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Below is a list of notable lake monsters attested in worldwide folklore.


Lake Area Country Continent Name Type or description First–last reported sightings Notes
Tasik Chini  Pahang  Malaysia Asia Seri Gumum a legendary dragon like creature mentioned in old folklore, and other literary works
Lake Mendota  Wisconsin  USA North America "Bozho" Serpentine creature, sometimes taken for a log until it moves. circa 1860-???? Said to play 'pranks' such as chasing boats and tickling bathers' feet.[1] Namesake of local arts & culture news website.[2]
Okanagan Lake  British Columbia  Canada North America Ogopogo Green in color, three humps in the water and a horse-like bearded head. 1926–2011
Lake Teedyuskung  Pennsylvania  USA North America Teedy Has blue and grey scales, lives at the bottom of the lake. 1960-Present
Schroon Lake  New York  USA North America Schroonie Has green and yellow, lives at the bottom of the lake. 1975-Present
Thetis Lake  British Columbia  Canada North America Thetis Lake Monster
Lake Manitoba  Manitoba  Canada North America Manipogo
Lake Winnipegosis  Manitoba  Canada North America

Crescent Lake  Newfoundland and Labrador  Canada North America Cressie
Lake Simcoe  Ontario  Canada North America Igopogo Also known as Kempenfelt Kelly.
Muskrat Lake  Ontario  Canada North America Mussie
Lake Superior  Ontario  Canada North America Mishipeshu Has the head and claws of a panther, but with scales and spines.
Lake Pepin  Minnesota  USA North America Pepie
Lake Ontario  Ontario New York  Canada USA North America Kingstie
Lake Ontario  Ontario New York  Canada USA North America Gaasyendietha Dragon that dwells in rivers and lakes of Canada, especially Lake Ontario. This dragon flies on a trail of fire, and can also spew fire.
Lake Temiskaming  Ontario  Canada North America Mugwump
Lake Memphrémagog  Vermont


North America Memphré Lake Memphrémagog lies partly in the USA.
White River  Arkansas  USA North America White River Monster, "Whitey" This monster is said to have been responsible for overturning a Confederate munitions boat during the civil war.
Lake Tahoe  California Nevada  USA North America Tahoe Tessie
Payette Lake  Idaho  USA North America Sharlie, Slimy Slim
Fulks Lake  Indiana  USA North America Beast of 'Busco, Oscar the Turtle
Lake_Manitou_(Indiana)  Indiana  USA North America Man-i-too, Potawotomi word for 'evil spirit'
Flathead Lake  Montana  USA North America Flathead Lake Monster
Lake Champlain  New York


North America Champ A reptilian creature, 20 to 40 feet in length, with a long neck, and four flippers, or webbed feet. Possibly capable of echolocation.
Hudson River  New York  USA North America Hudson River Monster, "Kipsy"
Lake Erie  Ohio  USA North America Bessie, South Bay Bessie
Bear Lake  Idaho


 USA North America Bear Lake Monster, Isabella Crocodilian The creature can supposedly crawl onto the shore.
Great Salt Lake  Utah  USA North America North Shore Monster Monster crocodilian
Arenal Lagoon[3][4]  Alajuela  Costa Rica North America A serpentine lake animal similar to Nessie.

Lake Nahuel Huapi

 Río Negro Province and  Neuquén Province  Argentina South America "Nahuelito"
Lake Edward  Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Irizima
Maika marshes  Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Mahamba
Lake Victoria  Kenya Africa Lukwata
Lake Makele, Mamfe Pool  Republic of the Congo Africa Mokele-mbembe
Bangweulu Swamp  Zambia Africa Nsanga
Lake Kariba  Zimbabwe Africa Nyami Nyami Season 4 episode 3 of River Monsters reveals that Nyaminyami was inspired by the Vundu Catfish, southern Africa's largest fish.
Bassenthwaite Lake  England  United Kingdom Europe Eachy
Loch Ness  Scotland  United Kingdom Europe Nessie
Loch Morar  Scotland  United Kingdom Europe Morag
Loch Maree  Scotland  United Kingdom Europe Muc-sheilch
Lagarfljót  Iceland Europe Lagarfljót Worm
Lakes of Killarney  Munster  Ireland Europe Muckie
Lake Como  Italy Europe Lariosauro
Seljordsvatnet  Telemark  Norway Europe Seljordsormen
Storsjön  Sweden Europe Storsjöodjuret in Jämtland
Gryttjen  Sweden Europe Gryttie in Hälsingland
Brosno Lake  Tver Oblast  Russia Europe Brosno Dragon Also known as Brosnya.
Lake Van  Turkey Asia Lake Van Monster
Tian Chi Lake Tianchi  China North Korea Asia Lake Tianchi Monster Lake Tianchi is also known as Lake Chonji, and is partly located in North Korea.
Lake Ikeda  Kagoshima  Japan Asia "Issie"

Lake Kussharo

 Hokkaido  Japan Asia "Kusshii"
Lake Modewarre  Victoria  Australia Australia "Bunyip"
Lake Tota Boyacá  Colombia South America Monster of Lake Tota Also known as Diablo Ballena (Devil Whale). Muisca mythology. First reported sighting in 1652.
Bueng Khong Long  Bueng Kan  Thailand Asia "Phaya Naga" Serpent-like creature Ancient times–Present. Scientists and researchers at the Faculty of Science of Chulalongkorn University have attributed these seemingly preternatural phenomena to standing waves in water, and posit that the existence of Phaya Nak is similar to belief in Loch Ness Monster in Scotland or Ogopogo in Canada.[5]
Lyepyel Lake Lyepyel Raion (district) in the Vitebsk Province Belarus Europe Lepelski Cmok Water dragon, with the seal body, with a long neck and head both similar to the snake head and the deers head.

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