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View of Lake Seliger near Ostashkov in 1910.

On the territory of Russia - more than two million lakes with total area of 350 thousand square kilometers (excluding the Caspian Sea-Lake).. Total reserves of lake waters reach 26 thousand. Cu km. Most of the lakes of glacial origin.

The largest lakes of the European part of Russia (located mainly in its north-west) - Ladoga and Onega (area of 17 680 and 9720 square kilometers respectively); Peipus-Pskov lake on the border with Estonia (3,550 km²); Ilmen (about 1000 square kilometers, the area varies depending on the water level), as well as Topozero, Vygozero and other "Lake District" Karelia.

The largest lake in Siberia and Russia (excluding the Caspian Sea) - Baikal - is the deepest in the world; Baikal contains 85% of the fresh water lake in Russia and 22% of the world's freshwater. Lake Length - 636 km, width - 48 km; total area - 31.7 thousand km²;. maximum depth - 1620 m (great depth differs as Teletskoye Lake (325 m) in the Altai and Lake Khantayskoye (520 m) in Predtaymyre). Lake Baikal is located in the rift basin and has an age of about 25-30 million years.

However, the vast majority of Russian lakes refers to small; numerous lakes in the northwest of the European part of Russia (especially in the Republic of Karelia) and in the West Siberian Plain. Among the lakes, dominated by fresh, but there are also salty, the largest of which (1990 km²) - Chany in southwestern Siberia [1]: 65-8

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