List of law enforcement agencies in Indiana

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An Indiana State Capitol Police cruiser in Indianapolis.

This is a list of law enforcement agencies in the state of Indiana.

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics' 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the state had 482 law enforcement agencies employing 13,171 sworn police officers, about 206 for each 100,000 residents.[1]

Since 2012, the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (ILETB) has instituted a three-tier system of training for the state's various law enforcement agencies.

Tier I: Full Basic Recruit Academy at one of the state's ILETB certified academies

Tier II: Eight-week program held at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Plainfield

Tier III: Three-week program held at the ILEA in Plainfield

Tier I State Agencies[edit]

Indiana School for the Deaf Police

Tier II State Agencies[edit]

Tier III State Agencies[edit]

Tier I County Sheriff Agencies[edit]

Tier I Municipal Police and Tier II Town Marshal Agencies[edit]

Tier I College and University Police Agencies[edit]

An Indianapolis Metropolitan police cruiser.

Tier I School Corporation Police Agencies Set Forth Under I.C. 20-26-16[edit]