List of lakes of Albania

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Albania is home to 247 natural lakes and more than 800 artificial lakes. The natural lakes, based on their origin, are classified as the following: tectonic (4), ice-dammed (134), karst (94) and river (15).

Lagoons are present along the coastal region. They occupy an area of 150 km2. The main lagoons in the country are: Karavasta, Nartë and Patok.[1]

Shkodër lake
Ulza lake
Lura lake
Xhema lake in Valbonë

Natural lakes[edit]

Artificial lakes[edit]

  • Fierza (81.69 km2)
  • Vau i Dejës (24.7 km2)
  • Koman (12 km2)
  • Ulza (4.2 km2)

Other lakes[edit]