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Greater Sudbury (Ontario, Canada) is considered a city of lakes containing 330 lakes over 10 hectares including 112 over 100 hectares, and the largest lake contained within a city, Lake Wanapitei with 13,257 hectares.[1] The lakes drain into two main watersheds: to the east is the French River watershed which flows into Lake Huron via Georgian Bay, and to the west is the Spanish River watershed which flows into Lake Huron via the North Channel.[1]

Lakes are used for many recreational purposes including boating, swimming, and ice skating in winter. Lakes in Greater Sudbury are also home to numerous species of fish, of which many are caught for sport. A survey conducted between 2000 and 2006 in 43 lakes found the following fish species:[2] eastern blacknose dace, blacknose shiner, bluegill, brook stickleback, bluntnose minnow, brown bullhead, burbot, central mudminnow, cisco (lake herring), common shiner, creek chub, emerald Shiner, fathead minnow, finescale dace, golden shiner, Iowa darter, Johnny darter, lake chub, lake trout, lake whitefish, largemouth bass, common logperch, mottled sculpin, ninespine stickleback, northern pike, northern pearl dace, pumpkinseed, rainbow smelt, rock bass, slimy sculpin, smallmouth bass, splake, spoonhead sculpin, spottail shiner, trout-perch, walleye, white sucker, and yellow perch.

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