, and serpentine[64]
St. Johns River[65]  Florida  United States North America St. Johns River Monster, Johnnie, Borinkus Serpentine, with horns and a ridge on its back[65]
Sacramento River[66]  California  United States North America Wetlash Water elemental, that resembles an elf made completely of water
Zegrze Reservoir[67] Masovian Voivodeship  Poland Europe Zegrze Reservoir Monster


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