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This is a list of mosques that accommodate at least 5,000,000 worshipers per year. The default listing is alphabetical; to sort using different criteria, click on the desired column headers. Note that determining exactly what should be included when calculating area is a highly subjective assessment, and the figures given here adhere to no common standard.

List of large mosques[edit]

Name Images Capacity
Area m2 City Administrative Region Country Year of first building
Masjid al-Harammap
4,000,000[a] 4,008,020 [a] Mecca Makkah Province Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia between 634 and 644
Al-Masjid al-Nabawimap
The Enlightened City.jpg
1,000,000 400,500 Medina Al Madinah Province Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Pre 622
Moscow Cathedral Mosque
Moscow Cathedral Mosque 2015-08.jpg
10,000 Moscow Moscow Russia Russia 1904 (rebuilt 2015)
Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque
Грозный мечеть 2011.JPG
10,000[1] Grozny Chechen Republic Russia Russia 2008
Aymani Kadyrov Mosque
Mosque in Argun.jpg
5,000[2] Argun Chechen Republic Russia Russia 2014
Imam Ali Mosque
Imam Ali Shrine (1).jpg
800,000 300,500 Najaf Najaf Governorate IraqIraq 900
Al-Azhar Mosque
Cairo - Islamic district - Al Azhar Mosque and University.JPG
20,000 7,800 Cairo Egypt Egypt Egypt 972
Al Fateh Mosquemap
Grand mosque in Bahrain.jpg
7,000 Manama Capital Governorate Bahrain Bahrain 1987
Imam Husayn Shrine and Al Abbas Mosque
پیاده روی اربعین حسینی 1.jpg
1,000,000 390,550 Karbala Karbala Governorate IraqIraq 680
Badshahi Mosquemap
Badshahi Mosque July 1 2005 pic32 by Ali Imran (1).jpg
100,000E 29,867.2E Lahore Punjab Pakistan Pakistan 1673
Grand Jamia Mosque 25,000 (indoor capacity)
70,000 (outdoor capacity)
9,236 Lahore Punjab Pakistan Pakistan 2014
Bara Imambara
Mosque Near Bada Imaambada.JPG
350,000 350,000 Lucknow Uttar Pradesh IndiaIndia 1784
Masjid Aqsa Eingangsbereich.jpg
18,500E 3,700E Rabwah Punjab Pakistan Pakistan 1972
Baitul Futuhmap
Baitul Futuh.jpg
10,000E 21,000E Morden London United Kingdom United Kingdom 2003
Baitul Falah
Jamiatul Falah Mosque.JPG
5,000 Chittagong Chittagong Division Bangladesh Bangladesh
Baitul Mukarrammap
Bayt al Mukarram.jpg
40,000 Dhaka Dhaka Division Bangladesh Bangladesh 1960
Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque
Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque2.jpg
500,000 200,500 Isfahan Isfahan Province IranIran 1618
Central Mosque, Almaty
Central Mosque of Almaty.jpg
7,000 9,500 Almaty Almaty Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 1890
Conakry Grand Mosque
Grande Mosquee.jpg
12,500 Conakry Conakry Region Guinea Guinea 1982
East London Mosque
Aerial view of East London Mosque complex - Feb 2014.jpg
7,500 London England United Kingdom United Kingdom 1910
Emir Abdelkader Mosque
Constantine algerie grande mosquee emir abdelkader4.jpg
15,000 Constantine Constantine Province Algeria Algeria 1994
Jamkaran Mosque
Jamkaran Mosque.jpg
800,000 305,500 Qom Qom Province IranIran 984
Faisal Mosquemap
Faisal mosque2.jpg
200,000[3] 5,000D Islamabad Islamabad Capital Territory Pakistan Pakistan 1986
Gaddafi National Mosque
Laika ac Gaddafi National Mosque, Kampala (6693328097).jpg
12,200 48,562.3 Kampala Central Region Uganda Uganda 1972
Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque (Kuwait).jpg
13,000 Kuwait City Al Asimah Kuwait Kuwait 1986
Mahmood Mosquemap
Ahmadi Mosque Haifa.jpg
5,000 Kababir, Haifa Israel Israel Israel 1970
Grand Mosque of Évry
Courcouronnes Mosquee.JPG
5,000 Courcouronnes Greater Paris France France 1994
Great Mosque of Surabaya 59,000[4] 18,800 (building) Surabaya East Java Indonesia Indonesia 2000
Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II mosque, Casablanca.jpg
105,000[5]C 90,000C Casablanca Greater Casablanca Morocco Morocco 1993
Id Kah Mosquemap
20,000[6] Kashgar Xinjiang China People's Republic of China 1442
Imam Reza Shrinemap
500,000[7]A 598,657[8]A Mashhad Razavi Khorasan Province Iran Iran 818
Istiqlal Mosque, Jakartamap
Istiqlal Mosque.jpg
200,000B 95,000 Jakarta Jakarta Province Indonesia Indonesia 1978
Chota Imambara
Chhota imambara gate.jpg
100,000 150,000 Lucknow Uttar Pradesh IndiaIndia 1784
Jama Masjidmap
Jama Masjid, Delhi.jpg
85,000G 45,000 Old Delhi National Capital Territory of Delhi India India 1656
Makhachkala Grand Mosque
Makhachkala mosque 6.jpg
17,000[9] Makhachkala Republic of Dagestan Russia Russia 1998
Masjid e Tooba
Masjid e Tooba.jpg
5,000 Karachi Sindh Pakistan Pakistan 1969
Mecca Masjid
20,000 Hyderabad Telangana India India 1694
National Mosque of Malaysiamap
National Mosque KL 2007 pano.jpg
15,000 Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Malaysia Malaysia 1965
Nizhny Novgorod Cathedral Mosque
Great Mosque NN 1.JPG
5,000 Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod oblast Russia Russia 1915
Mosque of Rome
Grande Mosquée de Rome.JPG
12,000 30,000 Rome Lazio Italy Italy 1995
Saint Petersburg Mosque
Mešita v Sankt-Petěrburgu (3).jpg
5,000 Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Russia Russia 1913
Salavat Yulaev Mosque 5,000 Ufa Bashkortosan Russia Russia 2017
Saleh Mosque
Alsalh-24-2-2014 (16481824622).jpg
44,000[10] 27,300 Sana'a Sana'a Yemen Yemen 2008
Sabancı Mosque
Sabanci Merkez Camii.jpg
28,000 Adana Adana Province Turkey Turkey 1998
Shah Mosque
Naghshe Jahan Square Isfahan modified.jpg
700,000 400,500 Isfahan Isfahan Province IranIran 1611
Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque
Flickr - omar chatriwala - The State Mosque.jpg
30,000[11] Doha Doha Qatar Qatar 2010
Sheikh Zayed Mosquemap
Front of Sheikh Zayed Mosque.jpg
40,000 F 22,000[12] Abu Dhabi Emirate of Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 2007
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque
Shah Alam Blue mosque at night.jpg
24,000 Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia Malaysia 1988
Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as Blue Mosque)
Sultan Ahmed Mosque Istanbul Turkey retouched.jpg
10,000 Istanbul Marmara Region Turkey Turkey 1616
Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah 60,000 Cotabato City Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao Philippines Philippines 2011
Masjid Al-Dahab Golden Mosque 10.JPG 10,000 Manila National Capital Region Philippines Philippines 1976
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosquemap
SultanQaboosGrandMosque 44.JPG
20,000 416,000 Muscat Muscat Governorate Oman Oman 2001
2100914-Tal ul Masjid Bhopal.jpeg
175,000 90,000 Bhopal Sultan Shah Jahan, Begum of Bhopal India India 1901
Türkmenbaşy Ruhy Mosque
Ashgabat (3891760823).jpg
10,000 18,000 Gypjak Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 2004
Umayyad Mosquemap
Umayyad Mosquee panoramic.jpg
20,000 Damascus Damascus Governorate Syria Syria 705
Jamia Masjid, Srinagar
JAmia Masjid.jpg
33,000[13] Jammu and kashmir Kashmir India India 1400
Juma Masjid Mosque
Juma Masjid on Queen & Grey Street-20140223.jpg
6,000[14] Durban Kwazulu-Natal South Africa South Africa 1881
Nizamiye Masjid 6,000[15] Midrand Johannesburg South Africa South Africa 2009


  • ^A Capacity of one courtyard: 100,000; Total number courtyards: 7; Total shrine area: 267,079 m2; Total courtyard area: 331,578 m2 (world's largest)
  • ^B Capacity, main building: 61,000; secondary building: 8,000; bridge building: ~1,000; Terrace: 50,000;
  • ^C Capacity, inside: 25,000; outside: 80,000. Covered Area: 20,000 m2
  • ^D Capacity, hall: 10,000; porticoes: 24,000; courtyard; 40,000. Covered Area: 5,000 m2
  • ^E Capacity, hall: 5,000; courtyard and porticoes: 95,000. Courtyard area: 278,784 m2
  • ^F Capacity, main prayer hall: 9,000; 2 halls for women: 2 * 1,500; porticoes: 18,000.
  • ^G Capacity, hall: 10,000; courtyard: 75,000.


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