List of lakes of Egypt

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Egypt contain many lakes currently and other lakes that have vanished.[1]

Current lakes[edit]

Lake Nasser[edit]

A vast reservoir in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Behind the High Dam of Aswan on the river Nile, contains river water.

Manzala Lake[2][edit]

Salt or brackish water lake. In northeastern Egypt on the Nile Delta near Port Said, Damietta, Dakahlyia and Sharqyia governorates.

Maryut Lake[edit]

A salt lake in northern Egypt, between Alexandria and Al-Buhira (Beheira actually is named after it) Governorates.

Lake Bardawil[edit]

Salt water Lake in North Sinai Governorate. It is said that it is named after King Baldwin I of Jerusalem of the First Crusade and that he was buried there.

Lake Moeris or Qaroun Lake[edit]

Brackish water Lake. South River Nile Delta in Fayoum Governorate.

Wadi Elrayan Lakes[edit]

Brackish water Lake. In Fayoum Governorate

Edko Lake[edit]

Salt water lake in Al Bouhaira Governorate

Toshka Lakes[edit]

River water Lake. In South Western Part of Egypt, at el-Wadi el-Gadid or New Valley Governorate.

Great Bitter Lake or al-Buhayrat al-Murrah[edit]

A salt water lake between the north and south part of the Suez Canal, includes Greater Bitter Lake and Lesser Bitter Lakes and el-Temmsah Lake (The crocodile lake). In Ismailia Governorate.

Borolus Lake or Paralos lake[edit]

Salt water Lake in North shore of River Nile Delta, Western corner in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate.

Wadi El Natrun Lakes[edit]

Salt alkaline water lakes (Contain Natron Salt) in Wadi Natron area near el-Qattara Depression in Matruh Governorate.

Salt lakes of Siwa[3][edit]

In New Valley Governorate, Siwa Oasis in Western Desert.


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