List of largest hourglasses in the world

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This article lists the largest hourglasses that have been built.

Image Info
Hourglass Panta Rhei, Ybbsitz.jpg Built in 2000, this hourglass is located in Ybbsitz and is called Panta Rhei.[1]
Sanduhr in Mainz 1.jpg Built in 1984 and located in Mainz, this hourglass was donated by Schott Glaswerke.[2]
Semi-Transparent.png Unveiled in 2008 and located at the Red Square in Moscow.[3]
Budapest timewheel 03.jpg
Called Timewheel, this hourglass is located in Hungary near Hősök tere[4] and was first revealed in 2004 in commemoration of Hungarys accession to the EU.[5]
Semi-Transparent.png Built in 1991[5] and located in the Nima Sand Museum, this hourglass is 5.2 metres high and contains around 1 ton of sand.[6]
Semi-Transparent.png Built in 1999 and located on Jeongdongjin Beach it takes one year for the sand to fall to the bottom.[7]
Semi-Transparent.png A two metre high hourglass was installed at Downing Street in London as part of a protest demanding the United Kingdoms intervenation in the Darfur conflict.[8][9][10][11]
Semi-Transparent.png In 2009, a number of large hourglasses were installed in several major cities in Brazil to mark the enaction of an anti smoking law.[12][13]
Semi-Transparent.png Filled with ground ivory, this hourglass was on display from mid 2005 to mid 2006.[14][15]


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