List of lakes of Kazakhstan

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Most of Kazakhstan is endorheic basin (except northern territories). As it is expected, the rivers flow into the numerous lakes in the basin. The most important drainage system is known as Yedisu, meaning "seven rivers" in Turkic languages. Below is the list of more important lakes. Some of these lakes are shared with the neighbouring countries. (Caspian Sea, Lake Aral, Lake Aike, etc.)

Lake name Surface area Region Notes
Caspian Sea 371,000 square kilometres (143,244 sq mi) Atyrau Region, Mangystau Region
Aike 64.7 square kilometres (25 sq mi) Aktobe Region
Alakol 2,650 square kilometres (1,023 sq mi) Almaty Region Bird breeding and nesting ground
Aral 17,160 square kilometres (6,626 sq mi) Shrinking owing to environmental problems[1]
Azhibeksor SW of Lake Tengiz[2]
Balkhash 16,996 square kilometres (6,562 sq mi) Almaty Region, Karagandy Region, Jambyl Region
Bartogay Almaty Region Reservoir on the Chilik River
Chagan Artificial lake (Former nuclear test site)
Issyk 0.22 square kilometres (0 sq mi) Almaty Region Not to be confused with Issyk Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan
Jasybay 4 square kilometres (2 sq mi) Pavlodar Region
Kayindi Almaty Region
Kamyslybas 176 square kilometres (68 sq mi)
Kapchagay also spelled Qapshaghay Bogeni Reservoir
Kopa 14 square kilometres (5 sq mi) Akmola Region
Markakol 455 square kilometres (176 sq mi)
Sasykkol 600 square kilometres (232 sq mi) Almaty Region Surface can reach 736 square kilometres (284 sq mi)
Tengiz 1,382 square kilometres (534 sq mi) Akmola Region Bird breeding and nesting ground
Zaysan 1,810 square kilometres (699 sq mi)
Zerenda 11.9 square kilometres (5 sq mi) Akmola Region
Zhasylkol 1 square kilometre (0 sq mi) Almaty Region


  1. ^ Kazakhstan government is trying to rescue the northern part of the lake
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